Valentine’s Day: EFF Spreads The Gospel Of Love; Supports Proposal To Move Parliament To Pretoria


February 14 is always celebrated with much love in the atmosphere and the Economic Freedom fighters EFF were out in their colorful reds to spread the gospel of love to the South African society which had been over stressed by different political and racial saga.

Spreading the message to the people, EFF said not minding the origin of the now celebrated Valentine’s day and its “capture by capitalism to maximize profits,” the fact that it’s all centered on love is acceptable by all gives the opportunity to reach out not only to our loved ones but also to our entire community.

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According to the party’s spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, people must fight against conditions that help the spread of hate especially against the black race.

“The reason the EFF exists is because of our love for this country. We are in pursuit of economic emancipation because we believe that in a world free of economic exploitation, love will abound.

In a world full of disease, drought, hunger and death we must celebrate, promote and elevate love. In a world that continues to reproduce the conditions of colonial racism… we must preach love.

In addition, in a world full of selfishness, corruption and kleptocracy we must elevate love, because those driven by love will never steal from the poor.”

Speaking further, Ndlozi said the best way to demonstrate love is to be selfless and not in self accumulation. “To build this kind of world is therefore, to build a world that rewards, promotes and inculcates the values of humility, selflessness and charity,” he said.

The party has however pledge support to President Zuma’s proposal of moving the parliament to Pretoria but warned that the ANC must not use it as a money-making scheme. It also said that the relocation of Parliament is not an opportunity to squander state funds for political ends

“It’s not just going to be a money-making scheme for the parasitical tenderpreneur interest of the general members of the ANC who are politically linked and their families.” Ndlozi said.

Zuma’s  announcement of his decision to relocate the parliament on Thursday, has been severely opposed by most South Africans but the conclusions on whether or not this will take place any time soon is still unknown.

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