Who Is Montell Jordan’s Wife Kristin Hudson?

Kristin Hudson (born 21st September 1971; Age: 52 years old) is a former music producer, manager, and the wife of Montell Jordan, a singer, songwriter, and author.

Alongside her husband, she was forced to quit her promising career in the music industry, and today, Hudson is busy with mentorship, mission work, youth leadership, and marriage ministry.

Summary of Kristin Hudson’s Biography

  • Full Name: Kristin Hudson
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 21st September 1971
  • Kristin Hudson’s Age: 52 years old
  • Ethnicity: Latin-American
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgos
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Kristin Hudson’s Husband: Montell Jordan
  • Kristin Hudson’s Children: Christopher, Sydney, Skylar, and Samantha Jordan
  • Kristin Hudson’s Parents: Christy Scaggs
  • Siblings: Waylon.
  • Famous For: Being the wife of Montell Jordan
  • Kristin Hudson’s Instagram: @MontellandKristin
  • Twitter: @KristinHudson
  • Facebook: Kristin Hudson

How Old is Kristin Hudson?

Kristin Hudson is 52 years old. The former music producer was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on 21st September 1971 and was named Kristin Shai Hudson at birth. However, she has come to be known as Kristin Hudson. Kristin holds an American by nationality, and her ethnicity has always been a subject of debate.

While many believe her to be a native American, others think she is a mixture of Latin and American. Unlike her husband, Montell Jordan, who came from an affluent background, Hudson’s family is far from famous.

Her mother has been revealed to be a woman who goes by the name Christy Scaggs, and she has a brother called Waylon. Kristin Hudson is a university graduate; she was a student of California State University Fullerton, graduating in 1994. However, her course of study is unknown.

What is Kristin Hudson’s Profession?

While Jordan was working as a vocalist, Hudson functioned as his producer. When he became famous after the release of his debut single, the mother of three played the role of a manager for her spouse. This continued until they were forced to decide to quit music. Kristin Hudson is now fully into mentorship, mission work, youth leadership, and marriage ministry.

How did Kristin Hudson and Montell Meet?

Kristin Hudson first crossed paths with Montell Jordan during the early 1990s. The duo happened to be present at a fraternity ball at the university. Montell, who felt an instant attraction for Hudson, approached her for a dance, but she didn’t oblige him. Hudson was not moved by Montell’s attempts to get her impressed with what he described as “his special dance techniques.”

It was a while before Hudson had a change of mind and decided to give Jordan a chance. The American musician popped the big question on Valentine’s Day of 1994, and they got married within just a few months.

Kristin Hudson Became Montell Jordan’s Wife in 1994

Kristin Hudson was barely 23 when the duo exchanged wedding vows in June 1994. At that time, Montell was beginning to find his feet in the highly competitive music industry.

Kristin- Hudson
Hudson and Jordan’s wedding picture (image source)

It was not up to six months after their wedding that the musician’s debut single became a hit. To safeguard his newly found fame, Montell’s record label executives recommended that the couple keep their marriage under wraps for a while.

According to the record label executives, a married male singer will not be liked by fans. Hudson’s career as a talent manager will not be respected by people in the music industry as she has become someone’s wife.

To keep their respective careers going, Kristin Hudson and her husband decided to heed the voice of their record label executives and keep their union a secret. Following this decision, Montell appeared in several interview sessions where he would be quizzed about his personal life, and his usual response would be, “I am married to my music.”

All The Secrecy Led to their Marriage Issues

The secrecy bred a lot of marriage problems for the couple. The singer would go on tours around the globe, leaving his new wife back home to take care of contracts as she also became his manager at this time. Before long, the challenges started surfacing, and infidelity was the most notable among them. It didn’t take Montell long to fall into the arms of another woman.

Even though the news of her husband’s infidelity didn’t go down well with Hudson, it later came to the fore that Montell wasn’t the only one that was unfaithful. Kristin, too got romantically involved with one of their family friends. At this point, the couple didn’t need to be told that the time has come to an end the farce they were living.

Kristin Hudson and her Husband Chose Their Marriage Over

With things mangled up, fans were terrified that Kristin Hudson and her husband may decide to call it quits with their union, but that did not happen. Surprisingly, the couple chose to save their marriage and forfeit their successful careers in the music industry.

Quitting music was a difficult decision for Montell, and we are yet to factor in Hudson, who was then expecting their third child. Unfortunately, she lost the pregnancy, but that did not deter them from the decision to leave the industry.

The duo became co-authors, and in a bid to render assistance to people in similar situations, they released their debut publication entitled, This is How We Do It: Making Your Marriage a Masterpeace in 2017. Before this, Montell released his autobiography, Becoming Unfamous.

The former music superstar is now a devoted Christain and part of Victory World Church located in Atlanta, Georgia. The couple now joins efforts to minister, teach, and provide couples and intending couples with pre-marital and marriage counseling.

They are now stakeholders in the global fight against divorce, traveling from country to country, sharing their heart-touching testimony about marriage principles. Kristin Hudson is now fully into mentorship, mission work, youth leadership, and marriage ministry.

On his part, Montell later went back to music, but this time around, he chose Gospel. The former music superstar sang the gospel track, This Is How We Do It, on 19th May 2019, during the finale of American Idol.

When it comes to dealing with marriage issues, Hudson and Montell have become role models all over the world. Millions of couples going through bad patches in marriage now look up to them for inspiration. Their marriage is slowly inching towards its third decade, and the couple celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in a special way, with Montell asking Hudson to be his wife once again.

Kristin Hudson is a Mother of Three

Kristin is a mother of three, though she is also stepmother to her husband’s first son, Christopher Cruz Jordan (born 8th March 1989). Hudson’s biological children include Sydney Jordan (born 14th June), Skyler Jordan (born 16th September 2003), and Samantha Jordan, the youngest (born 16th May 2012).

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