Who is Tim Matheson’s Ex-wife Megan Murphy Matheson?

Megan Murphy Matheson is a former American actress and mental health counselor better known as the ex-wife of Tim Matheson, an actor and movie producer. The duo were married from 1985 to 2012, and their union produced three children.

Megan was born in the United States, where she acquired basic academic qualifications and worked in the entertainment industry for a while. After discovering that acting was not her forte, she became a mental health counselor. Below is more about her.

Summary of Megan Murphy Matheson’s Biography

  • Full Name: Megan Mary Murphy Matheson
  • Gender: Female
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Megan Murphy Matheson’s Ex-Husband: Tim Matheson
  • Megan Murphy Matheson’s Children: Molly, Emma, and Cooper Matheson
  • Megan Murphy Matheson’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 2 inches
  • Megan Murphy Matheson’s Height in Centimetres: 175 cm
  • Megan Murphy Matheson’s Weight: 57 kg
  • Body measurements in Inches: 34-24-35.
  • Body measurements in Centimetres: 86-60-88
  • Megan Murphy Matheson’s Net Worth: $1 million
  • Famous For: Being the ex-wife of Tim Matheson

What is Megan Murphy Matheson’s Ethnicity?

Reports revealed Megan Murphy Matheson’s ethnicity to be Caucasian. However, she was born in the United States, which indicates her American nationality. The exact date of birth for Megan has never been disclosed to the public as the former celebrity wife seems to be the type that prefers to keep their personal data under wraps.

With that said, it is common knowledge that she was called Megan Mary Murphy at birth, however, she added the last name Matheson after becoming the wife of the popular American movie star Tim Matheson.

Tim’s ex-wife obviously guards her personal life jealously as the mother of three has refused to disclose the identities of her parent and there is not an inkling to go by about her early life and family background. We only know that she comes from a Christian household and has continued in the faith. Also, nothing has been said about her siblings, if any.

Talking about her academic journey, reports said that Megan Murphy Matheson attended high school at her place of birth, but it has never been specified if she proceeded to college after graduation. One aspect of Megan’s life that is sure is that she went through ballet training as a growing child and is an excellent ballerina.

Megan Initially Tried Forging an Acting Career

Growing up in the United States, Megan Murphy Matheson harbored a passion for the performing arts, and it was no surprise that she decided to try her hands at the movie industry.

Throughout her movie career, the mother of three never scored a major acting role. However, she was seen in a handful of cameos. She is best known for her job as an additional crew on the set of the movie Brain Donors. On the set of the film which hit the movie stand in 1992, Megan was seen depicting the character of an assistant choreographer, and she did great aided by her ballet training.

Brain Donors also marked Megan’s debut as an actress, and following this, she went on a long hiatus that lasted for 14 years. The American actress only resurfaced in 2007 when she was seen in a self-role in the TV series, entitled Dinner: Impossible which was a cooking program.

Before the end of 2007, she landed another cameo in the TV program, A Hollywood Ambush: Premier Impossible. Unlike her former husband, Megan did not do so well in the movie world and had to call it quits with her ambition to make it as an actress.

She Later Built a Career Away From Showbiz

While trying her hands at acting, Megan Murphy Matheson was also building herself up for an alternative job. Today, she is listed as a qualified mental health counselor. The former actress has not mentioned the organization she is affiliated with, but the mother of three specialized in advising her clients on matters of romance, including other important tutelages.

According to Megan, honesty should be the watchword in a relationship if it must have a chance of succeeding. She sees the trait as one of the most important foundations for a relationship. Anyone who finds themselves battling with the dilemma of not desiring to commit to another person should try telling it truthfully and simply to their partner, Megan said. This, she revealed, brings out the best outcome in any relationship, and both parties will be happy they did.

We must not forget that Megan Murphy Matheson is a big supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. The counselor champions their cause by providing those in need with her services.

The mental health counselor has touched the lives of several queer couples, and her tweets often display positive messages that are considered to be inclusive of the community in a bid to help normalize and uplift them.

When Did Megan Murphy Matheson Meet Her Ex-husband Tim Matheson?

As someone who doesn’t like publicity, Megan hardly talks about her time with Tim Matheson in the public space. However, it has been revealed that the duo first crossed paths sometime in 1979. Their meeting, according to past reports, occurred on a movie set where Tim was a cast member.

Born on the 31st of December 1847, Tim is listed as an American movie star who doubles as a producer. He is best known for his role as Eric “Otter” Stratton in National Lampoon’s Animal House – a comedy that hit the movie stand in 1978.

Reports also said it wasn’t love at first sight for the duo as it took a long while before they came together. An interesting version of the tale says that Megan didn’t initially feel any attraction for Tim. However, her lack of interest only went to fuel the actor’s determination to have her as his wife.

Tim’s determination to marry Megan led the actor cum moviemaker to woo his love interest for six long years before he started getting positive results. Megan finally agreed to marry Tim, and he didn’t let the grass grow under his feet in organizing the wedding.

Megan Murphy Became Tim Matheson’s Wife in 1985

Megan Murphy Matheson
Tim and Megan image source

Barely six years after their first meeting, Tim Matheson took Megan Murphy Matheson on the proverbial walk down the aisle. The couple’s wedding became a reality on the 29th of June 1985.

At the time of their nuptials, Tim was already enjoying massive popularity that came with his depiction of Eric “Otter” Stratton on the set of the 1978 comedy entitled National Lampoon’s Animal House. Despite his fame, the actor’s wedding to Megan was not highly publicized. Thus, the details never made it to the public arena.

While their union lasted, the couple enjoyed marital bliss. Megan ran an orderly household that required both parents and children to strictly follow family rules. Family dinners were considered to be a bonding time when everybody must be represented at the table. You must not just be physically present but mentally represented as well. Distractions like mobile phones and the like are forbidden from the Matheson dinner table.

Megan Murphy Matheson said it was thanks to her set rules that her family could have both a friendly and enjoyable dining experience. The rules are also binding on the patriarch of the family, Tim, who tried his utmost best to join family dinners despite his crazy work schedule.

Matheson household also conducted family meetings every fortnight where the children and their parents brought all their problems to the table to be trashed. According to Megan, talking about family issues helped them release frustration and tension and kept emotional outbreaks at bay. Those meetings were always wrapped up on appositive notes accompanied by moral quotes and sayings

She is a Mother of 3 Children

Megan and Tim’s marriage produced three children – a son and two daughters.

Molly Matheson is Megan Murphy Matheson and Tim Matheson’s First Child

Megan Murphy Matheson
Molly image source

The couple was barely three years into their union when they became parents to their first daughter, Molly Matheson. Molly, the oldest child of the popular actor, joined the family in 1987. Out of all the children born to Megan and Tim, Molly is the only one that followed their father into the entertainment industry. However, she works behind the scene.

As a TV series and documentary producer, Molly takes the credit for the production of Dispatches, Risking it All, Paris Hilton’s British Best friend, The Dark Side of the Porn, The Secret Millionaire, Burn on the Turntable, and many more.

Tim, who is a dotting dad, once revealed that Molly is also engaged at William Morris Endeavor as an agent and equally belongs to the management team handling their investment fund. Thus she has a hand in a digital division of the business that he is involved in.

She has been married to Aaron Schmidt since the 14th of February 2016; their nuptials was hosted in Mexico.

Emma Matheson is Megan Murphy Matheson and Tim Matheson’s Second Daughter

Megan Murphy Matheson
Emma image source

The second child of Tim and Megan Murphy Matheson is Emma Matheson, who announced her entrance one year later in 1988. Very little is known about Emma, but according to some tidbits, she is the athlete in the Matheson family and is known to take part in several marathons. However, the type of sports she is into has never been specified.

In a post shared by her celebrity dad, Tim Matheson said Emma is in charge of running the Brooklyn Bowl’s marketing division in Brooklyn, Las Vegas, and London planning their music festivals and other related stuff

Cooper Matheson is Megan Murphy Matheson and Tim Matheson’s Son

Megan Murphy Matheson
Cooper image source

The last child born to Tim and Megan is the couple’s only son, Cooper Matheson; he came to complete their love on the 12th of August 1994. Coopers is a Columbia University alum who earned a degree in engineering, graduating in the mid-2010s.

Cooper is practicing his craft as a staff of Boeing in Charleston, South Carolina. This info was shared by his father when he uploaded an image of the young man kitted out in a NASA T-shirt, which made fans wonder whether he is employed by the space agency.

Cooper had a hand in designing the famous Dart Throwing robot as a team member of The DartBot; the team earned a prestigious award for the feat.

Megan Murphy Matheson and Tim Matheson Separated in 2010

Megan Murphy Matheson and her ex-husband Tim had already spent two and half decades as man and wife before their union hit the rocks in 2010. However, the legal proceedings lingered for a couple of years before their divorce was finalized in 2012.

The couple’s divorce led to a lot of speculations about the possible cause of their split, and Megan, who does not like public display, did a good job of shielding the real reasons from the public. Before long, the grapevine went rife with the story of Tim Matheson’s secret affair with the actress Kirstie Alley while he was married to Megan

According to what Alley said in an interview session, she was dating the actor in the early part of the 1980s while he kept his then-fiancée, Megan, a secret. Their relationship ended following Megan’s unexpected visit to Tim’s house while Alley was there; she had to jump through the window to escape.

Thus, when Tim and Megan called it quits with their union, the grapevine said Alley returned to his life, and they were having a clandestine affair. This was credited as the reason for the couple’s split but has never been confirmed.

Despite Megan Murphy Matheson and Tim Matheson’s divorce, the couple did a good job raising their children. Even though their parents are no longer together, the Matheson children enjoy love from both sides. Tim never forgets to wish them well on their anniversaries, and the children reciprocate the gesture.

Megan was not Tim Matheson’s First Wife

Far from being Tim Matheson’s first wife, Megan Murphy Matheson was only his wife number two. The American movie star was already married and divorced before meeting his mother of three.

His first wife has been identified as Canadian actress Jennifer Leak; they wedded in September 1968 and after two years of marriage, divorced in 1971. Tim said his first marriage was more like an immature decision, which was why it didn’t last. In fact, their union didn’t last up to two years as media reports led us to believe; they only lived together for six months and separated before the divorce became final in 1971.

Tim stayed 14 years after his first marriage before hooking up with Megan. After their union ended, he wanted to pitch his tent with Elizabeth Marighetto, who became his wife number three in 2018; the couple resides in Hollywood.

Where is Tim Matheson’s Ex-wife Now?

Since she is averse to the public interest, it hasn’t proved easy to know what Megan Murphy Matheson is currently doing with her life. Important to note that she was the one who got custody after their divorce and lived with her children before they started forging their individual paths in life.

Apart from being a resident in America, where she finished raising her kids, nothing else has been said about the mother of three. Her love life is a grey area that she has refused to shed some light on to date.

However, the story is different for her ex-husband Tim Matheson who is already enjoying his wife number three.

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