Uzalo Teasers March 2023: Truth About the Coming Episodes

With evergreen storylines, Uzalo has cemented its status as SA’s most-watched TV series. Last month, Uzalo viewers got stuck to their seats as the episodes were very captivating. Not only was Gabisile shaken to the core when she discovered that she has been sleeping with the devil, but also Nyawo’s world got crashing.

The Uzalo teasers for March 2023 further showcase juicy scenes as Sibonelo gets to deal with the worst nightmare of his life. Also, danger looms around Gabisile who drags the spotlight with her co-host, Sara. That said, here are the teasers for the Uzalo episodes for March 2023.

Uzalo Teasers for March 2023

Episode 259: Wednesday, March 1st, 2023

With skeletons all running wildly out of the closet, what chances does a new love have to withstand the fury of a scorned woman? A last-minute wedding surely has plenty of room for error.

Episode 260: Thursday, March 2nd, 2023

Season 8 Finale!

Sibonelo receives a ton of cash from Phillippe. MaMlambo introduces us to the KwaMashu Trailblazers. And Nosipho gives birth to baby Muzi.

Episode 1: Friday, March 3rd, 2023

Season 9 Premiere!

While Sibonelo searches for the whereabouts of his girlfriend – Nomaswazi, Gabisile, and Nkunzi are having the time of their lives as they are on honeymoon. Mjolo will always be Mrs. Madlala’s pandemic. The Gwalas seem to be loving their new reality and Nosipho bonds with the baby.

Episode 2: Monday, March 6th, 2023

Mrs. Madlala continues her online romantic affair with prince charming. A blended family needs to figure out their boundaries. Bongani and Sibonelo are set to be on a collision course.

Episode 3: Tuesday, March 7th, 2023

As Njinji picks up the pieces of her life, Hlelo gets anxious about Bongani when he doesn’t show up at work. And Sibonelo reunites with the love of his life.

Episode 4: Wednesday, March 8th, 2023

Nosipho hates being reminded of what she thinks are her failures. Nkunzi is right to think that Njinji will dislike him more if it weren’t her daughter who is living under his roof. Mrs. Madlala abandons her work for her prince charming.

Episode 5: Thursday, March 9th, 2023

No matter how hard Pastor Gwala tries, he seems to just push the wrong buttons with Nosipho. Mrs. Madlala hides some truths about her lover. Siboneki dangles a laundering carrot for Njeza and Sbu – will they fall for her trap?

Episode 6: Friday, March 10th, 2023

Mrs. Madlala sends her bae some racy pictures. While Hlelo is on a mission to solve Bongani’s sudden disappearance, Sibonelo warns Nomaswazi not to poke the bear. And Nosipho’s journey into motherhood remains rocky.

Episode 7: Monday, March 13th, 2023

In this episode 13 of Uzalo for March 2023, one of the teasers is that Nomaswazi gets shattered when Njinji shows no remorse about trying to murder her. Mrs. Madlala seems to be madly in love and her prince charming now has her heart. Raising Muzi is taking its toll on Nosipho.

Episode 8: Tuesday, March 14th, 2023

Mondli is sad at being an afterthought concerning his son’s life. Gabisile starts a new journey with a co-host. On the other hand, Njinji wants to get back to business. Sibonelo is desperate to find solutions to his dilemmas as he faces trouble from Philippe and Hlelo.

Episode 9: Wednesday, March 15th, 2023

Finally, Nosipho gives in and decides to get proper rest. Hlelo is shocked to find two dead bodies in the freezer. And Sibonelo makes known to Sbu of his plan to launder money through Loktion Bling.

Episode 10: Thursday, March 16th, 2023

Sara and Gabisile’s show produces positive numbers. A rested Nosipho connects with her baby, Muzi. Hlelo tips off the police.

Episode 11: Friday, March 17th, 2023

Mrs. Madlala levels up her game with her prison lover. Njinji requests an audience with Sibonelo. Mondli’s contempt for the Gwalas continues to grow.

Episode 12: Monday, March 20th, 2023

Gabisile has another exciting guest on The Fix. Muzi has a medical emergency and Nosipho doesn’t want to take any chances. After Njinji’s revelation, Sibonelo is wary of Nomaswazi’s intentions with him.

Episode 13: Tuesday, March 21st, 2023

Sbu and Sibonelo get the ball rolling. Nomaswazi finds herself having to choose between love and her family. Muzi is rushed to a critical unit.

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Episode 14: Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023

While new blood tries to steal Gabisile’s thunder, Nkunzi is perturbed to see an old enemy on his turf. And Nosipho is struggling to deal with her son’s new condition.

Episode 15: Thursday, March 23rd, 2023

Gabisile doesn’t take kindly to Sara trying to steal her spotlight. As Nkunzi is fed up with Sibonelo’s lies, he goes and carries out his own investigation. The Gwalas are later made known the fate of their son.

Episode 16: Friday, March 24th, 2023

Muzi’s health continues on a downward spiral. Sibonelo’s money is plunged into holes too big for him to plug. Njinji finds out a way into the heart of KwaMashu.

Episode 17: Monday, March 27th, 2023

Nurse Sindile regrets what happened to Muzi. It’s panic stations as Sibonelo deals with the worst nightmare of his life. Sara has a very dark side.

Episode 18: Tuesday, March 28th, 2023

As Nosipho is forced to make a difficult decision, Pastor Gwala has to set boundaries regarding Nkazimulo. Gabisile seems unaware of the danger looming around her. And Nkunzi reminds Njinji who the king of KwaMashu is.

Episode 19: Wednesday, March 29th, 2023

Nkunzi demands to know if Sibonelo is laundering money for Philippe. Nosipho justifies killing her baby. Nosipho’s evil doing gets Mkhonto and MaXulu shocked.

Episode 20: Thursday, March 30th, 2023

MaMlambo has lunch with Njinji and Sibonelo’s walls are closing in on him. Baby Muzi is laid to rest.

Episode 21: Friday, March 31st, 2023

Nosipho is still in robot mode after her son’s burial. While Njinji vows to get her family back together, Sbu gets a reward for his shady work. Sibonelo finds a savior and Nkunzi receives sad news from a distant relative.

Uzalo’s New Faces

Following the exit of Menzi Biyela (Pastor Gwala) and Nompilo Maphumulo (Nosipho) in November 2022, two actors joined the cast of Uzalo in January 2023. They are:

  • Fanele Ntuli (plays the role of Nomaswazi Magwaza)
  • Nkanyiso Mchunu (plays the role of Siphamandla “Wizard” Nkosi

Meet the Producers of the Uzalo TV Series

Uzalo began airing on SABC1 in the year 2015 and its production company is Stained Glass Productions co-owned by Gugu Zuma-Ncube and Kobedi Pokane. The soapie is produced by Khumbulani Hlongwane and executive produced by Mmamitse Thibedi and Gontse Lekgetho. New episodes of Uzalo premiere on SABC1 on weekdays, from Mondays to Fridays at 20h30.

Who are Uzalo’s Cast Members?

  • Masoja Msiza plays the role of Nkunzebomvu Mhlongo
  • Baby Cele plays the role of Gabisile Mdletshe
  • Gugu Gumede plays the role of Hlengiwe Mlambo
  • Dawn Thandeka King plays the role of Lindiwe “MaNgcobo” Xulu-Mhlongo
  • Wiseman Mncube plays the role of Sibonelo Mhlongo
  • Thembinkosi Thwala plays the role of Modli Mdlalose
  • Nompilo Maphumulo plays the role of Nosipho Xulu
  • Simphiwe Majozi plays the role of Sibusiso Makhathini
  • Noxolo Mathula plays the role of Lillian Dongwe
  • Nothando Ngcobo plays the role of Hlelowenkosi
  • Thuthuka Mthembu plays the role of Nonkanyiso Xaba
  • Nkanyiso Makhanya plays the role of Nkululeko Xaba
  • Sibongiseni Shezi plays the role of Hleziphi
  • Ntombifuthi Dlamini plays the role of Gladys Madlala
  • Cebo Mthembu plays the role of Nyawo
  • Siyabonga Radebe plays the role of Vika Magwaza
  • Thabo Mnguni plays the role of Khethukthula Mbatha
  • Zama Magubane plays the role of Christina Balingene Dongwe
  • Thembi Nyandeni plays the role of Njinji Magwaza
  • Simosibucayi Buthelezi plays the role of Screwdriver
  • Fanele Ntuli plays the role of Nomaswazi Magwaza
  • Nkanyiso Mchunu plays the role of Siphamandla “Wizard” Nkosi
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