Racist Estate Agent Who Dubbed Black Cops ‘Useless’ To Re-appear In Court


The case against Estate agent, Vicki Momberg, who is currently facing charges of crimen injuria, has been postponed to August 1 for disclosure.

Momberg appeared in the Randburg Magistrate’s Court on Thursday, July 13 for racist rants.

As captured on video, the estate agent was seen lashing out a racist rant at black police officers.

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Moments before she heaped the insults on black cops; she was attacked by smash-and-grab robbers in Northriding, Johannesburg, in February. So when a white and black officer arrived at the scene, she took on the black officer, ranting about black officers’ weaknesses.

Vicki Momberg Throws Insults To Black Officers

She said: “This happens all the time, all the time. The kaffirs here in Joburg are terrible. I’m so sick of it. The calibre of blacks in this town vary from the calibre of blacks in Durban.

They’re opinionated; they’re arrogant; and they’re just plain and simple useless. I am happy for a white person to assist me; or a coloured person; or an Indian person. I do not want a black person to assist me.

I see a black person, I will drive them over. If I have a gun, I will shoot everyone,” Momberg ranted.

Notably, Momberg is the second estate agent to face racism-related charges this year. In June, estate agent, Penny Sparrow was fined R150 000; by the Umzinto Equality Court for dubbing black beachgoers ‘monkeys’.

South Africa’s Justice Minister, Michael Masutha is currently pressing for tougher sentences  for racists. Masuth also vowed to throw racists behind bars from July.

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“We are hoping that by September we should be ready to approach Parliament with a concrete proposal on the table that will begin to criminalize racism,” he said.

Racism in South Africa ended officially in 1994 after the blacks regained freedom from white minority rule. But, in recent times; the upsurge of the ‘monster’ in the country is beginning to eat many deep; especially SA’s Justice Department, who is at front line in ensuring justice among people of different colors in the country.