Uyanda Mbuli’s Reality TV Show: Viewers Flood Twitter With Mixed Reactions


Uyanda Mbuli’s reality TV show debuted on Wednesday night and was received with mixed reactions on Twitter.

Apparently, many fans thought the show did not live up to all the hype. Thus, they didn’t hesitate in making their feelings known.

Taking to Twitter, fans blatantly told the socialite that they were not impressed with the show. However, while some said they did not like what the show has to offer, some others decided to wait for the second episode before they could come to a conclusion and rate it.

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In the meantime, Uyanda has an explanation why fans may have found the show boring. She took to Trending SA to explain why her show might not have done so well on the first episode. According to Uyanda, she thought it will be nice to use the first episode of the show to tell her fans where she comes from. This she says, would make it easier for them to understand her.

“There are mixed feelings about it. Other people asking if [the show] is a documentary or reality show, but I had to put perspective and context. You won’t be able to understand the person if there’s no context,” she said.

Nevertheless, fans still thought it was a waste of time watching it.

Here are some of the comments on Uyanda Mbuli’s reality TV show;

The show was originally scheduled to start in October last year but had to be shifted for reasons best known to the producers.

In a video teaser of the show, Uyanda Mbuli Tweeted in August, she hints that the show will be focused around her exploits in America.

Uyanda Mbuli's Reality TV Show

Perhaps viewers were looking forward to seeing all the glamour from the teaser and ended up disappointed.