Veliswa Mvenya’s Shocking Resignation A Threat To DA’s Election Win


The sudden resignation of Eastern Cape’s provincial chairwoman‚ Veliswa Mvenya has driven immense shock down the spines of the Democratic Alliance especially as the state is few months away from its municipality elections.

Veliswa Mvenya’s resignation is not just shocking to to the party, but also prompted DA’s top leadership‚ including Zille to engage in a crucial meeting in a bid  to come up with strategies to convince Mvenya not to leave. Unfortunately, Mvenya was not at the meeting and her cellphone was switched off.

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Report has it that Mvenya’s departure is related to the fight between her, the provincial leader and federal chairman Athol Trollip at an all-time low. Her supporters in the party have previously accused Trollip of sidelining them from the party’s candidates’ lists towards the August 3 local government elections which Trollip denied‚ saying those who were crying foul had been rejected based on their performance.

Mvenya defied party provincial executive’s recommendation that she should not stand for the position of provincial chairperson in 2014 — a contest in which she defeated Edmund van Vuuren‚ who was the favoured candidate.

Her shocking resignation no doubt will severely affect the party’s hope for a massive win of the Nelson Mandela Bay metro in the upcoming local government elections. It will also dent its attempts to make inroads in ANC-dominated areas in the Eastern Cape.

“This is a heavy blow for the DA towards these local elections‚” said a senior party leader.

Mvenya submitted her resignation letter to the party’s Bhisho office on Wednesday afternoon and it was later on forwarded to the chairman of the DA federal council, James Selfe.

Report from at least seven independent sources‚ in the province and at the DA’s head office‚ confirmed her resignation with some of her colleague in the legislature who received her text message revealing her text message which reads:

“Unfortunately I have just resigned from the DA. It was a painful decision to make but I had to. I am not selling my soul to the ANC, I will rather go to bed on an empty stomach or go back to teaching. Veliswa Mvenya.”

Speaking on this, the Western Cape DA MPL Masizole Mnqasela said on Wednesday night that he had called Mvenya as soon as he heard the news. “I can say on record‚ I am one of the people trying to talk her out of this.

“The organisation is busy looking into best ways to manage this situation. Remember‚ people are allowed to be angry‚ and they vent their anger in different ways.

“We are talking to her to make her understand that we can resolve these issues‚” said Mnqasela.

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Veliswa is the second DA MPL to leave the party in less than a year after Dorothy Matikinca resigned from Bhisho and the party in July‚ accusing the party of racism. Efforts to reach her for better explanations on her decision to resign proved abortive.