Bottoms Up! This Vetements & Levi’s Latest Design Allows Your Butt Some Air Space


Though it will leave a heart-wrenching hole in your pocket, this new Vetements and Levi’s collaboration is all kinds of hot.

The two big brands have joined forces to launch a one of a kind pair of jeans with a zipper that extends down the butt. The high-rise distressed jeans are the latest in a number of collabs Vetements has done with other major brands.

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The revamped designer jeans are unusually convenient and will allow some air space for your entire bum. The pair comes with two zippers running down the backs of the legs and another that takes a plunge down the centre-back seem.


Apparently, Vetements & Levis are out to serve some butt goals, especially for the women. While we are thinking how the new design is literally all about the bare bum look, it would be nice to look at it from a positive perspective.

Ok, let’s look at it this way, this idea could actually solve some universal problems anywhere you find yourself. For instance, answering the call of nature appears to get easier with this invention.

And in case you don’t fancy the long pants, the updated designer jeans are also available as shorts. Another photo, posted by the boundary-pushing brand showed a pair of cut-off denim shorts with the same center back seam. This could really turn into a thing soon.


Getting interested yet? Oh, wait for it. Before you order for those catchy jeans, just know that it will cost you as much as a whopping $1,870.

Notwithstanding, the reactions to the pictures could mean massive sell-out as soon as the collection is launched. Though a few frowned at the concept, a lot of fashion freaks welcomed it with open arms.

The latest Vetements and Levi’s partnership comes from the former spring ’17 collection, where they joined forces with 18 major brands to reimagine iconic styles in fashion.