Who is Noah Mathers? Inside The Personal Life of The Cinematographer

Noah Mathers (born January 23rd, 1978; Aged: 46) is an American cinematographer best known for being the son of Jerry Mathers, the Leave it to Beaver star.

Noah is not the only child born to Jerry; he shared his childhood with two younger sisters – Mercedes and Gretchen Mathers. While his siblings are happily married with children, Noah has never said “I do” to any woman. He is currently living and working in Southern California as a crew member in the movies and television.

Summary of Noah Mathers’s Biography

  • Full Name: Noah Nicholas Mathers
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: January 23rd, 1978
  • Noah Mathers’ Age: 46 years old
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Noah Mathers’ Parents: Jerry Mathers and Rhonda Gehring
  • Siblings: Mercedes and Gretchen Mathers

When was Noah Mathers Born?

According to trusted sources, Noah Mathers was born on January 23rd, 1978, and his current age is pegged at 46. He was given the full name Noah Nicholas Mathers at birth. Noah is a citizen of America as his place of birth is listed as the United States, and he is a native Angeleno, though his ethnicity mix is not known.

He is the son of Jerry Mathers and his second wife, Rhonda Gehring, but their union did not last. Jerry filed divorce papers against Rhonda in 1997 after he found out that she was having extra-marital affairs behind his back. Noah was 19 at the time of his parent’s divorce.

Noah has not said anything about his academic records, but sources have hinted that he is well-educated. The cinematographer currently lives in Southern California, where he also works

Noah’s Father was a Child Actor

When the talk is about the greatest child actors of all time, then Noah Mathers’s dad, Jerry Mathers, deserves mention. Born on January 2nd, 1948, the movie veteran debuted in TV commercials at the tender age of two. During the early 50s, he scored roles in productions like This Is My Love, The Trouble with Harry, The Seven Little Foys, That Certain Feeling, The Deep Six, Men of the Fighting Lad, and more.

However, Jerry hit his big break on the set of the situational comedy Leave It to Beaver, where he essayed the role of the curious and naïve Theodore “Beaver” Cleaver in 1957. The then up-and-coming star was just nine when he had his breakthrough and went on to give the sitcom six long years, which culminated in a total of 234 episodes.

While on the set of Leave It to Beaver, Jerry did not leave out his academics as he had teachers who came to teach him on set. However, after the show eventually wrapped up in 1963, Noah Mathers’s dad took a long hiatus from acting to achieve his high school graduation. That was when he founded the musical band known as Beaver and the Trappers.

Jerry also recorded success outside the entertainment industry by enlisting with the US Air Force Reserve and served from 1966 to 1972, following which he went to study philosophy at the University of California, Berkeley. He later worked in a bank as a commercial loan officer and in real estate as an agent.

Jerry made his comeback to acting in 1978 and participated in the play Boeing on stage. When his Leave it to Beaver cast reunited to film Still the Beaver, he was there to reprise his role, and that particular reunion birthed The New Leave It To Beaver. Jerry remained active through the 90s, recording a plethora of appearances in movies and TV shows.

Does Noah Have Siblings?

Far from being the only child born to Jerry and Rhonda, Noah Mathers spent his growing-up years alongside two sisters, Gretchen and Mercedes Mathers. However, he is the oldest of the Mathers brood

Born in 1982, Mercedes is the middle child in the Mathers family. She is also part of the entertainment industry, albeit in behind-the-scenes roles. Mercedes is currently under the payroll of Netflix as one of its human resource managers. The wife of Frank Favre, Noah’s younger sister, is a mother of two – all boys.

Gretchen Mathers is Noah’s youngest sister, who was born in 1985. Though the details of her professional life have never been disclosed, Gretchen is a married woman and a mother of two beautiful girls.

Other members of the Mathers family include Noah’s aunt and uncle, James and Susie Mathers

What Does Noah Mathers Do for a Living?

Noah Mathers is currently earning a living in the entertainment industry, though he has worked in many capacities. He has been in the military, worked in the camera department, has functioned as a sound engineer, and is presently a cinematographer.

Before he joined the movie world, Mathers enlisted in the United States Navy. Many see this move as that of a child seeking to follow in the footsteps of his father. He didn’t mention how long he stayed with the Navy, but his time there was brief.

Coming into the entertainment world, Noah commenced work in the movie and broadcast television for clients like NBC, ABC, Discovery Channel, History Channel, ESPN, A&E, Spike, and Syfy networks. He spent over 14 years in this field.

Noah Mathers’ production credits include the reality television series entitled, The Great Adventure. He also worked with New Line Television in content development. Working with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Mathers directed and produced multiple projects.

The Angeleno native can boast a long list of credits in his work as a competent production sound mixer; this includes a plethora of TV shows and documentaries. Most notable among them are The U.S. vs. John Lennon, Undercover Sting, Bordertown: Laredo, and The Ultimate Fighter, including Coast Guard Search and Rescue: Alaska.

Despite the success he has recorded in his work in the entertainment industry, Noah’s major claim to fame is being the son of the Leave it to Beaver star Jerry Mathers. Besides, the American cinematographer doesn’t seem to be a social media person, as his presence is not felt on any of the major platforms.

Noah Mathers’ Personal Life

At age 46, Noah is still enjoying his single life. The first son of Jerry Mathers has never been married, and he is so secretive with the details of his hookups and breakups.

While Jerry is enjoying the perks of being a grandfather to four children, none of them comes from Noah as all belong to his younger sisters.

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