Video: Pastor Electrocutes Congregants And Gets Them Drunk With Water


While we are still trying to find our jaws on the ground after reports of the Doom insecticide-spraying pastor went viral, Apostle Philip Sithole is here to tell us we ain’t seen nothing yet.

Popularly known as Hephzibah – from Hammanskraal, Apostle Philip Sithole reportedly commands members of his congregation to touch live wires. According to him, the powerful anointing in them will neutralise the power in the live wires.

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A video released by The Daily Sun shows Apostle Phillip Sithole commanding a congregant to touch a live wire.

His statement to the publication goes thus;

“I can command people to touch live wires and they will not get electrocuted. Anointing is more powerful than live wires.

For the most part, he claims that people can do anything without putting themselves in any danger after he must have anointed them.

Apart from dishing out anointing that turns people to super-humans, the supposed apostle also claims he can turn water into wine. As shown in the video, he allegedly turned a bottle of water into “wine” and asked a man to drink from the bottle. Once the man’s lips touched the bottle, he instantly got drunk and lost his balance.

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Similarly, a Prophet Lethebo Rabalago from Limpopo became a global topic earlier this week for spraying his congregations with Doom insecticide killer.

Prophet Rabalago of Mount Zion General Assembly was captured on camera, spraying Doom on some members of his congregation. This was done in the name of healing and casting out demons. Pictures from the church went viral and got a lot of tongues wagging.

The whole world was thrown into shock, questioning the mentality of the congregation who allows someone to use such substance on them.