Who is Lana Rhoades’ Current Boyfriend?

Lana Rhoades does not have any boyfriend currently that is known to the public. She may be dating someone but has decided to keep that under wraps.

Lana Rhoades is an American social media influencer, podcaster, and entrepreneur. She first came to fame in 2016 as an adult film actress but has since moved away from that industry and achieved greater success as a social media star. There has been some drama, though, especially when it comes to her personal life, including an on-and-off relationship with fellow YouTuber Mike Majlak, as well as rumored hookups with an NBA star which resulted in the birth of her son.

Who Is Lana Rhoades Dating Now?

Lana Rhoades is not dating anybody at the moment, to the best of public knowledge. Her last confirmed relationship ended in February 2021, and since then, she has not introduced the public to any other boyfriend.

Of course, it is possible that she has dated since then, but none of them has translated into something more concrete that is worth announcing to the world. Lana once revealed that her past stint as a porn star is often an issue in relationships as any dude she falls for tries to make her believe that no one would love her like they do because of her previous work.

Lana Rhoades Had an On and Off Relationship With Mike Majlak

Lana Rhoades has been in multiple romantic relationships over the years, but the one that she went public with is her relationship with Mike Majlak, a YouTuber, podcaster, and author. He has nearly three million followers on YouTube alone, where he shares vlogs with his followers. He also co-hosts the popular Impaulsive Podcast with Logan Paul.

Lana Rhoades and Mike Majlak were introduced to each other by Logan Paul, and they started dating in 2020. The romance lasted for about a year and three months, during which they broke up on at least one occasion.

The couple appeared on a lot of podcasts and vlogs together, and Lana’s inputs have been credited with helping make Mike even more popular. Fans loved seeing the couple together, with Lana praised for being sincere, generous, and incredibly sweet.

Mike has described the first three months of their romance as honeymoon levels while stating that the following months were heavily tinged with toxicity.

They Split For Good in February 2021

Mike and Lana are no longer together. The pair first broke off things in October 2020. They reconciled some days later but ended things permanently in February 2021. Lana Rhoades has since come out to reveal that Mike was inappropriate with other women both offline and online, which annoyed her.

Her major reason for breaking off things, though, was that they had planned to move in together twice, but he always came up with excuses at the last minute. When he did this a second time, she asked him to leave.

On his own part, Mike Majlak sent Lana a note listing the Pros and Cons of dating her in May 2021. On the Pros side was the fact that she was pretty, loyal, hardworking, and attentive. He also conceded that she was good for his social media career.

On the Cons part, Mike Majlak stated that the major deal breakers for him were the fact that Lana didn’t make time to indulge in fun activities with him, such as gyming and cycling. He also alluded to the fact that she wanted to abide by societal standards such as settling down and having kids.

It goes without saying that Lana was none too happy with that note, and many also bashed Mike Majlak for having the audacity to pen the note when it wasn’t even asked for, pointing out that it was the height of narcissism.

Despite all the drama, Mike Majlak and Lana Rhoades remain good friends to date. Lana still appears in Mike’s podcasts and vlogs. He has also helped her out when she got surgery, taking care of her dogs and running some other errands for her.

Lana Rhoades Once Had a Terrible Date With NBA Star – Kevin Durant

As earlier pointed out, Lana Rhoades has tried to find love again since her relationship with Mike Majlak ended. Back in June 2021, the former adult actress revealed that she had gone on a date with an NBA star who plays for the Brooklyn Nets.

She described the date as terrible, saying the player was not interested in discussing stuff with her and shut down her attempts at conversation. He also brought a backup date in case theirs did not work. Lana Rhoades never revealed the name of the NBA star but only stated that he was a Libra.

This made many conclude that it must be Kevin Durant seeing as he was the only Libra playing for Brooklyn Nets at the time. Durant has never addressed the episode, but some fans of opposing teams in the NBA have used it to taunt him and get on his nerves.

Lana Rhoades’s Baby Daddy is Rumored to Be Blake Griffin

Lana Rhoades became a first-time mom in early 2022, welcoming a son named Milo. The birth of the boy has thrown online followers into a frenzy as they try to unveil who the baby’s daddy is.

Rhoades herself has come out to say that her baby daddy is an NBA player who told her to go “f*** herself” when she announced that she was pregnant. Her pal, Logan, also confirmed in an August 2022 edition of his podcast that the baby’s father was an NBA star.

Many fans initially concluded that Lana Rhoades’ baby daddy is Kevin Durant seeing as Milo is mixed race. This was, however, shot down since Rhoades herself pointed out that their date didn’t have much progress.

Blake Griffin is now being put forward as Lana Rhoades’ baby daddy. Rhoades once took Milo sneakers shopping, and fans quickly concluded that he bore an eerie resemblance to Blake. There is no confirmation of this, but the truth about Lana Rhoades’ baby daddy will come out with time.

She Dated the First Porn Star She Did A Movie With

Lana Rhoades has revealed that her second-ever boyfriend was her first male adult film co-star. According to her, they never had sex off-camera and spent much of their evenings cuddling. He proved to be a wonderful companion for her during a lonely period.

One of the first male stars that Lana Rhoades worked with is Mike Adriano, and it is possible that the Spanish adult actor and filmmaker is the one she is referring to. She herself has admitted to having a crush on him in a past interview.

Lana Rhoades’ First Boyfriend Landed Her in Jail

Lana Rhoades had her first boyfriend as a 14-year-old living in Chicago. The romance lasted for about three years and was a terrible one. Rhoades’ boyfriend was involved in drugs and crimes, and she was soon dragged into it.

She accompanied him to multiple burglaries and other illegal activities. She also took drugs such as Xanax and heroin. She was apprehended and sentenced to jail at the age of 16 and got out a year later. Lana has stated that going to jail saved her front the wrong path she was on.

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