Who Is John Wesley Dean IV, John Dean’s Son?

John Wesley Dean IV is the son of John Dean and his first wife, Karla Ann Hennings. Born in the 1960s, his exact age is not known, but he is famous for being the only child of the former American attorney who was the White House Counsel during the time of U.S. President Richard Nixon from July 1970 to 1973. 

Unlike his father, who was in the public light for his achievements as well as his involvement in the Watergate saga, Dean IV has always been far from the limelight, which has attracted so much attention to him.

John Wesley Dean IV’s Bio

  • BIRTHDAY: 1960s
  • BIRTHPLACE: United States
  • ETHNICITY: White
  • FATHER: John Dean
  • MOTHER: Karla Ann Hennings
  • SIBLING: Andrew Phillips (half-sibling)

John Wesley Dean IV Was Born in the 1960s

While the exact date of his birth is not known, it is believed that he was born sometime in the 1960s, which means he is now in his 60s. This is predicated by the fact that his parents, John Dean and Karla Ann Hennings, got married in 1962, and their marriage lasted until 1970 before it came to an end in divorce.

The circumstances of the divorce between his parents and who had his custody were not revealed, but it is no secret that both his parents remarried after that. His father married Maureen Dean, who had married twice before then, while his mother got married to Larry Phillips.

As regards his education, John Wesley Dean IV went to Dennison University, from where he graduated. He also went to Indiana University, where he obtained an M.B.A. There is an unverified record that indicated he has a Master of Business Administration degree, which he secured from the University of Southern California.

John Wesley Dean IV is John Dean’s Only Son

In the marriage of 8 years between John Dean and Karla Ann Hennings, the younger John Dean was the only child his parents had. Interestingly, he is the only child his father ever had, as his second marriage did not produce any other child.

That said, he had a half-sibling from the second marriage of his mother to Larry Phillips, with whom she had a son, Andrew Phillips. The date of his birth as well as other personal information about him, are all hidden from the public. The two boys were the only kids Karla had until her death in 2019.

John Wesley Dean IV is Married To Dodi Dean 

As regards his love, John Wesley Dean IV married Dorothy Rooms Fox in June 1991. There is not much information available about Dorothy except that she was born to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Fox, and she got her education from the International School in Brussels. From there, she went to the Pomfret School and Denison University, from where she graduated.

John and his wife, who is now referred to as Dodi Dean, are blessed with three amazing kids – Franny Dean, Sally Dean, and Molly Dean. There is hardly any tangible information about the family on the internet, but it is known that they stayed in Pittsburg in 2019.

What Does John Dean’s Son Do For A Living?

Having studied Business Administration, the fourth John Wesley Dean has not followed in the legal footpath of his father. He has been in various businesses in the past and is an investor. Records have it that he is the CEO of Dean Capital Investments LLC.

The privately owned company is reportedly specialized in growing and early-stage companies. Apart from that, he is said to have been a part of several Fortune 500 companies in executive capacities. John Dean IV has spent his career years as a venture capitalist and has invested in many start-ups.

Amidst all his achievements, he has done well to stay away from the public light, probably because of the scandal that his father was once involved in and which got John Dean to spend four months in prison after he was charged and found guilty of obstruction of justice, being the very first White House official directly linked to having tried to cover-up the Watergate.

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