Video: Somizi Defends His Sexuality ‘I’ve Never Been Straight’


Contrary to public speculations, Idols SA judge Somizi Mhlongo says he has never had to come out as a gay man unlike most gay people.

Somizi emphasised that you only get to come out when you were once straight. However, in his case, he has always been gay and never straight.

During a recent interview on 947‚ the TV/radio personality shut down any speculations that he had ever lived in the “closet”. Apparently, he was referring to the period when he fathered his daughter.

“I’ve never been in the closet. I’ve never said that I’m straight. When you come out‚ is when you’ve been claiming to be straight. Have I ever?” Somizi asked.

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When asked about how he met his baby mama, Somizi said;

“She came to me‚ she likes me‚ and I made it clear. I said: ‘I have a boyfriend’…Don’t you think by now she would have gone to the papers or said: ‘I was hurt. I was devastated when I found out that he was gay’. She said: ‘Okay!’”.

In order words, he never had to pretend or lie to get what he wanted at that time. In fact, there was a time he introduced her to his boyfriend.

According to Idols SA judge Somizi, though he may have been bi-sexual at the time he had his daughter, he was never straight. Subsequently, he has gone back to being gay.

“I’m not bi now. Then I was bi but I was never straight. One thing is for sure. The minute they said ‘It’s a boy’. I said ‘no‚ It’s a gay!’

Watch as Idols SA Judge Somizi defends his sexuality

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