Who is Mike Rattler? Everything About Spencer Rattler’s Dad

Mike Rattler is an American man on the payroll of Citizens Automobile and Recreation Finance as one of their regional sales reps. He is, however, best known for being the father of Spencer Rattler, the collegiate football player.

Rattler, who is a citizen of the United States of America, is an African-American by ethnicity. Though he played football during his adolescent years and served as a coach at a point in his life, Mike is now engaged in a nine-to-five job. He is

Summary of Mike Rattler’s Biography

  • Full Name: Michael Rattler
  • Nickname: Mike
  • Gender: Male
  • Ethnicity: African-American
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Mike Rattler’s Wife: Susan Rattler
  • Mike Rattler’s Children: Spencer and Olivia Rattler
  • Famous For: Being the father of Spencer Rattler
  • Twitter: @RattlerMichael

How Old is Mike Rattler?

The exact date of birth for Mike Rattler has never earned public mention, which made it difficult to know how old he is. However, the American celebrity dad was called Michael at birth but prefers to use the diminutive of his name for identification.

Also, the details of Mike’s family background and early life have never been revealed; nothing has been said about his parents and siblings, if any, but his ethnicity mix is African-American, and he is of American nationality.

The only fact that is known about his educational background is that he played football during his days in high school, but the names of the academic institutions he favored are not known.

What Does Spencer Rattler’s Father Do For a Living?

Being a football standout as a kid, Mike initially functioned as a coach in different leagues, including clubs and youth groups. This was one of the main reasons he pushed his only son into every sport – Spencer Rattler has run the gamut of all sporting activities from baseball to basketball and now, football.

Mike Rattler is currently an employee of Citizens Automobile and Recreation Finance, working in his capacity as a regional sales rep.

The Details of Mike’s Personal Life

Perhaps because he is not a mainstream celebrity, no one has ever deemed it necessary to bring the details of Mike Rattler’s love life to the public space. However, it is common knowledge that he is a married man. Info about the date of his wedding, venue, and type of ceremony are under wraps.

His wife has been accurately identified as Susan Konkel Rattler, who works and earns a living in the educational field as a classroom teacher. Susan teaches grade two students. She is the mother of Spenser, and they are still together. Going by the age of the youngster, we can safely conclude that his parents’ union has lasted for a very long time.

Does Mike Rattler Have Other Children Besides Spencer Rattler?

Mike Rattler
The Rattler family image source

Spencer Rattler is not the only child born to Mike Rattler and his wife, Susan. The couple actually shares two children – Spencer and Olivia Rattler and both of them are into sporting activities.

Spencer Rattler is Mike’s Only Son

Born on the 28th of September 2000, Spencer is the oldest child of Mike Rattler. Because he is the product of a multi-racial union, the footballer can be mistaken for an albino. However, the reason for his coloration is that his mum is Caucasian, while his dad is Afro-American.

Spencer is an alum of Pinnacle High School in his home town Phoenix Arizona where he set a new record for passing yards in the history of High school football. His senior year at Pinnacle saw the rising star featured in a Netflix documentary entitled QB:1 Beyond the Lights.

Upon his high school graduation, Mike Rattler’s son joined the University of Oklahoma. As the starting quarterback, Spencer led his school’s FC, the Oklahoma Sooners, to a sixth successive Big 12 Championship, winning 27 to 21 over Iowa State. Recently in 2022, he transferred to South Carolina University and is set to play in the starting quarterback position for the South Carolina Gamecocks in the upcoming season.

His Second Child is Olivia Rattler

The only girl in the Rattler family is Olivia Rattler. Born on the 17th of December, 2002, Olivia is barely two years younger than her big brother Spencer.

Like her older brother, she passed through Pinnacle High School, Arizona, where she played active volleyball. After graduating from high school, she proceeded to Missouri State University. Olivia is currently a freshman and is already making waves in college volleyball as part of the University’s team.

Speaking to The Oklahoman media outlet in an interview session, the young volley ballplayer revealed how she developed a love for the game alongside her older brother. They would normally converge in their back garden or local park to practice.

Mike Rattler Has Been Quite Supportive of Spenser’s Football Career

Mike Rattler once described himself as Spenser’s number-one fan. Alongside his wife, Susan, they have proved to be the footballer’s most important support system. Mike, for one, has never missed his son’s practice sessions and games.

In fact, he is said to be super proud of the success Spenser has recorded so far and is willing to go the extra mile in ensuring that the footballer makes it to NFL. The proud papa took it upon himself to handle Spenser’s Name Image Likeness (NIL) interview sessions so he could have time to focus on football.

Another overt show of support from Mike Rattler to the quarterback was witnessed in 2021 during the 4th game against Texas when the young player found himself benched mid-season. The father of two was a pillar behind his son until things got back to normal.
Always on hand to discuss what the player is doing next, Mike once came out with news that Spenser may move on to the National Football League or settle in Oklahoma.

On her own part, Susan has been very public in supporting Spenser. She often takes to her socials in celebration of all the boy’s milestones, both personal and professional.

Spencer reciprocates all the love and support from his parents. He always remembers to celebrate them on special occasions.

Mike Rattler is on Social Media

The celebrity dad joined Twitter in July 2015 and can be located @RattlerMichael, where he has accumulated 1,985 followers. Mike is currently following 156 people and has tweeted 4404 times. For now, Twitter is the only social media platform where the father of two has established a presence.

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