Who Is Kaydon Boebert, Lauren Boebert’s Son?

Kaydon Boebert is the third son of Lauren Boebert, a member of the House of Representatives from Colorado’s third congressional district.

Being the child of a politician in the United States, Kaydon appears to live a sheltered life; this conclusion was drawn from the fact that very little about the boy is in the public arena. However, it is common knowledge that Kaydon who spent his childhood with three siblings is studying at the primary level. Learn more about the third son of Lauren Boebert.

Kaydon Boebert’s Bio
  • Birthplace: Colorado, United States
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Father: Jayson Boebert
  • Mother: Lauren Boebert
  • Siblings: Finn, Sam, and Jack

How Old Is Kaydon Boebert?

There is nothing to go by on the date of birth and age of Kaydon Boebert but considering the fact that he is the third child of his parents who got married in 2005, fans have concluded that he should be in his preteens, probably ten. His parents have been identified as Lauren Boebert and her husband, Jayson Boebert.

Kaydon Boebert’s birth occurred in a dramatic way, his mum was at home around one at night when labor pains came upon her, her husband used their pick-up van to convey the pregnant mother to the hospital and before they could reach their destination, Lauren’s water broke and Kaydon’s head popped out. She then told Jayson to pull over on the highway where they proceeded to deliver the baby in the back of the van.

Being a child in his pre-teens, Kaydon is expected to be engaged with acquiring basic educational qualifications at the primary level, however, the name of the academic institution he is attending is not known, and this may be for security reasons, given the identity of his parents.

How Famous are Kaydon Boebert’s Parents?

Kaydon’s mum, Lauren is an American businesswoman and politician. She is a member of the United States House of Reps and she was elected into the office from Colorado’s third congressional district. She commenced her political race after the 2016 presidential elections in America.

A Republican, Lauren emerged victorious in the 2020 elections and still maintains her position to date. She has been quite vocal about her support for gun rights which is in contrast to the basic laws of gun and firearm control in the US. Lauren is a woman who does not hesitate to air her views.

Alongside her husband, Jayson Boebert, Lauren owns and manages a restaurant, Shooters Grill.

How Many Siblings Does Kaydon Boebert Have?

Kaydon Boebert’s
From Lauren Boebert’s Instagram image

Far from being the only child born to Lauren and Jayson Boebert, Kaydon spent his formative years with three siblings who are all boys – Finn, Sam, and Jack. He is just the third in line, older than the last child of the Boebert brood by a few years.

Being the children of an American politician, Kaydon and his brothers appear to live their lives away from the prying eyes of the media and the general public. Consequently, very little is known about them. Kaydon does not make many public appearances with his parents.

His Parent’s Marriage Has Endured For a Long Time

Kaydon Boebert’s mother came from humble beginnings. Though her birthplace is captured as Florida, she moved down to Colorado with her parents at the age of 12. Lauren was a high school student when she decided to drop out and in the long run, she scored a job in a drilling company. It was while working for the firm that she crossed paths with Jayson Boebert who would become her husband.

We were not furnished with the details of their dating period but the duo decided to take their relationship a notch higher by tying the nuptial knot in 2005. The couple’s marriage has endured for all of 17 years and from what is perceivable, they may make it to the most elusive “happily ever after”.

Key Takeaways About Kaydon Boebert:

  1. Who is Kaydon Boebert? Kaydon Boebert is the son of Lauren Boebert, a gun rights activist and US Congresswoman from Colorado’s Third Congressional District.
  2. What is Kaydon Boebert’s age? Kaydon Boebert’s age is 14 years. He was born in July 2009.
  3. Who are Kaydon Boebert’s parents? Kaydon Boebert’s parents are Lauren Boebert and Jayson Boebert.
  4. How many siblings does Kaydon Boebert have? Kaydon Boebert has three siblings: Jack, Sam, and Finn.
  5. What is Kaydon Boebert’s nationality? Kaydon Boebert is an American national by birth since he was born in Colorado, USA.
  6. What is Kaydon Boebert’s Zodiac sign? Kaydon Boebert’s Zodiac sign is Cancer/Leo.
  7. What is Kaydon Boebert’s mother’s profession? Kaydon Boebert’s mother, Lauren Boebert, is a US Congresswoman and gun rights activist.
  8. What committees is Kaydon Boebert’s mother part of? Kaydon Boebert’s mother is part of the natural resources and oversight committees, and she is also the co-chair of the Congressional Second Amendment Caucus.
  9. What is the age of Kaydon Boebert’s mother? Kaydon Boebert’s mother, Lauren Boebert, was born in 1986, and she is currently 36 years old as of 2023.
  10. What is the profession of Kaydon Boebert’s father? Kaydon Boebert’s father, Jayson Boebert, is a natural gas drilling foreman and has worked in the oil and gas fields all his life.
  11. What is the religion of Kaydon Boebert? Kaydon Boebert’s religion is Christianity.
  12. What is Kaydon Boebert’s sexual orientation? Kaydon Boebert’s sexual orientation is straight.
  13. How was Kaydon Boebert born? Kaydon Boebert was born in the front seat of his father’s car seat, and his birth was quite eventful.
  14. What business does Kaydon Boebert’s mother do? Kaydon Boebert’s mother, Lauren Boebert, and her husband, are the owners of Shooter’s Grill, a restaurant in Colorado.
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