Who is Rowan Atkinson’s Youngest Daughter Isla Atkinson?

Isla Atkinson is Rowan Atkinson’s daughter and the Last child from his relationship with comedian Louise Ford. 

Both her parents are in the entertainment industry and while her father, Rowan Atkinson, best known as Mr. Bean, is a celebrated British actor and comedian, her mother is equally part of the same profession.

Isla Atkinson’s Bio

  • Age: 4.
  • Birthday: December 2017
  • Birthplace: United Kingdom
  • Father: Rowan Atkinson
  • Mother: Louise Ford
  • Siblings: Lily Sastry and Benjamin Atkinson

How Old Is Isla Atkinson Now?

Born Isla May Atkinson in December 2017, Isla Atkinson is just 4 years old. Her place of birth is captured as the United Kingdom which makes her a UK citizen. The little girl is also of white ethnicity.

She is a known celebrity kid, thanks to the careers of her father and mother who are both popular in the world of entertainment. Isla is the only child born to her mum and dad but she has step-siblings from her dad’s other relationships.

Although she is the child of two popular figures in America, not much of Isla’s life is in the public arena. As a result, information about her education, relationship with her half-siblings, among others are not known.

Her Father is Rowan Sebastian Atkinson, the Renowned Comedian Known As Mr. Bean

Isla Atkinson
Mr. Bean image source

Called Rowan Sebastian Atkinson at birth, Isla Atkinson’s dad is none other than the legendary Mr. Bean who rose to fame following his appearance on the set of the BBC sketch comedy show popularly known as Not the Nine O’Clock News.

Today, Rowan is a world-acclaimed actor best known for playing the role of Mr. Bean in the comedy Blackadder. He is also a multi-award-winning actor whose hard work in the show biz industry has been rewarded with prestigious awards like the BAFTA award.

Who Is Isla Atkinson’s Mother?

Isla Atkinson
Isla and her mum image source

Isla Atkinson’s mum is a British lady that goes by the name, Louise Ford. Just like her baby daddy, Mr. Bean, Louise is also part of the entertainment industry as an actress cum comedian. She has played notable roles in productions like Crashing, Horrible Histories, and The Windsors.

Isla Atkinson Has Two Grown Half-Siblings

Isla Atkinson has two siblings, although they are her half-siblings. Before Rowan met and fell in love with Louise, he was formerly married to makeup artist, Sunetra Sastry with whom he sired two children named Lily Sastry and Benjamin Atkinson before their divorce.

Isla’s only half-sister, Lily, was formerly known as Lily Atkinson but the young lady decided to switch her father’s last name for her mum’s own after Mr. Bean had Isla with his girlfriend Louise.

Just like her parents, Lily is also part of the entertainment industry. She works as a vocalist cum burlesque dancer. Her career in the industry took off when she was very young. She presently added cabaret to her list of skills and has been carrying out excellent performances in the niche.

Benjamin Atkinson is Mr. Bean’s only son and Isla Atkinson’s only half-brother. He appears to be the only one in the Atkinson brood that has forged a career path away from the glittering world of the entertainment industry. Ben, as he is fondly called, is a soldier enlisted with the British Army.

Her Parents Have Been Together for Almost a Decade

Though they started their relationship as far back as 2013, Rowan and Louise are yet to take things to the next level; the celebrity duo is not married yet. They met in the line of duty on the set of a play when Louise was 29-year-old and Rowan 58.

Their generational age gap of almost three decades has raised a lot of questions from fans but the duo seems not to be bothered.

Who is Taking Care of Isla?

When baby Isla came to complete Louise and Atkinson’s love in 2017, Mr. Bean took the decision to proceed on a five-year leave in order to take care of his little girl. On why he chose to become a full-time father, Rowan said it was to give Louise a chance to pursue her profession as she needed quality time to build her career.

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