Recent Spike In Vehicle Crimes, Stay Off These Routes, SAPS Warns


The South African Police Service (SAPS) warns the public about a recent spike in vehicle crimes across the country.

As culled from the South African Government news site, SAPS informed South Africans that there are recent spike in hijacking and smash and grab in the country especially in the Ethekwini Inner South area.

According to the police, analysis revealed that many of the victims of the vehicle crimes are the local residents of Chatsworth and Bayview who are using the shortcut route in Lamontville.

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“The dangerous roads, known as Mhlongo and Pendlebury road have become the recent hot spot zones for travelers during early hours in the morning, as well as the afternoon,” said the police.

Ethekwini Inner South Cluster Commander, Brigadier K Nunkumar lamented that “despite additional patrol duties by SAPS members, the hijackings in the area remain unabated.”

As such, SAPS urged residents to refrain from using Mhlongo and Pendlebury road, especially when they are traveling alone or during odd hours at night.

“…Residents have been recent targets in carjacking cases in the Lamontville area.The area is dangerous and the perpetrators prey on their victims and then disperse into the houses close to the crime scene,” SAPS warned.

Commenting, Lamontville Station Commander, Lieutenant Colonel R Ramchunder divulged that “a specialist investigator has been appointed to investigate all cases.”

Ramchunder added that the specialist investigation unit recorded a breakthrough in solving the vehicle crimes when it arrested a “suspect who has successfully linked to several cases in the Montclair, Bayview and Lamontville area.”

With the foregoing, SAPS listed the following as the “safety tips” to embrace while travelling:

  1. Install a tracking device in your vehicle.
  2. Never leave the vehicle log book in the car.
  3. Always keep your car locked at all times while travelling.
  4. Never open your window more than five centimetres.
  5. Secure all your valuables in the boot.
  6. Be alert of people loitering around your vehicle.
  7. Do not give hitch hikers a lift.
  8. If possible, avoid driving alone.

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Also, the under-listed are the “guidelines for survival in a hijacking situation” that SAPS offered:

  1. Always remain calm. Your mind is your most important ally in this situation.
  2. Do not show any signs of aggression.
  3. Do as you are told, never argue with a hijacker.
  4. Do not threaten or challenge the hijacker.
  5. Keep your hands still where the hijacker can see them, to ensure him of your passive intent.
  6. Notice everything you can about your attacker. You will be the most important witness in bringing the perpetrator to justice.
  7. Remember you can replace your car, but not your life.

Meanwhile, a re-enlistment process has been approved for the SAPS for the 2016/17 financial year. BuzzSouthAfrica learnt that the decision was taken to boost the activities of  specialized areas like Detective Service, Visible Policing, K9, Public Order Policing and Support.

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