Who is William Shatner’s Former Wife Elizabeth Shatner and Where is She Now?

Elizabeth Shatner (born December 30, 1958, Age: 65 years old) is the fourth wife of actor and movie producer, William Shatner. The couple were married for 18 years before they were divorced. Elizabeth is also an American former professional horse trainer and photographer 

One of the significant factors of being a celebrity includes exposure of one’s personal life to the public. Many celebrities, especially those within the entertainment space, are the scope of the media. Their private life, especially family, is exposed to the eye of the public.

There are several famous and popular people in the world today. Some did not generate this fame from being directly involved in popular issues but because of their relationship with a celebrity. This can be likened to the case of Elizabeth Shatner, wife of a celebrity, William Shatner.

She gained her popularity the moment she tied the knot with William Shatner. William is a celebrity actor and movie producer. Ever since her marriage with him, she has been thrust into the limelight, and the public yearns to know more about her personal life.

Profile Summary of Elizabeth Shatner

  • Name: Elizabeth Shatner
  • Date of birth: December 30, 1958
  • Age: 65 years old
  • Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • Place of birth: United States of America
  • Nationality: America
  • Ethnicity: White Native
  • Profession: Horse Trainer and photographer
  • Marital Status: Divorced (William Shatner 2001 – 2020)
  • Height: 5 feet, 9 inches
  • Hair color: Blondish brown
  • Social media: Twitter

Elizabeth Shatner was born on December 30, 1958

Elizabeth Joyce Shatner, famously known as Elizabeth Shatner, was born on December 30, 1958. She was born in the United States of America, with white ethnicity. However, details about her exact place of birth, parents, and background are not revealed to the public.

Although there is no information about her family members, reports say she has an elder brother who passed away a few days after her divorce. At the age of five, she fell in love with horses and began learning at that tender age. At the age of eight, she got her first horse, a Gailceno pony.

She kept practicing, and by the age of 14, she was already competing as a horseback riding participant and trainer at various competitions. Elizabeth used to represent the Indiana Arabian Club.

She pursued an education in the line of a horse trainer in the quest to further pursue her passion for horses. Her primary and high school education is not known to the public. However, it is established that she attended Purdue University. She obtained her degree in Animal Science and Equine.

She is a Retired Professional Horse Trainer and Photographer

After graduating with her degree, Elizabeth decided to go into horse training full time, and she excelled well. From training, she started judging at horse riding shows, and her career began to boom. She won several awards for gracing the horse industry like WHINNY Awards and the likes.

Moreover, she is also one of the Governor’s Advisory Board for the World Equestrian Games. Elizabeth found herself immersed with passion for art when she went on a Safari Trip to Israel. While in awe of nature’s beauty, she took several photographs of it and made a collection afterward.

She described her art with the term ‘Flowrosophy,’ which used shapes, colors, and lights available in the environment. Not long after, she unveiled her creation titled the Art by Nature series. Elizabeth Shatner heavily emphasized the importance of the horse and natural colors. Asides from that, the 65-year-old artist has also featured in numerous documentaries.

She Has Also Appeared on Some TV Shows and Documentaries

Although Elizabeth was involved in photography and horse training, she has also shown her face in some documentaries and TV shows. In 2002, she appeared as herself in the documentary E! True Hollywood Story. After that, she also starred on other TV shows, including Life Beyond Trek: William Shatner (2004), Gonzo Ballet (2009), American Pickers (2011), The Captains (2012), and The Shatner Project (2014). She was also featured in Huey Lewis’ and The New’s video of ‘Do You Believe in Love.’

This ascertains that she already had quite a successful career before she got married to Shatner. Her marriage to him was what further thrust her into the limelight. Most of the gigs she got on those documentaries and TV shows were due to her husband’s influence. It helped her gain more recognition before the public’s eyes.

Elizabeth Met William Shatner Two Years After The Death of Her First Husband

Elizabeth Shatner
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Before her marriage to William Shatner, Elizabeth was once married. In 1982, she got married to Michael Glee Martin. The details of their marriage are not open to the public, but it is known that the couple was together for 17 years. In 1997, her husband, Michael, passed away. However, the cause of his death is unknown. Elizabeth and Michael had a peaceful and smooth marriage until he died 17 years after.

There is also no information regarding the birth of children inside the marriage. She sure knows how to keep her personal life very private. She mourned over the death of her husband for quite a while before she crossed paths with William Shatner. Elizabeth met William Shatner at an event in 1999. The two instantly clicked because of their mutual love for horses. They became platonic friends at first, but after some time, they began a romantic relationship.

They tied the knot six months into their relationship. They adored each other so much and even worked a song together. Following their union, she became his fourth wife as William had married three times in the past, of which he had divorced all three. From his past marriages, William had four children. After the marriage between him and Elizabeth Martin, she assumed the role of a stepmother for the three children.

They Married in 2001 and were Together For 19 Years Before Their Divorce in 2020

The couple got married in 2001 in Indiana.  At the time, she was only 48 years old, while William was 70 years old. The couple had an age gap of over 22 years between them. This raised several eyebrows, as many people were against the union due to the huge age gap. However, the couple disregarded their opinions and went on their marriage. Their union blossomed for about 19 years.

However, in 2020, the public was hit with the news of the impending divorce between both of them. It was shocking to everyone as the marriage had lasted so long without any scandals. The reason for the divorce remains unknown. According to rumors, William Shatner filed for a divorce.

The couple already had a prenuptial agreement before marriage. This made the whole process a simple one free of scandals or significant fights. The couple remained friends even after the divorce. As of this writing, we do not know if Elizabeth is in a relationship with someone or if she will attempt to rekindle her love life at all.

Her Ex-Husband is a Multi-talented Actor and Producer

Elizabeth Shatner
William Shatner (image source)

Elizabeth’s ex-husband, William Shatner, was born on March 22, 1931. He is a Canadian actor, author, screenwriter, space traveler, producer, director, and musician best known for his portrayal of Captain James T. Kirk in the Star Trek Franchise. Shatner began his acting career in television productions and Canadian films. He has written a series of books chronicling his experiences as Captain Kirk and his life before and after Star Trek.

Outside of star trek, he has appeared in other movies like T.J Hooker, Rescue 911, Columbo, The Practice, Boston Legal, etc. That particular series got him two Emmy Awards in 2008. From 2016-2018, he also featured in Better Late Than Never, 3rd Rock from the Sun, and Big Giant Head, among others.

William Shatner Flew to Space at the Age of 90

Aside from acting, Shatner also had a music career consisting of eight albums after his debut album. His songs usually involve him singing lyrics in an interpretive reading style. In 2021, Shatner flew to space on the blue Origin sub-orbital capsule. At 90, he became the oldest person to fly to space and one of the first 600. He has also had quite a colorful love life with four ex-wives.

Key Facts

  1. Elizabeth Anderson Martin, also known as Elizabeth Shatner, was born on December 30, 1958 in the United States.
  2. She developed a love for horses and riding from an early age, receiving her first horse, a Gailceno pony, when she was eight.
  3. Elizabeth studied Equine and Animal Science at Purdue University and went on to become a professional horse trainer and equine judge.
  4. She married Michael Gleen Martin in 1982 and was with him until his sudden death in 1997.
  5. Elizabeth met William Shatner in 2001, four years after her husband’s death. Their shared love of horses and shared experiences of loss served as a bond.
  6. She married Shatner in 2001, becoming his fourth wife. Despite their 27-year age difference, their marriage lasted for 18 years.
  7. Although Elizabeth never had children of her own, she became a stepmother to Shatner’s three grown daughters.
  8. Elizabeth transitioned into a career as a digital photographer with Shatner’s support and has a website called “Art by Nature” that showcases her work.
  9. She is an active philanthropist and works on charity events such as the Hollywood Charity Horse Show.
  10. She received the WHINNY award for her contributions to the equine world.
  11. In 2019, after 18 years of marriage, Shatner filed for divorce from Elizabeth. However, they still maintain contact and were seen together at Shatner’s 90th birthday celebration.
  12. Elizabeth continues to work in the equine world as a horseback rider and judge, holding seven judges’ cards and competing in several disciplines and breeds. She is also on the Governor’s Advisory Board for World Equestrian Games.
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