Who Was Leanne Goggins? Biography, Life and Death of Walton Goggins Late Wife

The importance of mental health is something that can never be overemphasized. Negligence of this fact has caused all sorts of heartache for different individuals and has also led to the loss of several beautiful souls over the years, including that of Leanne Goggins. Born to American parents in Canada, Goggins grew up to be a successful business owner and endeared herself to many with admirable qualities such as her selflessness. She also grabbed her share of the spotlight as the wife of Oscar-winning actor and filmmaker, Walton Goggins. Leanne and her husband seemingly had a good marriage but that illusion was shattered just a few years after tying the knot. More devastating outcomes than a divorce would follow and they were tied to Leanne’s long mental health struggles.

Leanne Goggins Was an American Born in Canada

Close friends describe Leanne Goggins as a beautiful and gentle soul and the origins of that beautiful and gentle soul can be traced back to the year 1967 when she was born in Canada. Her father’s name is Arnold Kaun while her mother’s name was Peggy Kaun. She also had a younger brother named Jay Kaun. Goggins’ parents originally hailed from America and subsequently relocated to Canada where they welcomed their children. It, therefore, means that she and her brother had Canadian and American dual nationalities. Leanne Goggins grew up in Canada and largely had a good childhood.

This was however marred by a bout of jaundice. The sickness led to several other health challenges for the young girl and she struggled with her eating habits, immune system, and viral infections. Her loving parents spent lots of money to get her the treatment she required and she often had to miss school for days on end. It was indeed a bleak time for Leanne Goggins and her family but they were able to triumph. She regained good health and was able to complete her high school studies. She also completed her university education in Canada.

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She Met Walton Goggins During the Filming of Shanghai Noon in Canada

Emmy-nominated actor and TV star, Walton Goggins, only had a small role in the 1999 Jackie Chan flick, Shanghai Noon, but it is one that he would never forget in a hurry, given that this was how he met his first wife, Leanne Goggins. As is common knowledge, Shanghai Noon was partially filmed in the Canadian badlands and it was during this filming that Leanne met Walton Goggins, specifically in the year 1999. At that time, she was a 32-year-old lady who was building her life while Walton was trying to break through in the movie industry.

They therefore perfectly suited each other and began dating. They then got married in 2001 in Canada. Following the nuptials, Leanne Goggins relocated to the States where her husband continued pursuing his career. She herself kept busy by setting up a dog walking business in their neighborhood of Lauren Canyon. The dog-walking venture was as much a business as a passion for Leanne. She loved animals as a child and was a natural at what she did. Her business introduced her to a wide range of people and she earned the respect and admiration of many with her good qualities.

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They Were Married For Three Years Before Divorcing in 2004

Everyone craves success in their careers but we all know that this success can come at a cost and this is exactly what happened to Leanne Goggins and Walton Goggins. When the couple relocated to the States, Leanne kept busy with her dog-walking business while Walton continued pursuing his breakthrough in Hollywood and he soon got it in the 2002 crime drama, The Shield. His wonderful performance on the TV series, where he played the role of Detective Shane Vendrell, saw him receive offers to feature on several other movies and TV series. He was quite busy himself but this meant that he did not have much time to spare for his wife. This affected Leanne negatively as the only reliable companion she had was her dog named Beulah.

To make matters worse, her immediate family was back in Canada and she lacked a strong support network. This eventually led to the flaring up of mental health issues. The whole thing put a strain on her union with Walter and she filed for divorce in November 2014. The reason was routinely listed as irreconcilable differences but it could be said the reason why Leanne Goggins and Walton Goggins got divorced was as a result of the actor’s busy schedule and the mental health issues that Leanne was dealing with. Overall, Leanne and Walton Goggins were married for about three years and had no children together.

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Leanne Goggins Took Her Own Life Several Days After Filing For Divorce From Walton Goggins

Filing for divorce from her husband was not a magic cure that could make Leanne Goggins’ problems disappear overnight. She still struggled with mental health issues which were worsened by an incident that she had witnessed a year before the divorce. Back in 2003, Leanne happened upon the body of an actress who was murdered in Hollywood Hill. She did not whittle down under the weight of such a grim discovery but rather reported to law enforcement. She also reported to the news networks so that they could warn members of the public that a killer was on the loose. Leanne Goggins showed admirable strength in the face of the whole stuff but the grim discovery eventually caught up with her.

She sought help from a mental health clinic to deal with the whole thing but it was not enough and on the 12th day of November 2004, she jumped down from the 17th story of a tall building. Leanne Goggins died from her injuries and her death led to an outpouring of tributes from people who knew either her or her husband. One of her friends described her as a unique beauty, both on the inside and outside, as well as a gentle fellow. She further described her as a person who always had an encouraging word or sweet thing to say, as well as a person who gave freely but rarely asked for anything as she did not want to be a burden to others.

A memorial service was held for Leanne Goggins on the 19th of November 2004 at the Hollywood funeral home in Santa Monica Boulevard and her ex-husband, Walton Goggins, was one of those in attendance. She was subsequently interred.

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