Who is Tariq Walker? All About The Popular Journalist and Travel Blogger

Tariq Walker is an American journalist and blogger best known to the public as Malinda Williams’s third and current husband. Before they got hitched, Tariq had been Malinda’s longtime boyfriend and supported her as she gained public recognition, appearing in several medium-budget movies, but he has also been successful.

His journalism and blogging expertise places him as one of the very best when it comes to his career. His beautiful relationship with Malinda has made them one of the most exemplary illustrations of black love, especially because of how content they appear with each other. But what do we know about Tariq other than his line of work? Read on to find out.

Tariq Walker’s Bio

  • BIRTH YEAR: 1970
  • BIRTHPLACE: United States
  • ETHNICITY: Black American
  • FATHER: Mr. Walker

Tariq Walker Was Born and Raised in America

Tariq Walker is believed to be the same age as his wife, Malinda. He was born in the 1970s in Philadelphia, in the United States of America, to Black American parents. The exact date of his birth has remained undisclosed, and so is the identities of his parents.

We also do not know if Tariq has any siblings or not, nor do we know the name of the school where he had his high school education. Tariq is of African American ethnicity, as evidenced by his dark skin and afro hair, same as his wife.

Speaking of Malinda Walker, her career as an award-winning actress means information about her is often readily available. It is widely known that she was born to parents Fred and Beverly Williams.

In addition to her parents, she has two sisters, Lisa Sorensen and Leslie Dunn, and you could say that Tariq has a supportive extended family regardless of his birth family. He attended an unnamed Philadelphia local high school and went on to study Journalism at a private university in North Carolina.

He Has Built a Solid Career as a Renowned Journalist and Travel Blogger

A quick internet search about Tariq Walker will reveal that he is an accomplished journalist and blogger. What might not be so obvious, however, is that his career has spanned nearly two-and-a-half decades long. He began this journey by picking up an interest in writing and science fiction as a young teenager. He then decided to specialize in journalism as he grew older, especially in digital media.

In his green days, Walker was a simple journalist at the Black Enterprise media company, a position he maintained for several years before being promoted to Director of Digital Media. It was from this point that Tariq’s corporate career took off at last.

His career has spread across various branches, including digital advertising and marketing, online content development, and general marketing. He is also especially technically inclined and has seamlessly incorporated his love for tech into his writing career.

You will easily find Tariq Walker at trade conference events, broadcast media platforms, and other related events. He currently manages a travel blog with his wife called ‘This Is Leaving,’ where they make detailed videos and write-ups about their nomadic lifestyle.

Before his blogging career, though, Walker worked at the media company AOL as the VP of Video and Operations for Aol’s Partner Studio and at BE On as the VP of Creative Development. He notably managed Aol’s content creation position and oversaw their owned and operated properties.

Tariq Walker has Been Married to Malinda Williams Since 2020

Malinda Williams is an American actress best known for her appearance in the hit series ‘Soul Food: The Series’ and her headline-grabbing performances in movies like ‘2 Days in New York’, ‘A Cross to Bear,’ ‘Side by Side,’ ‘High School High,’ and ‘A Thin Line Between Love and Hate.’ For her performance in ‘Soul Train,’ Malinda was nominated twice at the NAACP Image Awards for ‘Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series.’

Tariq Walker’s relationship with Malinda Williams is a beautiful, heartwarming story that began in the early 2010s and has kept blossoming even one decade after. The story is that they were introduced to each other by a mutual friend for the purpose of doing business together.

Apparently, it wasn’t too long before they decided that there was meant to be a deeper relationship. However, initially, theirs was a working relationship. After several years of dating, they announced their engagement on March 20, 2020, and were married shortly after that same year.

Walker revealed that the proposal was more spiritual than glamorous, which seemed to be their preference. He explained that he thought Malinda was perfectly made for him. Having been married for nearly two years, both have decided to keep their marriage bond on fire by meshing their lives together completely.

Since they had a mutual love of traveling, it came as a surprise to no one when they decided to start up a travel blog solely for documenting their journey across different countries. They also have another joint venture called ‘She’s Got A Habit,’ an online marketplace for lifestyle enthusiasts, which was created and launched in January 2020.

When travel blogging and his other journalism ventures are considered, Tariq Walker’s $2.5 million net worth looks entirely plausible, and he doesn’t hesitate to spoil his family with it.

Tariq is Very Active on Instagram and Twitter

Let’s face it, Tariq Walker isn’t half as famous as his wife, but the multimillionaire has other uses for social media than merely posting pretty pictures. On his Instagram page, you will mostly find him showcasing details about his work in the digital world. The only social media platform where you can find Tariq Walker is Twitter, where he runs a personal account of his own.

Tariq Walker can be found on his business handle on IG @ThisIsLeaving, where he and his wife chronicle their leisure and business travel adventures. They give travel advice to amateur travelers, including valuable tips on where to get accommodation and cheap travel tickets.

His personal Instagram account is @TariqMW, where he has over 5000 followers currently. Besides IG and Twitter, Tariq Walker is currently not active on any other social media platform.

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