Who is Kimiko Flynn? Everything About Rome Flynn’s Daughter

Kimiko Flynn is the daughter of Rome Flynn, an American actor, model, and singer. Kimiko is just 9 years old and was born as a result of his relationship with Molly Noriko Hurley, however, she has gained a lot of public attention from her father’s fans.

Many have asked a plethora of questions regarding her date of birth, place of birth, education, and more, including whether or not she has shown signs of following her father’s footsteps in show biz.

Well, while it is still too early to bother about the last question, we have dug up answers to the other questions and even much more.

Summary of Kimiko Flynn’s Biography

  • Full Name: Kimiko Flynn
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 12th of December 2014
  • Kimiko Flynn’s Age: 9 Years Old
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Famous For: Being the daughter of Rome Flynn

How Old Is Kimiko Flynn Now?

Kimiko Flynn was born on the 12th of December 2014 and this makes her 9 years of age. She was born in the United States and even though she is of American nationality, she is said to be of mixed ethnicity with an African-Cuban and Irish dad, and a Japanese mum.

Kimiko is best known as the daughter of Rome Flynn a multi-talented Illinois native who is into acting, music, modeling, and movie making. The Daytime Emmy Award winner recorded his big break on the set of The Bold and the Beautiful, and he has recorded other notable productions. Some of the best of Flynn include The Thinning: New World Order, NCIS: New Orleans, and How to Get Away with Murder.

Susan Hurley is the name of Kimiko’s maternal grandmother with whom she shares a very strong bond. Susan is often spotted photographed with her grandchild on IG. Alhough Kimiko’s photos have never graced her paternal grandmother, Nickey Alexander’s IG page, she is said to be close to her too.

It is still early days for Kimiko, thus, it may be premature to say whether she will tow the same career path as her father or not. She is still an elementary school pupil but the name of her school has never been mentioned. Meanwhile, Kimiko, according to reports, is an animal lover.

The Truth About Kimiko’s Real Mother

Camia Maria isn’t the mother of Kimiko. People came to know Kimiko Flynn as the daughter of American actor Rome Flynn but the real identity of the little girl’s mother has always been up for debate. When Rome started dating his ex-girlfriend, Camia Marie, in 2015, rumors ran rife that the identity of Kimiko’s mother had finally been revealed.

On her own part, Camia complicated issues when she started treating the little girl like her own, sharing loads and loads of photos with her and Rome. The bond between Camia and Kimiko was so strong that fans were sure that they had finally solved the puzzle, but that was far from the truth.

Sadly, Rome and Camia later called it quits on their relationship and she fell in love with someone else. But that notwithstanding, she still cherishes the beautiful moments she shared with Rome and his daughter.

Molly Noriko Hurley is the Name of Kimiko’s 

Meanwhile, when it became obvious that the identity of Kimiko’s biological mother was still a mystery, online investigative journalists went back to work. With time, they dug up the real identity of Kimiko Flynn’s mother as Molly Noriko Hurley. According to their findings, it was her Instagram handle that aided fans in drawing the right conclusion.

Molly’s Instagram bio has an inscription that clearly says, “mommy to Kimiko” According to ensuing reports, Rome and Molly were an item for a short while.

What was Rome and Molly’s relationship When Kimiko was born?

Various sources have it that Molly and Rome were enjoying a live-in relationship when she conceived and had Kimiko. After their baby girl arrived on the 12th of December 2014, the lovers started sensing cracks in their relationship and decide to call it quits but the love they have for their daughter still binds them together.

Why did Kimiko Flynn’s Parents End Their Relationship?

The reasons Rome and Molly broke up are still up for debate. Going by reports, Rome Flynn never deemed it necessary to drop hints about having a daughter, and expecting him to come open about separating from his baby mama will be asking for too much. Again, fans had to depend on Molly’s Instagram to get some insights into the reasons for their separation.

Molly always shares relationship quotes on her socials, especially those bothering on infidelity and cheating. This tidbit is added to her self-declared status as a demisexual (someone who can only ever experience sexual attraction after forming a deep emotional bond). From the conclusions drawn, if ever infidelity was the reason for the end of their relationship, then, Molly would most likely not be the culprit.

With that said, Kimiko Flynn’s mother is now with another man and from reports, her new boyfriend has forged a great relationship with Kimiko.

Rome and Molly Share Custody of Their Daughter

The firmer lovers appear to be sharing equal custody of their daughter. Since Rome Flynn has proven to be very secretive with his personal life, fans can only make wild guesses about his relationships. From one of the posts on Molly’s Insta Stories, people have since concluded that the former lovers share custody of Kimiko Flynn.

In one of her IG uploads, Molly’s caption stated that their daughter was in Los Angeles to spend time with Rome. Another Instagram post also surfaced, showing Rome in a video as he sang for Kimiko via a laptop.

From all those Instagram posts, it is obvious that the former couple is now sharing custody of their daughter. Co-parenting between them has been quite successful even though they reside in different states of the US.

For now, Kimiko does not have any siblings both from her mum’s and dad’s sides.

Kimiko Flynn Shares a Very Close Relationship With Her Father

Kimiko Flynn
Kimiko and Rome image source

Since Kimiko was born in 2014, no single picture of the baby girl has been shared by her daddy. However, this is not an indication that the father and daughter are not close. In fact, they share a very close bond.

Speaking during an interview session, the actor once revealed that a larger part of his life was shaped by Kimiko’s birth. As revealed by Rome, his little girl changed his priority in life and he swore to give her maximum protection.

Now, if he wants to date a woman, the actor already has a preconceived idea of his ideal woman. Rome is a daddy who just wants to give his daughter everything. The movie star loves his little girl a lot.

The Reason Rome Does Not Share Her Daughter’s Pictures

In an interview, Kimiko Flynn’s dad let out the reasons he refused to share his little girl’s photos on the internet. It is for her protection, he said. According to Rome, it is more important for Kimiko to live a normal life and have her privacy protected at all costs. He also explained that he doesn’t want his daughter to grow under the shadows of a celebrity dad, rather, he wants her to be an original copy.

Rome said he has become ultrasensitive about sharing the details of his personal life with a world that in his opinion, is so cruel and sick, and that is exactly why he never shares Kimiko’s photos and from what is obvious, he may never share any.

Rome also said that those that really know the close bonds he shares with Kimiko – (how they speak on the phone every day) will never question why he never shares the girl’s photos.

KeyTakeaways About Rome Flynn’s Daughter, Kimiko Flynn

How old is Kimiko Flynn?
Kimiko Flynn was born on December 13, 2014, making her 9 years old.

What is Kimiko Flynn’s ethnicity?
Kimiko Flynn is a mixed-race American with Afro-Cuban and Japanese heritage, as her father is of Afro-Cuban descent and her mother is of Japanese descent.

What is Kimiko Flynn’s nationality?
Kimiko Flynn is an American citizen, having been born in the United States.

Who are Kimiko Flynn’s parents?
Kimiko Flynn’s parents are American actor Rome Flynn and his ex-girlfriend Molly Noriko Hurley.

When did Rome Flynn and Molly Noriko Hurley break up?
Rome Flynn and Molly Noriko Hurley dated from 2012 until they split in 2016.

How involved are Kimiko’s parents in her life?
Despite their separation, both Rome and Molly are very supportive of Kimiko and share a close bond with her, as evidenced by the regular photos on their respective social media pages.

Has fatherhood had a significant impact on Rome Flynn’s life?
Yes, Rome has confirmed that fatherhood has had a huge impact on his life, and he shares an amazing bond with his daughter Kimiko.

Who is Camia Marie?
Camia Marie is Rome Flynn’s ex-girlfriend, a model, and has appeared in Tyga’s music video for “Ice Cream Man.” She has also modeled for several makeup lines, including Andi Cosmetics.

Is Kimiko Flynn following in her father’s footsteps?
It has been suggested that Kimiko Flynn may slowly be following her father’s footsteps in acting, but there is not much information available about her potential career plans.

Does Kimiko Flynn have any siblings?
There is no information available about Kimiko having any siblings.

How do Rome Flynn and Molly Noriko Hurley co-parent Kimiko?
Rome Flynn and Molly Noriko Hurley come together to fulfill their duties as parents, ensuring that Kimiko doesn’t lack anything physically or emotionally, despite their separation.

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