Who Is Jordan Larson’s Ex-husband Luke Burbach?

Luke Burbach is best known as the former husband of Jordan Larson, the American volleyball champion. Both were married for about nine years and the marriage was a huge stepping stone for Jordan as she began to be recognized as a star athlete.

Very little is known about Burbach himself, but there is little doubt that he was an extremely supportive husband at the time—accompanying his wife across the world for her numerous sporting activities and training with her when she needed a partner.

Sadly, it all ended too soon and now the public is wondering what has become of him as he seems to have retreated into oblivion. Read on to learn more about who Luke Burbach is and why he and Jordan aren’t together anymore.

Luke Burbach is an American Citizen of Caucasian Ethnicity

Luke Burbach was born in the United States of America on an undisclosed date and is an American national. His parents are unnamed American citizens and it also isn’t clear whether or not Luke has any siblings. Because of his extremely private nature, Burbach is yet to reveal key details about his background information and his family, and so while we know he is White by ethnicity, very little else is known about Luke Burbach.

Luke’s exact age also isn’t known, but he is believed to be in the mid-thirties to early-forties age range. Considering the fact that his ex-wife is currently 37 years old and that they met in college, it’s safe to assume that Burbach isn’t more than 4 years older than Jordan. Yet our speculations cannot make up for the fact that nobody knows precisely when Burbach was born. His zodiac placement remains a mystery as well.

Although we know his ex-wife Jordan is an alumnus of the University of Nebraska, Luke Burbach’s educational background is unknown. Still, he is believed to be a college graduate, most likely the one Jordan also graduated from. Jordan Larson was born to parents Kevin Larson and the late Kae Clough. Kevin and Kae’s ties as former in-laws of Luke are the closest we’ve gotten to placing Luke Burbach in any family.

What Does Luke Burbach Do for a Living?

While there aren’t many reports on Luke Burbach’s career, a LinkedIn profile of his shows that he is the head golf professional at the Wiltwyck Golf Club in Florida. He was also the lead merchandiser at the Crown Colony golf and country club and a golf shop intern at the Interlachen Country club.

There aren’t really any reports on how much his golf career pays him, but a closer look at his profile shows that Luke was skilled in Golf Course Management, Tournament Operations, and Merchandising. It does make perfect sense that a sports person gets married to another athlete. This is because his ex-wife Jordan Larson is a star volleyball player and a three-time Olympic medalist.

Jordan Larson has represented the US National Team at the Olympics in 2012, 2016, and 2020 winning silver and bronze medals in the first two games. She has a net worth of at least $1.2 million and is one of the highest-paid volleyball players in the world. At the moment, Jordan Larson is the assistant volleyball coach for the University of Texas female volleyball team.

How Long Was Luke Married to Jordan Larson?

Luke Burbach was married to Jordan Larson from 2009 to 2016, meaning that their marriage lasted for about nine years. No exact reports stated when they met, but it is believed that they first saw each other as college students. At the time, Larson was on the University of Nebraska female volleyball team and was starting her college career in 2005.

Larson’s career skyrocketed, and before long, she was named the American Volleyball Coaches Association Central Region Freshman of the Year and the Big 12 Conference Freshman of the Year. In her final year, she got married to Luke Burbach at the age of 23. They lived together in Russia, where Jordan played during the winter Olympics.

While married, Luke was known for traveling around the world with his busy wife. They also rehearsed together and both of them were known as the IT sports couple of volleyball. In 2009, when Jordan lost her mother, Burbach was extremely supportive of his wife and relocated to London so that he could be close to her family. Their marriage seemed to be a blissful one while it lasted.

The Couple Called It Quits After Just Nine Years of Marriage and Have No Kids Together

As you already know, their marriage didn’t exactly have a happy ending. What seemed to be the perfect marriage ended after less than a decade. While none of the involved parties have come out to explain the reason for the divorce, the alleged explanation was the fact that Jordan took very long amounts of time away in order to focus on her job.

And while it looked like Luke had no qualms with a successful career woman, the reality was that the marriage was strained because of the demanding nature of her job. They called it quits in 2016 and have both moved on. Their union didn’t produce any kids, and none had any children before their marriage.

The reason is that Jordan’s line of work didn’t exactly accommodate raising children. It will not be a  surprise if Jordan’s unwillingness to start a family also contributed to the marriage’s demise. Jordan is currently married to David Hunt since January 2021.

Who is Luke Burbach Dating Now?

It’s been six whole years since Luke and his ex got divorced, and yet there has been little to no news about his love life since then. He has zero social media presence and has chosen to keep his private life away from the spotlight. On the other hand, his ex-wife has apparently moved on and is already married to someone else.

Jordan allegedly got married to her boyfriend-turned-husband, David Hunt. Hunt is currently the head coach of the Pepperdine Men’s volleyball team, a team he has coached since 2018. Prior to that, Hunt worked as the assistant coach to the US Women’s National Team, a team that won the Olympic bronze medal in 2016.

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