Velaphi Khumalo Suggests That Blacks Use The Hitler Method On Whites


As the racist wind blows in all directions, a 21-year-old Daniel Amos, Velaphi Khumalo’s has put up another quite disturbing post on Facebook where suggested that the blacks in South Africa should go on the all out cleansing mission and do to the whites what Hitler did to the Jews.

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In the post, Khumalo described how much he hates white and how they are not good for the land. Read what he wrote below.

I want to cleanse this country of all white people. We must act as Hitler did to the Jews. I don’t believe any more that there is a large number of not so racist whit people. I’m starting to be sceptical even of those within our Movement the ANC. I will from today unfriend all white people I have as friends from today u must be put under the same blanket as any other racist white because secretly u all are a bunch of racist fuck heads. as we have already seen [sic],” he wrote.

A lot of white people have found this post particularly disturbing especially since there is already a whole lot of tenson brewing and just waiting for a trigger to turn it into a bloody war.

It was said that Khumalo had made the post in response to Penny Sparrow’s post where she called black New Year’s revellers on the country’s beaches monkeys.

In the same vein, Cape Town man Daniel Amos, has opened a criminal case against Khumalo for calling blacks to do to white South Africans what “Hitler did to the Jews”.

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Amos said he was highly offended by Khumalo’s post, which was circulated on Facebook on Tuesday.

“I find it extremely disturbing that 21 years after the end of apartheid, we still see racism from both white and black people.”

At a time when the country’s citizens should band together, people are  spreading racial slurs and making generalizations about an entire race, based on one person’s comments, he said.

Amos went ahead to make it clear that he would approach the South African Human Rights Commission and seek sanctions against Khumalo. Western Cape police spokesperson Captain FC Van Wyk confirmed the case and said they were investigating.

However, since the ANC is already considering sanctions of imprisonment against racists, it may not just be Khumalo who will find himself behind bars.