Veteran Actor Joe Mafela: Grace Bible Church Skyrockets Memorial Service Charges


The venue for the memorial service of the late veteran actor Joe Mafela had to be changed after the family alleged that the Grace Bible Church charged them a whopping R89 000.

Apparently, the family couldn’t believe it when the church asked for the aforementioned amount to allow them to use their venue for the actor’s memorial service. Thus, they were forced to seek an alternative venue for the memorial.

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The news was shared on Facebook by actor Mangaliso Ngema who took to social media on Wednesday following a meeting between the family and the church.

Ngema wrote;

“We visited the Joe Mafela home last night to pay our respects. I was shocked to learn that Grace Bible Church wanted a fee of R89,000 for the memorial. When the head pastor (Musa) Sona was consulted, he offered a R10k discount. Needless to say there was no deal as this was totally ridiculous. This is supposed to be a ‘house of God’ serving the community.”

According to Ngema, the family and the church did not reach a compromise, leading to an alternative venue. Eventually, the Joburg Theatre was secured as a venue for the memorial. Reports say the venue was secured for free.

Mafela’s son Jimmy also confirmed that the meeting between family representatives and the church took place.

“I didn’t attend that meeting, in particular. I don’t know much about the dynamics. I just heard that the price was something along the range of R100000,” he said.

The Grace Bible Church has hosted memorials of popular figures such as S’fiso Ncwane, Lundi Tyamara and Mandoza in the past.

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Veteran Actor Joe Mafela will be buried in a civic funeral in Johannesburg on Wednesday. This is the final honour bestowed by the city on citizens who made a good impact in the society.