Who Is Melyssa Davies, James Murray’s Wife?

Melyssa Davies (born 13th March 1995) is an American nurse who became popular following her relationship and eventual marriage to comedian James Murray.

James Murray has spent much of his life bringing laughter to various households in America, and now, it is time for a bit of happiness in the comic’s own life as he recently tied the knot with his girlfriend, the beautiful Melyssa Davies.

The two met at a book launch in 2018 and have gone on to date, get engaged, and tie the knot within a relatively short period. The whole romance has catapulted Davies into the spotlight, but we can say with assurance that this is a young lady that had lots of things going on for her even before she met her famous husband.

Profile Summary of Melyssa Davies Murray

  • Full Name: Melyssa Davies Murray
  • Date of birth: 13th March 1995
  • Age: 28 years old
  • Place of birth: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Father: N/A
  • Mother: Kim DiNofa
  • Siblings: N/A
  • Education institutions attended: N/A
  • Occupation: Nurse

Melyssa Davies is a Nurse From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

While James Murray is a born and bred New Yorker, his wife, Melyssa Davies, grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and was born on 13th March 1995. Her ethnicity is Caucasian, while her nationality is American. Details about Davies’ early life or family background are hard to come by, but it is known that her mother’s name is Kim DiNofa. It is also public knowledge that her family members are big fans of the NFL side, the Philadelphia Eagles, given that her mom has supported the team on Facebook.

Another fact that we can ferret out of DiNofa’s Facebook posts is that she has a great relationship with her daughter, whom she describes as “a lover, a sinner, kind-hearted, and fun.” Such a great family dynamic meant that Melyssa Davies had a peaceful childhood and underwent her education without any form of disruption. She later studied to become a nurse and is now certified in geriatric and hospice care.

It is unknown whether she is still practicing her profession, given her status as a celebrity wife, but we can still say that what Melyssa Davies does for a living is that she is a geriatric and hospice nurse. These are nurses that provide care to the elderly as is suited to their needs and living situation.

She and James Murray Began Dating After Meeting at His Book Launch in June 2018

Melyssa Davis
Melyssa and James (Image Source)

James Murray is most famous for the Tenderloins comedy troupe, which features his three close buddies, but that is not all there is to him. The comic is also a writer, and even though his pals occasionally poke fun at him, he is glad that he did so as this was how he met the love of his life, Melyssa Davies. As the story goes, Murray had penned his first book, a sci-fi/horror novel titled Awakened, published in 2018. The official launch party took place in June of that same year, and during the event, he had to interact with attendees. One of them was Melyssa Davies, and they struck up an interesting conversation.

There was instant chemistry between the two from the get-go, and they arranged to go on a date at Murray’s favorite New York restaurant known as Buddhakan. The great chemistry continued during that date, and the two began a relationship without further ado. Melyssa Davies and James Murray dated for a little over a year, during which their romance grew from strength to strength. They supported each other’s careers and made time to treat themselves to vacations in exotic locations such as the Turks and Caicos. The couple perfectly meshed their lives together, and by August 2019, Murray popped the big question in front of their home.

The comic had initially planned to do so during their second vacation to the Turks and Caicos, but the trip was scuttled by a hurricane. He decided to wait no longer and instead set up a picnic, champagne, and a scrabble game outside their new home. He then proceeded to surprise Melyssa with a tiffany engagement ring, and she said yes. The two were overjoyed, and Murray later showed Melyssa a video that he had been compiling over the last six months in which he got about 40,000 people to ask her to marry him. Of course, she was bowled over by such a gesture.

The Couple Had a Small But Beautiful Wedding Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic

Following their engagement, Melyssa Davies and her fiancé started planning their wedding in earnest. The plan was to have as much as their loved ones together in a celebration of love, but things were complicated after the covid-19 pandemic of 2020. The pandemic led to compulsory lockdowns, and the couple had to draw up four different wedding plans to adopt whatever measures the government would announce. It was a very stressful period for them, but the one beautiful thing that came out of it was that they primarily worked from home during this period.

They, therefore, spent quality time together in their home, which is always important in any romance. Davies and Murray eventually tied the knot on 25th September 2020 in the latter’s hometown of Philadelphia. The ceremony took place in a gorgeous outdoor venue located on Lake Nockamixon, and Davies wore a stunning gown with a full-length veil. Her man chose a traditional tux and looked dashing in it.

The wedding ceremony featured Murray’s group members from the Tenderloins, and one of them, Joe Gatto, was the officiant. Melyssa’s favorite restaurant, Nifty Fifty, catered the ceremony, and the couple provided several side attractions, such as a bouncy house, for the guests. It was indeed a lovely celebration, but Davies and Murray did not toy with the health of their guests. They ensured that the whole event complied with covid-19 guidelines, including setting handwashing stations and well-spaced tables with few seats each.

Murray Previously Got Married to Jenna Vulcano as a Prank in 2020

Melyssa Davies and James Murray have been married for about a year now and do not have any kids together yet. The couple’s union has not encountered any issues save for some murmurings about their age difference. Melyssa Davies is 28 old, which means that her husband, James Murray, is 19 years older than her. This is a bit significant, but the couple has paid no heed to it. Instead, they are focused on building a great relationship, and the results have been great so far.

Even though Davies and Murray do not overly expose their private lives, they share some sweet snaps on social media, which show that they are having a terrific time. The marriage between Melyssa Davies and James Murray is the first for either of them. However, the comic did get married as a prank to Jenna Vulcano, the younger sister of Tenderloins’ member, Sal Vulcano, in 2020. As anybody who watches the Tenderloins’ show, Impractical Jokers, will know, the quartet usually dares each other to engage in a series of ridiculous challenges.

The person who fails to accomplish his is then forced to undergo a very humiliating punishment. In January 2014, Vulcano was unable to carry out a skydiving challenge, and the penalty was that Murray would marry his sister Jenna. Even though the ceremony was just meant to shock Vulcano, it was legitimate with all the necessary papers. Jenna and Murray, therefore, got married legally, but they also annulled the marriage the same day, having sufficiently annoyed Sal. Murray ow has a divorce on his records, all for the sake of making people laugh.

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