Who Is Rosaline Hoss, Stephanie Beatriz’s Daughter with Brad Hoss

Rosaline Hoss (born 22 August 2021; Age: 1) is an American kid famous for being the daughter of Stephanie Beatriz, the Encanto actress.

Beatriz welcomed Rosaline with her husband, Brad Hoss, in August 2021, and she celebrated her first birthday the next year. Rosaline Hoss is presently 1 years old, and she is already a mini-celebrity, thanks to frequent appearances on her mom’s social media handles. Her famous mom has also gushed about her in interviews and described her as funny, smart, and pure.

Summary of Rosaline Hoss’ Biography

  • Full name: Rosaline Hoss
  • Nickname: Roz
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: 22nd of August 2021
  • Rosaline Hoss’ Age: 1 years old
  • Ethnicity: half-Latina and half-Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo
  • Rosaline Hoss’ Parents: Brad Hoss and stepahnie Beatriz
  • Rosaline Hoss’ Height in Inches: 2 feet 10 inches
  • Rosaline Hoss’ Height in Centimeters: 86.2 cm
  • Rosaline Hoss’ Weight: 26 lbs. 11 oz. (12.1 kg)
  • Rosaline Hoss’ Net worth: $100k
  • Famous for: Stephanie Beatriz

Rosaline Hoss is the Daughter of Stephanie Beatriz and Her Husband, Brad Hoss

Rosaline Hoss was born on the 22nd day of August 2021 in Los Angeles, California. Her nationality is American, while her ethnicity is half Caucasian and half Latina. Rosaline gets her Latina heritage from her famous mom, Stephanie Beatriz, a popular Hollywood actress who migrated to America at the age of 2

Beatriz began pursuing her acting career after completing college at age 21. This was in 2002, and she has since been featured in several movies, TV series, and theatrical productions. Her best-known work is as detective Rosa Diaz on the TV series Brooklyn Nine-Nine. She also voices the lead role of Mirabel Madrigal in the hit Disney animation Encanto.

On the other hand, Rosaline Hoss’ father is Brad Hoss. He is originally from Ohio and was born on the 22 of January 1982. Hoss is an actor and has scored bit parts in some movies. He is also a cinematographer and marketing consultant.

The Couple Welcomed Her About Three Years into Their Marriage

Rosaline Hoss’ parents, Stephanie Beatriz and Brad Hoss, began their romance sometime in the mid-2010s. They dated for a couple of years, during which their romance blossomed. They later moved in together, and Brad popped the big question at the first party that they hosted for loved ones at their home in October 2017. Stephanie was completely taken by surprise, but she said yes as she loved her man very much.

The couple tied the knot a year later, in October 2018. Theirs was no destination wedding, but they rather stayed back in the city they loved so much i.e. Los Angeles. They planned their wedding themselves and made sure to incorporate all the bits and pieces they loved about L.A. into the ceremony.

Two years into the couple’s marriage, they announced that they were expecting. They then welcomed Rosaline. Stephanie announced the birth of her daughter on Instagram and declared that she arrived in style and, more importantly, safely. She also described childbirth as an incredible, beautiful, emotional, and hard as fuck experience.

Rosaline Hoss Presently Lives in Los Angeles with her Parents

Rosaline Hoss presently lives in Los Angeles with both parents, and they shower her with a lot of love. She does not have any siblings yet, but that remains a possibility for the future. Asides from her parents, Rosaline, whose nickname is Roz, also gets a lot of love from her grandparents and her maternal aunty.

The names of her grandparents and maternal aunt are not available, but she may be named after one of them. It is also possible that Rosaline Hoss is named after someone or something that has profoundly impacted both of her parents. Only time will reveal the real inspiration behind her name, which her mother has emphasized is pronounced as Roz-uh-line.

She Makes a Frequent Appearance on her Mother’s Instagram Handle

Rosaline Hoss’ parents take care to protect her from the public spotlight, but they have also shown her off on social media. A look at Stephanie Beatriz’s Instagram handle will show several pictures of the family hanging out together. These pictures often show Rosaline hanging out with her parents while they perform ordinary tasks such as baking or washing up.

Rosaline has also accompanied her mom to public places, including an outing at the home stadium of the Cleveland Guardians, a professional side in the MLB. Her mom has also brought her along on coffee runs. The actress has shared pictures of Rosaline Hoss indulging in her first dim sum, a Chinese dish comprising small steamed or fried dumplings containing various fillings.

Rosaline’s Parents Plan to Raise Her to Believe in Equality

Rosaline Hoss’ parents have also spoken about her at length in some interviews. From these interviews, we know that they plan to raise the little girl to be a believer and supporter of equality. Rosaline’s mom is openly bisexual and has described her husband as someone empathetic to her orientation. She has also revealed that they plan to raise Rosaline to believe in equality.

They want their daughter to be a kid that understands that however people choose to shape their glorious life is worthy of celebration. In keeping with this vision, Rosaline’s mom shared a photo of them attending Family Equality Day during the pride month of June 2022. She stated that Rosaline met her first drag queen at the event and superbly got along with her.

Rosaline’s Mom Has Also Revealed that She is Already a Big Fan of Encanto

Rosaline Hoss is also said to be a big fan of Encanto, the Disney series which her mom headlines as both the lead actress and the lead singer. Encanto revolves around a 15-year-old girl, Mirabel madrigal, from a family of magicians. The film features several popular songs, and Rosaline’s mom Stephanie Beatriz plays the lead role of Maribel. She also sang several of the songs.

The actress was pregnant with Rosaline when she was recording the songs. She has now revealed that Rosaline immediately recognized the songs in a weird freakish scary baby way whenever the songs were played for her or sung for her. Rosaline already loves the Encato music, and her mom can’t wait for her to grow a bit older to see the film as well.

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