Who Is Ronnie Turner, Tina Turner’s Son?

As a bass guitarist and actor, Ronnie Turner has achieved some feats in the course of his career. However, his biggest claim to fame remains that he is the only biological child of former superstar rock and roll couple Tina Turner and Ike Turner. Ronnie’s parents famously endured a turbulent marriage and later divorced when he was still young. He and his siblings subsequently split their time between their parents, and despite the abundance of material possessions, they still had to cope with several weighty issues. Ronnie did the best he could under the circumstances and is currently thriving and happily married to French singer and TV, Afida Turner.

Profile Summary of Ronnie Turner 

  • Full name: Ronnie Turner
  • Date of birth: 27th of October 1960
  • Age: 61 years old
  • Mother: Tina Turner
  • Father: Ike Turner
  • Birthplace: Los Angeles
  • Occupation: musician, bass guitarist, and actor
  • Spouse: Afida Turner
  • Children: two, namely Randy and Raquel

Ronnie Turner is one of four children that Tina Turner and The Late Ike Turner Shared between Them

Ronnie Turner was born on the 27th of October 1960 in Los Angeles. His father is Grammy-winning musician, songwriter, and record producer, Ike Turner, while his mother, Tina Turner, is widely regarded as one of the greatest musical artists of the 20th century with over 100 million records sold. Ronnie Turner’s parents first met each other back in 1957. At that time, his mother, Tina Turner, was an upcoming singer, while his father, Ike, had already tasted success with his band known as Kings of Rhythm.

Tina consequently joined Kings of Rhythm as one of their singers, and the band went on to release a string of good hits such as Boxtop. She also dropped several songs as a solo artist. As the working relationship between Ike and Turner thrived, so did their personal relationship. They began dating in late 1959, and by the next year, they welcomed Ronnie. They then went on to get married in the year 1962.

The Rock and Roll Star Couple Endured a Turbulent Marriage Until Their 1976 Split

Following the marriage between Ike and Tina, the entire family settled down in Los Angeles. The couple continued pursuing their music career as a joint act known as Ike & Tina Turner and were quite successful with several hit songs to their name. They also had some good times on the home front. The little Ronnie grew up with his maternal half-brother, Craig, who was about two years his senior. There were also the two sons that his father, Ike, had from an earlier relationship, namely Ike Turner Jr. and Michael Turner.
Ike Jr was just two years older than Ronnie, while Michael was his age mate.

Ronnie Turner
A young Ronnie Turner with his mom and siblings (Image Source)

His mom, Tina, welcomed both boys into their home with open arms and also went ahead to adopt them. It, therefore, meant that Ronnie Turner grew up with three raucous siblings. All four boys lived quite well and attended good schools thanks to their parents’ wealth. They also led a shielded life from the spotlight. It was a wonderful existence, but it wasn’t picture-perfect by any means. Their parents had several issues between them, including their father’s drug use and womanizing. He also began physically abusing their mom, and she endured it for years.

It wasn’t a healthy environment for Ronnie and his siblings, and by 1976, his mother got the courage to walk out from the abusive marriage. She filed for divorce and asked for custody of her biological kids, while Ike also sought to hold on to his. The divorce took two years, during which Ronnie and his three brothers majorly lived with their mom, Tina. They also spent some time with their dad, and the entire divorce was finalized in 1978.

Ronnie Turner and His Siblings Have a Fractured Relationship With Their Famous Mom

Ronnie Turner
The Turner siblings with their parents (Image Source)

When the divorce between Ronnie Turner’s parents was finalized, he and his siblings were all aged 18 years and above and could therefore decide which parent to stay with. They were also mature enough to get their places, and this was what they did after a short while. While forging their paths in life, Ronnie and his siblings did not allow their parents’ turbulent marriage to influence them. They maintained good relations with both their mom and dad though things later soured with their famous mom.

The singer became a little bit estranged from Ronnie and his brothers after the divorce and chose to focus on her career. She rarely visited them and did not spend birthdays, Christmases, or other holidays with them. Even while she was around, she was a very strict mom. This led to a distance in the relationship between them, which persists to date. Ronnie Turner is not close to his mom, and she only provides him and his siblings with financial support and trust funds.

Even when an HBO Max documentary about the singer was released in March 2021, there was no major reference to Ronnie or his siblings. They were not interviewed, neither were they shown as adults. Only a few pictures of them as babies made it into the reel, and they were pretty devastated by this.

Ronnie Turner is a Bass Guitarist and Previously Played for His Parents

Ronnie Turner
Turner performing with his mom and wife, Afida (Image Source)

Ronnie Turner is all grown up now and earns his living as a musician. Thanks to his parents’ influence, he encountered music from an early stage and became quite interested in it. He mastered the bass guitar as he grew up and, by the age of 15, joined hands with fellow L.A. native, Patrick Moten, to launch a band known as Manufacture Funk. This was in 1975, and they dropped a couple of singles. They also opened for several acts such as Rufus, The Dramatics, Natalie Cole, New Birth, The Undisputed Truth, B.B. King., and Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes before splitting.

Following the split, Ronnie Turner went on to play in his mother’s band. He has also played in his father’s band and toured with them as well. Besides music, Ronnie was also featured in the 1993 movie, What’s Love Got to Do with It. The movie covers his mother’s rise to stardom and how she got the courage to break free from their father. It was very highly critical of their father, and he reportedly was depressed by it.

Ronnie Turner is Married to the French Singer and TV Personality, Afida Turner 

Ronnie Turner’s wife is the French singer, songwriter, actress, and media personality, Afida Turner. Afida was born Hafidda Messai on the 22nd of December 1976. She grew up with various foster families after her dad beat her mom to death. As a teenager, Afida worked several jobs to survive, and by her 20s, she decided to pursue a music career. She is signed to Sony Music and has dropped about two albums, namely Rock Attitude and Paris-Hollywood. She has featured in various French TV shows, including the Big Brother reality TV show called Loft Story.

Afida Turner is also an actress and has appeared in about five films, including Visions Interdites, Shut Up and Shoot, The Sweep, and Single Black Female. Ronnie and Afida began their relationship in the mid-2000s and wed in 2007. The couple has been married for more than a decade now, and their union is going strong. Afida often uses her social media to celebrate Ronnie on special occasions such as his birthday. Ronnie Turner and his wife, Afida, have welcomed two children in the course of their union. They are son, Randy, and daughter, Raquel. Both kids stay well out of the spotlight and are aiming to live a regular life.

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