Who Is Robert Henry Katz, Barbara Walters’ Ex-husband?

Robert Henry Katz is the ex-husband of Barbara Walters, a renowned American journalist, author, and TV personality. Robert Henry Katz married Barbara Walters on June 20, 1955, at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. However, the marriage was short lived as the couple filed for divorce two years later, and by 1958, their marriage officially got dissolved

It is very common to see women who became famous by getting married to male celebrities. In Robert Henry Katz’s case, all of his fame came from being the ex-husband of Barbara Walters. Outside of their marriage, nothing else is known about him.

Summary of Robert Henry Katz’s Biography

  • Full Name: Robert Henry Katz
  • Gender: Male
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Robert Henry Katz’s Ex-Wife: Barbara Walters (divorced)
  • Occupation: Navy Lieutenant
  • Famous for: Being the ex-husband of Barbara Walters

Robert Henry Katz’s Age Is Not Available To The Public

Details about Robert Henry Katz’s date of birth are not public knowledge; as such, we don’t have details about his age and what his childhood was like. However, his ex-wife, Barbara Walters, was born on September 25, 1929, which means she is 94 years old.

Information about Robert is so limited that we can’t even say whether he is still alive. On the same note, we do not have details about the type of school he attended, however. We can tell he is an educated man.

Robert Henry Katz Used To Serve In The US Navy

We believe that Robert Henry Katz may have been a well-educated man because he used to serve in the Navy. There are reports that he used to be a Navy Lieutenant and a business executive. Unfortunately, we cannot tell what company he was a business executive at.

It is noteworthy to add that Robert Henry’s career did not play a role in making him famous. All of his fame came from his marriage to Barbara Walters. His ex-wife enjoyed a successful career in Journalism. She is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, where she earned a Bachelor’s of art degree in English. According to Wikipedia, she was an active journalist from 1951 to 2016.

Robert Henry Katz Got Married to Barbara Walters In 1955

Robert Henry Katz and Barbara Walters exchanged marital vows on June 20, 1955. Their wedding took place at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. When they got married, Barbara’s career was not as successful as it was in the 2000s. She was starting her journalism career and was only about 26 years old.

Unfortunately, details about how they met and what courtship was like for them are not available to the public. We know that they were so much in love that getting married seemed like the best thing for them to do.

Their Marriage Was Short-Lived

Robert Henry Katz

When people gathered to celebrate the wedding of Robert Henry Katz and Barbara Walters, they probably didn’t expect that their wedding would be declared null and void in a short time. After getting married in 1955, the couple filed for divorce two years later, and by 1958, their divorce was officially finalized. There are even reports that they stayed together as a couple for only 11 months.

It did not take them so long to realize that they were not compatible with each other as a married couple. To date, neither of them has revealed any information about the reason for their divorce. However, Robert still gets the credit for being the first husband Barbara Walters was married to.

Robert Henry Katz Is Best Known For Being Barbara Walters’ Ex-husband

It may almost be impossible to write anything about Robert Henry Katz without relating it with Barbara Walters because there is barely anything to know about him outside his marriage with her. Although he most likely also had a successful career in business, it didn’t make him a person of interest to the public.

We don’t have details about what his relationship with Barbara has been like since after their divorce. Seeing that they did not have any children together, it’s possible they don’t get to see each other so often.

There is also no information about what his love life has been like since his divorce from Barbara. We can’t say if he got married and had children with a new wife. However, the same cannot be said of Barbara Walters.

After His Divorce From Barbara Walters, His Ex-wife Remarried Twice

Robert Henry Katz’s ex-wife has had a lot of experiences with men. Her relationship and marriage with him was just the start of her journey in that regard, as the TV personality has been married to two other men since her divorce from Robert.

However, she was not in a hurry to get married the second time. It took Barbara some years before she finally found love again with Lee Guber, a theater play producer and a theater owner. They got married on December 8, 1963.

This time around, the marriage lasted for a bit longer; however, after 13 years, they got divorced. Like in the first marriage, she did not have any child for Lee Guber. But this time, she adopted a daughter called Jacqueline Guber. Her daughter was born in 1968, the same year Barbara adopted her.

After Barbara’s divorce from Lee Guber, she later married Merv Alderson in 1981. Merv Alderson was the co-founder, CEO, and producer at Lorimar Television. They divorced in 1984 but were married again two years later after reconciling their differences. The second time around was still not meant to be forever as they finally went their separate ways – the second time around – in 1992.

After this, Babara did not get married again; however, she has since dated other people, including Roy Cohn, Alan Greenspan, John Warner, Woody Allen, and Robert Neil Butler.

Robert Henry Katz’s Ex-wife Barbara Walters Is Currently Sick

Barbara Walters undeniably enjoyed a successful life. Although she did not always get it right concerning her marriages, she has lived a successful life careerwise. The former American broadcast journalist is currently battling health challenges associated with old age.

In 2010, she had successful open-heart surgery. There are reports that her health challenges contributed to her decision to retire. Robert Henry Katz appeared early in Barbara Walters’ life, and after him, she has found love with several people. It is possible the two are no longer in any close relationship, and we don’t have details of where he is now and what he is up to.

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