Who Is Yarimar Rivera, Nicky Jam’s Daughter?

Yarimar Rivera is the daughter of Puerto Rican singer and actor Nicky Jam. She is a digital content creator and media personality with a significant following on social media platforms.

Her father, Nicky Jam, is one of the biggest proponents of the reggaeton genre of music and has dropped several chart-topping albums. He has also won numerous awards and acted in films such as Bad Boys For Life and XXX: Return of Xander Cage. Yarimar Rivera was born in the year 2000 and has majorly lived her life out of the spotlight. She is however quite close to her dad and may follow his steps into music one day in the future.

Yarimar Rivera Biography Summary
  • Full name: Yarimar Rivera
  • Nickname: Ari
  • Sex: Female
  • Date of birth: 18th of February 2002
  • Yarimar Rivera’s Age: 21
  • Ethnicity: Latina
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Sexual Orientation: straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: single
  • Yarimar Rivera’s Parents: Nicky Jam
  • Siblings: Alyssa, Joe Martin, and Luciana Rivera
  • Yarimar Rivera’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 7 inches
  • Yarimar Rivera’s Height in Centimetres: 175
  • Yarimar Rivera’s Weight: 60 kg
  • Yarimar Rivera’s Net worth: $100k
  • Famous for: Nicky Jam’s daughter
  • Yarimar Rivera’s Instagram: @yarimarrivera
  • Twitter: @yarimarrivera
  • Facebook: yarimarrivera

Yarimar Rivera is Nicky Jam’s Oldest Child

Yarimar Rivera is 21 years old as she was born on the 18th of February 2002. Her nationality is American while her ethnicity is Latina, consisting of Dominican and Puerto Rican ancestry. Yarimar Rivera is the oldest daughter of famous reggaeton singer – Nicky Jam.

Jam was born in the United States of America but grew up in Puerto Rico. He started singing at an early age and dropped his first body of work, an ep titled Distinto a Los Demas at the age of 14.

This was in 1995 and Nicky Jam went on to form a duo with another fast-rising singer named Daddy Yankee. They were quite successful for several years before going their separate ways in 2004. Nicky Jam has been a solo act since then and has tasted much success. He has dropped several chart-topping albums and won several awards, including Billboard Latin song of the year 2017. He has also featured in several movies and even lent his voice to the popular animation, Tom and Jerry, in 2021.

The Identity of Yarimar Rivera’s Mother Remains a Mystery

On the other hand, Yarimar Rivera’s mother is one of Nicky Jam’s past girlfriends. Sadly, beyond this obvious fact, there are no other details about the lady, including her name, ethnicity, nationality, family background, or profession. Her identity effectively remains a mystery to this very day and this has led to speculations that she and Nicky Jam may not have had a proper relationship but rather a short-lived affair that resulted in the birth of the beautiful daughter that they now share together.

Yarimar Rivera Was Largely Raised by her Dad

Due to the circumstances of her birth, Yarimar Rivera has not had the luxury of growing up in a two-parent household. She was largely raised by her dad but whatever she lacked in maternal love, her father more than made up for it. He always created time from his busy schedule to be with her. He also made sure that she had access to all the things of comfort in life. A trip to Yarimar Rivera’s social media pages will show that she has undertaken vacations to various parts of the world.

There are also several photos of her with her famous dad. Her dad also threw her an extravagant quinceanera when she turned 15 in February 2017. A quinceanera is popular in Latin America and marks a girl’s 15th birthday. It is also a rite of passage to womanhood and Yarimar’s dad spared no expenses in gifting her a lavish celebration. The ceremony was held in a beautiful hall with lavish decorations everywhere. The celebrant wore a gorgeous dress with a crown and got to celebrate the special day with her friends. She also had a dance with her dad.

Yarimar Rivera
Yarimar dancing with her dad at her 15th birthday celebration Image Source

She is a Budding Digital Content Creator

Yarimar Rivera completed her high school diploma in Miami in 2020. It is not known if she intends to pursue a college degree however that is very much possible given that her dad is quite wealthy and can comfortably sponsor her college education. As the young lady ponders on what her future course of action will be, she is trying her hands at becoming a digital content creator. A digital content creator is defined as a person who creates online content, be it videos, images, or written, and shares it across social media platforms such as Tik Tok, YouTube, etc.

Yarimar Rivera has a YouTube account but is yet to drop any content there. She however has several short videos on her Tik Tok account where she can be heard singing in a beautiful voice. It is still early in the day to predict whether she will also try her hands at music but be rest assured that whatever she does, she will easily break through, given the fact that her family background has already conferred fame on her.

Yarimar Rivera is Quite Close To Her Half Siblings

Yarimar Rivera
Yarimar with her dad and half brother Image Source

Yarimar Rivera has three paternal half-siblings. The first amongst them is a half-sister named Alyssa Rivera. Alyssa was also born in 2002 and her mother’s identity is unknown. Alyssa is quite close in age to Yarimar and as a result of this, as well as the fact that they grew up under one roof with their dad, the two sisters are quite close. They regularly share pictures of themselves together online.

The second sibling that Yarimar Rivera has is a younger half-brother named Joe Rivera. Joe was born in 2005 which means that Yarimar is three years older than him. His mom is Nicky Jam’s former girlfriend named Janexsy Figueroa. He is also close to his half-sister.
Yarimar Rivera’s youngest sibling is a half-sister named Luciana Rivera. Luciana was born in August 2012 which makes Yarimar ten years older than her. Her mother is Carolina Nieto, a former girlfriend of Nicky Jam.

Luciana primarily lives with her mom but she also gets to spend time with her dad and half-siblings. Asides from the three mentioned above, it is possible that Yarimar Rivera has other half-siblings from her maternal side but since the identity of her mom remains unknown, it is hard to figure out who those maternal half-siblings are.

Yarimar Rivera
Yarimar Rivera with her dad and younger half-siblings – Image Source

She is Active on Social Media Platforms Such as Instagram and Tik Tok

Yarimar Rivera can be found with the Instagram handle, @Yarimarrivera. She usually shares cute selfies of herself and her sister there. She is also active on Twitter where she mostly retweets other people’s posts, especially those that are motivational in nature. Yarimar Rivera is also active on YouTube and Tik Tok but she is yet to share videos on YouTube for now.

Yarimar Rivera Social Media Stats

  • Instagram – 93.3k followers.
  • Twitter – 896 followers
  • YouTube – 721 subscribers
  • Tik Tok – 8538 subscribers

Key Facts About Yarimar Rivera, Nicky Jam’s Daughter

  1. Who is Yarimar Rivera? Yarimar Rivera is the daughter of Puerto Rican singer and actor Nicky Jam. She is a digital content creator and media personality with a significant following on social media platforms.
  2. How old is Yarimar Rivera? Yarimar Rivera was born on February 8, 2002, making her 21 years old
  3. Who are Yarimar Rivera’s parents? Yarimar Rivera’s father is Nick Rivera Caminero, also known as Nicky Jam. Her mother’s identity remains unconfirmed.
  4. Does Yarimar Rivera have any siblings? Yes, Yarimar has siblings named Joe Martin Rivera, Alyssa Rivera, and Luciana (alleged half-sibling).
  5. What is Yarimar Rivera’s profession? Yarimar Rivera is a digital content creator and media personality. She has a significant following on various social media platforms.
  6. How can I find Yarimar Rivera on social media? Yarimar Rivera’s Instagram handle is @yarimarriveraa, her Twitter handle is @Yarimarriveraa, and her Pinterest is @yarimarriveraaa. Her Snapchat username is @ymr_13, and her Facebook page is under her name. She also has a YouTube channel under her full name, with the handle @yarimarrivera7245.
  7. Does Yarimar Rivera share information about her family online? Yarimar Rivera is relatively private about her family life and does not frequently post about her family on social media.
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