Who is Kim Fields’ Father Erv Hurd?

Erv Hurd is an American technical director and cameraman best known as the husband of Clip Field and the stepfather of Kim Field.

While Erv is not as popular as his actress wife and daughter, he has recorded gigs in over 57 TV series, documentaries, TV specials, and many more since he launched his career in the 1980s. Erv came to the limelight as a celebrity husband and father. However, he prefers to do his thing behind the scene, which doesn’t attract much public attention.

Summary of Erv Hurd’s Biography

  • Full Name: Ervin D. Hurd
  • Nickname: Erv
  • Gender: Female
  • Ethnicity: African-American
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Erv Hurd’s Wife: Clip Field
  • Erv Hurd’s Children: Kim and Alexis Field (step-daughters)
  • Famous For: Bing the father of Kim Field and the husband of Clip Field

Erv Hurd was Born in the 1940s

Even before he became a celebrity husband, Erv Hurd had never been one to take the details of his early life and family background into the public space. As a result, his date of birth, age, and place of birth are not known. However, there are online sources claiming he was born sometime in the 1940s.

Erv, whose full name reads Ervin D. Hurd, is a holder of American citizenship. Erv’s physical appearance is a testament to his African-American ancestry. While he has not said exactly where he was born, he spent his formative years in California. The Afro-American went to one of the Universities in CA to study film, graduating in 1979.

What Does Erv Hurd Do for a Living?

Erv Hurd started working in the entertainment industry in 1986 as a technical director who doubles up as a cameraman. For 16 long years, from 2004 to 2020, he was with the TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live! as its technical director, recording 2500+ episodes.

Erv was quite prolific, working majorly in television series, TV specials, and documentaries with over 57 credits. According to him, his job as a technical director and cameraman keeps him exactly where he prefers to be, which is behind the scenes rather than in the limelight. Hurd has said that his role is to see the technical side of things work out perfectly.

Though he has done well in his own right, Erv Hurd’s name only became popular as a celebrity husband to Clip Field and a celebrity father to Kim Field. Though he has really advanced in age, the celebrity dad has remained relevant in the entertainment industry. He is still in the scheme of things and has jobs lined up for the future.

How Erv Met His Wife, Chip Fields

Chip Field was already divorced from her first husband, John Randolph, when she first crossed paths with Hurd. Being people who work in the same industry, it came as no surprise that they met in the line of duty. According to the technical director, they both happened to be working on the set of the same movie during the 1990s, and before long, they started developing feelings for each other.

The two commenced dating in no time. One thing led to another, and wedding bells started ringing for the celebrity duo.

The Couple Exchanged Wedding Vows in 1994

Erv Hurd
Erv and Clip image source

The wedding ceremony between Erv Hurd and chip Field occurred on the 20th of August 1994. The fine details of the nuptials have never been released, but reports said it was an intimate affair attended by just family and very close friends.

The celebrity couple’s union is inching towards its third decade and from what is obvious, they appear to be living in marital bliss. No doubt, their marriage has stood the test of time, and they stand as a good example for other stars in Hollywood.

Meet Erv Hurd’s Wife, Clip Field

Clip Field works in the entertainment industry in several capacities as a singer, actress, movie producer, and TV director. Born on the 5th of August 1951, her given name at birth is Laverne Fields.

Clip’s break-out role was witnessed on the set of the Good Times TV series as Lynetta Gordons and is also known for featuring in the 1979 film, The Lady in Red. Her movie directorial portfolio can boast such productions as House of Payne, Hannah Montana, Young Dylan, and many more.

As a singer, she has recorded a plethora of hit tracks. In fact, it was clip’s singing career that first announced her to the world.

Is Erv Hurd Kim Fields’ Biological Father?

Erv Hurd is not the biological father of Hollywood actress Kim field. Reports revealed that his marriage to Clip is his first, and for almost three decades of togetherness, the couple never deemed it necessary to have kids together.

Clip gave birth to her first daughter Kim Victoria Field as a 17-year-old lady on the 12th of May 1969. Barely a decade later, Chip had her second daughter, Alexis Field, on the 3rd of March 1979; both girls were alleged to have been sired by the same man, reports said.

Clip married her first husband, John Randolph, at the age of 20, three years after she had Kim; both began dating when she was still a teenager, and they lasted a long time together. The couple called it quits shortly after the birth of Alexis.

After Erv Hurd exchanged the forever commitment with Clip Field, he adopted Kim and Alexis. However, the two sisters who have grown up to become successful actresses never took Hurd as their last name.

Kim and Alexis are now married, and through them, Erv has become a step-grandfather to five kids – two from Kim and three from Alexis.

There are Speculations That Alexis May Be Erv Hurd’s Biological Daughter

To date, Clip never considered it necessary to reveal the identity of her children’s father, and needless to say, her secrecy led to a lot of speculations about their paternity. The fact that Kim was obviously grown up at the time Clip met Erv Hurd meant he couldn’t possibly be her biological father.

However, the story was different for Alexis, who was born around the time the couple met. It soon hit the airwaves that Erv could be the biological father of Clip’s second daughter, but Alexis herself came out to set the record straight. The mother of three took to her Insta Stories to share a post captioned, ”My dad.#JBR’, unfortunately, the image she shared with the post was blurred. While fans couldn’t ascertain whether it was Hurd in the picture, it was extremely difficult to place whose image it actually was.

Again, Alexis also shared a photo she took with her little stepbrother on Instagram, and her caption reads, “So, most people don’t know I have a little brother. Well, he isn’t little anymore. Before you inquire, we actually have the same father, and my stepmom is an amazing person “Love you, Rasmus”

Now, it goes without saying that knowing the identity of Alexis’ little brother’s father will equally reveal her true paternity and perhaps that of Kim.

Erv Hurd’s Relationship With Kim Fields

Erv Hurd and Kim Field may not be related by blood, but the Hollywood actress does share a close bond with her stepfather. Erv adopted her when she was still a little girl and has been quite supportive of her career in the entertainment industry.

The Field sisters are obviously relating well with both parents. Alexis once peened a tribute to Clip via her Instagram. In the post, she referred to her mum as a superwoman that went against all odds to become a success in life.

Kim equally shares a close bond with her mum, always wishing Clip well on her birthdays and other anniversaries.

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