Who Was Michael Dadich from Aftermath and How Did He Die?

Michael Dadich was a celebrated American author with two publications under his belt. However, he died on June 23, 2020, at age 51 from complications of a brain aneurysm.

Though Mike’s work with The Kin Chronicles series was well received by the reading public, his friend Peter Winther takes the credit for making him more popular by dedicating the horror film, Aftermath, to the deceased. Though the plot is not about Mike, the leading couple took his last name, Dadich, as their surname.

Summary of Michael Dadich’s Biography

  • Full Name: Michael Dadich
  • Gender: Male
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Michael Dadich’s Wife: Jenna Dadich
  • Michael Dadich’s Children: Jackson Dadich
  • Famous For: The horror movie, Aftermath
  • Michael Dadich’s Instagram: @Michael Dadich
  • Twitter: @ Michael Dadich

Who Was Michael Dadich?

Michael Dadich was not a mainstream celebrity before his death; thus, information about his birth details and family background was never revealed. Thus, his parents, siblings, place of birth, date of birth, and the likes have remained hidden to date.

However, it is common knowledge that the author has always been enthusiastic about writing and started creating interesting plots as early as age eight.

What Did he do for a Living?

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As mentioned earlier, Michael Dadich has always been passionate about writing, and it was no surprise that he ended up as a novelist. Before his death, the author had already penned two beautiful publications dubbed “The Kin Chronicles.”

The first of the “The Kin chronicles,” named, The Silver Sphere, hit the book stood on December 7, 2013. The plot follows the life of a young lady, Shelby Pardow, who tries to hide away from her dad and soon finds herself on planet Azimuth with soldiers through teleporting. The book later won an award.

The second book in the line of Michael’s “The Kin chronicles” was titled, The Cistern Mission; it dropped as a prequel to the first publication on December 19, 2013, in the form of short fiction. Michael Dadich’s work, especially, The Silver Sphere, received a deluge of positive feedback from fans and the general public, who were eagerly waiting for the writer to release more books.

He was also looking forward to exploring the plot to its conclusion and even let the Feathered Quill in on his plans for the future, but he never did.

Is Aftermath Based on Michael Dadich’s Real Life?

Many have asked whether the horror movie, Aftermath was a depiction of the true life story of Michael Dadich, but the answer is no. what happened is that the movie producer, Peter Winther happened to be a good friend of the author and decided to dedicate it to his deceased friend.

Winther was the one who let the world know about Michael’s passing. The moviemaker took to his IG handle to express shock, describing the diseased as a legend, an incredible father, a caring spouse, a Gatsby, and everyone’s best friend with more than enough love to spread around.

Though the plot was never about Mike, Peter made the leading characters use Dadich as their surnames. To honor his late friend Peter incorporated the sentence “In Loving Memory of our Best Friend: Michael Dadich” in the production; this appears just before the movie credit starts rolling.

Michael Dadich’s Popularity Grew After The Release of Aftermath

Needless to say, the release of Aftermath gave Michael Dadich massive popularity posthumously. Even though the plot was never based on his life story, viewers still believe that he may have provided Peter with the inspiration because of their connection. This has been listed as the reason the main cast bear Mike’s surname.

From what is obvious, the author seemingly touched many lives during his lifetime, and according to reports, he left a legacy in his son, who is a blossoming footballer. His memory will forever remain green in the minds of millions of movie lovers all over the globe, thanks to his great friend, Peter Winther.

Is Aftermath Inspired By A True Life Story?

It has been revealed that the Netflix horror movie, Aftermath chronicles a true-life story, though not Michael Dadich’s. The Peter Winther-directed movie follows the lives of a couple, Kevin (played by Shawn Ashmore) and Natalie Dadich (played by Ashley Greene). They got an incredible bargain for a house because a murder was committed there.

Michael Dadich
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Kevin and his wife, Natalie, packed in, enjoying their new and cozy home, which they viewed in the light of a fresh beginning for their relationship, which was already struggling. Little did they know that the abode harbored darker secrets than they initially imagined.

Before long, their newfound happiness was truncated as very unusual events started manifesting in the house. Massive disillusionment naturally followed as strange events unfolded – they would receive magazines they never ordered.

The worst-case scenario was when their house got listed on a real estate website for sale by a total stranger. Aftermath, which hit the movie stand on August 4, 2021, has been revealed to be the true life story of a Californian-based couple, Jerry and Janice, that moved to a house in San Diego in 2011.

The duo already shared one child with another on the way, as depicted in the storyline. Janice and Jerry went through some horrible experiences, like when a stranger placed an online ad with claims that Janice worked in adult entertainment.

Personal Life of Michael Dadich

Before his demise, Michael Dadich was a married man; his wife has been identified as Jenna Dadich, who also loves to live her life away from the prying eyes of the media like her spouse. The details of the couple’s wedding never made it to the public arena; thus, it is quite difficult to say when and where they tied the knot.

However, their union produced one child – a son named Jackson Dadich, who is currently a high school student at St. Bernard High Los Angeles. Jackson is fast making a name for himself in the field of football as the youngster is a star senior quarterback on his school’s football team. He had the privilege of being trained by his dad before his demise.

During his lifetime, Mike was quite a dedicated father who never missed any of Jackson’s games. According to his wife, father, and son often connect with their eyes when Jackson is playing, and Mike was by the side of the arena.

How Did Michael Dadich Die?

Michael Dadich was bursting with many plans for the future when the unexpected happened. The author slept on June 23, 2020, and never woke up. The diagnosis of medical experts said the author died from the complications of a brain aneurysm.

According to reports, Mike’s condition didn’t develop suddenly; the father of one has been battling it for almost two decades. He was first diagnosed with it 17 years before his death but responded to treatment and survived. However, he lost the battle the second time around and died at the age of 51.

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