Who Is Stelle Ciccone? All About Madonna’s Adopted Daughter

Stelle Ciccone (born August 24, 2012; Age: 10) is the adopted daughter of the famous American singer, songwriter, and actress Madonna who is renowned as one of the most important figures in pop culture.

Madonna adopted Stelle Ciccone and her twin sister from the House of Hope Orphanage in 2017, where their father had abandoned them with the hope that they would provide better care for the children. Fortunately for Stelle, their adoption has gone smoothly so far, and their adoptive mother has made them famous as the daughters of a well-known star. Most importantly, she took full responsibility for their upbringing and needs.

Summary of Stelle Ciccone’s Biography 

  • Full name: Stelle Ciccone
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: August 24, 2012
  • Stelle Ciccone’s Age: 10 years old
  • Nationality: American
  • Birthplace: Malawi
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Stelle Ciccone’s Parents: Adam Mwale (father) and Patricia Mwale (mother)
  • Siblings: Estere Ciccone (twin sister)
  • Stelle Ciccone’s Adoptive Mother: Madonna
  • Adopted Siblings: David Banda, Rocco Ritchie, Mercy James, and Lourdes Maria
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Famous for: Being Madonna’s adopted daughter
  • Stelle Ciccone’s Instagram: @cicconetwins

Stelle Ciccone was Born in Malawi

Stelle Ciccone was born on the 24th of August 2012 in the East African country of Malawi alongside her twin sister, Estere Ciccone. She is currently 10 years old. The names of her biological parents are Adam and Patricia Mwale. Adam works as a farmer in a small Malawian community. The mother’s line of work is not made public.

Unfortunately, her mother Patricia passed away a few days after her delivery due to some complications that occurred during a cesarean section. However, Adam welcomed two lovely kids but based on his low standard of living, and considering the fact that he has to take full responsibility for the children alone, he had to give them away to Home Of Hope Orphanage in Malawi where he believes they will be taken good care of.

Stelle Ciccone was Adopted By Madonna When She was 4 Years Old

After her mother died, Stelle spent the first four years of her childhood at the Home of Hope Orphanage in Mchinji outside of Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe. It was alleged that their father never visited them regularly as supposed hence, the orphanage had to take care of Stelle Ciccone and her twin till the day they were adopted.

Madonna, whose charity work has been recognized by the Malawian government and who had adopted two children already from Malawi, had it in mind to adopt Stelle Ciccone. She made her intention known to the Home Of Hope Orphanage in Malawi. The adoption was processed on February 8, 2017, and Stelle’s father agreed to the arrangement because he wanted a better life for his twin girls.

Madonna had a legal agreement to live with the kids for 12 months before proceeding and as such, she took them with her back to New York. Madonna developed a strong bond and love towards the kids having lived with them for a period of 12 months which is the expiration of the agreement. She decided to proceed in making the adoption permanent.

Madonna Also Adopted Stelle’s Twin Sister

Madonna never left Stelle’s identical twin sister behind as she adopted Stelle and Estere on the same day. Madonna has frequently shared lovely pictures of them, displaying her equal love for each twin. The pop icon has since admitted that being a mother has not been easy for her. She is still struggling to understand what it means to be a mother and how to do the job.

Stelle Ciccone’s Father Allegedly Could Not Take Care Of His Twin Kids

It is said that Stelle Ciccone’s father, Adam Mwale, couldn’t handle the upkeep of the twin children although he had five children already from his deceased wife. It was never an easy decision for him to give them out to the orphanage home but he believed that was the only option left for him.

A source revealed that Adam Mwale married another woman after the death of Stelle Ciccone’s mother and couldn’t take good care of the children before they were adopted. However, Adam came out to deny this, claiming that he has the interest of his kids at heart and has been trying his possible best to take care of them.

He Also Claimed He Wasn’t Aware of the Adoption’s Permanence

Adam Mwale claimed he was not fully aware of the agreement between the Orphanage and Madonna. The adoption was scheduled to become permanent after a year, according to the documentation from the court, but Adam never understood it as such. He claimed that he was tricked into giving his daughters out for adoption.

Mr. Adam stated in a Daily Mail interview that he expected his daughters to return to his village from overseas after receiving a good education. He also stated that he thought their relocation to the US was only temporary. He believed that his daughters were traveling to a foreign country to get a good education before returning to live with him and support the rest of his family.

As regards the adoption, his children don’t bear his surname anymore and Adam Mwale is displeased about the situation.

Stella Ciccone and Her Sister are Living Their Best Life With Madonna

Like Madonna’s other four children, Stelle and Estere are granted the same privilege. Among Madonna’s children are David Banda and Mercy James, both of whom she adopted from Malawi, as well as Lourdes Maria and Rocco Ritchie, whom she had with her ex-boyfriend, Carlos Leon.

Stella and Estere have been integrated into Madonna’s family and she has shown them unending love, ensuring that they have all they need, and is still raising them to live their best lives.

The twins have been seen on social media accompanying their superstar adopted mom on her international tours and performances just to make sure they are content and comfortable. They even joined Madonna on stage as background dancers for her Madam X tour. Stelle and Estere once had an extravagant birthday celebration with Madonna in Jamaica.

Stelle Ciccone is Likely To Follow Her Mother’s Career Path

Stelle Ciccone loves music and dancing. Madonna has shared videos of the children playing musical instruments, singing, and dancing. Who knows if she will follow the same path as her adopted mother? However, Stelle Ciccone has not chosen a career path considering her age. Nevertheless, we believe that whatever career she eventually chooses, she will receive the support of her mother and siblings.

Is She Active on Social Media?

Stelle Ciccone is currently active on Instagram (@cicconetwins) where she has a joint account with her twin sister Estere with over 7k followers. They often share lovely pictures of moments with Madonna and their siblings, birthday celebrations, and travels. They have drawn public awareness since they became the children of the pop star.

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