Who is Peter Lanfer? All About Sarah Drew’s Husband

Peter Lanfer (born September 29th, 1976; Age 46 years old) is an American professor best known as the husband of Sarah Drew, a movie and TV actress.

Peter and Drew wedded in 2002 and have spent over two decades in their union. The couple’s marriage is blessed with two children, Micah Emmanuel (son) and Hannah Mali Rose (daughter). The Lanfer family currently resides in California in the United States.

Summary of Peter Lanfer’s Biography

  • Full Name: Peter Lanfer
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: September 29th, 1976
  • Peter Lanfer’s Age: 46 years old
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Peter Lanfer’s Husband (Wife): Sara Drew
  • Peter Lanfer’s Children: Micah Emmanuel, son, and Hannah Mali Rose, daughter
  • Peter Lanfer’s Net Worth:
  • Famous For: Being the husband of Sarah Drew

What is Peter Lanfer’s Nationality?

Being born in the United States makes Peter Lanfer a citizen of America, however, his exact place of birth has never been disclosed. He is of White ethnicity and was born on September 29th, 1976 which pegs his current age at 46.

Despite being a celebrity spouse, Peter has never deemed it necessary to shed some light on his family background. This is the reason his parents’ names and professions are not known. Also, he has never mentioned having any siblings. The only glaring fact about Peter is that he was raised in the place of his birth and follows the Christian faith.

Peter Lanfer Was Educated incc the Best Schools in America

Growing up in a Christian household, Peter Lanfer held strong beliefs and spirituality, and the passion for embedding more knowledge in that field was what led him to opt for religious studies after his high school graduation. To accomplish this dream, Peter joined Dartmouth College which is credited as the United States’ ninth-oldest institution and a part of the Ivy League. It is also known to be among the world’s highest-ranking universities. After accomplishing his academic pursuit at Dartmouth, Peter graduated in 1998 with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

The quest to go for further studies took him to Yale Divinity School where he went to study religion at the Master’s degree level. The institution is also listed among the Ivy League members and has been deeply rooted in theology from its inception.

The religious scholar went on to acquire a doctorate degree by proceeding to UCLA (the University of California, Los Angeles). He did his Ph.D. in Hebrew and was awarded the degree in 2010. UCLA happens to be the fourth oldest among the ten-campus universities of the state of California system.

How Did Sarah Drew and Peter Lanfer Meet?

It was immediately after completing his undergraduate program at Dartmouth College that Peter first crossed paths with his spouse, actress Sarah Drew. The two were employed at a camp working in their capacities as counselors.

Also as religious as Lanfer, Drew said she greatly admired his old-fashioned way of doing things. Talking about their dating period, the American movie star revealed how Peter spent eight long months sending her hand-written letters.

Soon after, he took her to watch a drama where a university professor was sending his woman gifts before proposing. According to Drew, she was quick to catch the fact that Lanfer was just about to pop the big question but this foreknowledge did not ruin the moment when it eventually came.

Sarah also narrated how Peter respected her “no sex before marriage policy; they only consummated their union after exchanging wedding vows.

He Became Sarah Drew’s Husband in 2002

The duo eventually tied the marriage knot on July 2nd, 2002 and their union has endured for over two decades. Nothing has been said about the type of ceremony they had.

Though Peter has not registered his presence on any social media platform, it is glaring that he and his wife are living in marital bliss. Evidence abounds in Drew’s Instagram handle where she has shared multiple images and videos of their happy family moments, birthdays, and other anniversaries.

Though he is the type that would prefer to shun public appearances, Peter often accompanies his wife to events and occasions. The couple was once spotted at the 7th Annual March of Dimes Celebration of Babies.

Looking back, Drew confesses that she is thankful for not being caught in the Hollywood relationship drama.

Peter Lanfer’s Wife is a Hollywood Star

Sarah Drew works in the entertainment industry as an actress who doubles as a director. Born in Stony Brook, New York in 1980, Sara is the daughter of a senior pastor at Emmanuel Presbyterian Church, New York, and a mother who teaches biology.

She is best known for depicting the character of Hannah Rogers on the set of The WB family drama series entitled, Everwood in 2005. She is also known for Grey’s Anatomy – the popular ABC medical drama series where she played Dr. April Kepner. The New Yorker equally appeared in productions like Locked Upstairs, Indivisible, and Waking Marshall Walker.

Compared to her husband, Sarah is doing far better as she enjoys a net worth in excess of $3 million.

Peter is a Father of Two

Peter Lanfer’s union with Sarah Drew has produced two children – a boy and a girl. They were already married for one decade before welcoming their first fruit – a son called Micah Emmanuel who was born on January 18th, 2012.

Two years later, Micah became a big brother to the couple’s daughter, Hannah Mali Rose who was born on December 3rd, 2014.

The Lanfer family currently live in an $895,000-worth property in California where both couple work.

What Does Peter Lanfer Do for a Living?

After he finished his Master’s degree program, Peter Lanfer received lecturing invitations to Dartmouth College as a guest lecturer. These lectures were often held in his old classrooms during his student days. His topics include The Appearance and Disappearance of the Rephaim from Jewish Mythology and Words: Using the Bible for love, health, and hate.

While he was working on his Ph.D. Lanfer started lecturing at his school covering topics like “Jerusalem and the Holy City,” “History of the End of the World,” “Dead Sea Scrolls and Early Judaism,” and “The Jewish Jesus”.

Presently, he is lecturing professionally in the humanity faculty of UCLA and majors in Jewish Studies. He holds a similar position at his former institution, Dartmouth College. The American professor shuns public life despite being married to a celebrity.

He is Great at Academic Research

Peter Lanfer’s passion for reading volumes and gaining knowledge did not just make him an exceptional professor, it also paved the way for him to become a great researcher.

The UCLA lecturer focuses his research work on topics such as the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, patristics, the Dead Sea Scrolls, or the study of early Christian writers. He has also written several papers in these fields and his published articles came to five at the last count; his conference papers totals four.

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