Who is Jodi Lynn? Everything About The Undertaker’s Ex-wife

Jodi Lynn (born 1965; Age: 58 years old) is an American lady best known as the first wife of The Undertaker, the famous WWE wrestler whose real name is Mark Calaway.

The duo tied the connubial knot in 1989 and stayed married for one decade before deciding to call it quits with their union. Though Mark moved on and got married two times, Jodi remained single to date and has not engaged in a second marriage.

Summary of Jodi Lynn’s Biography

  • Full Name: Jodi Lynn
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 1965
  • Jodi Lynn’s Age: 58 Years Old
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Jodi Lynn’s Ex-Husband: Mike Calaway (The Undertaker)
  • Jodi Lynn’s Children: Gunter Calaway
  • Famous For: Being the 1st wife of The Undertaker

How Old is Jodi Lynn?

Jodi Lynn’s current age is pegged at 58 as her birth year has been confirmed to be 1965. However, her exact month and day of birth are still under debate. It is a known fact that Jodi was born in the United States and to date, she has not revealed exactly where, but nevertheless, her nationality is American. The US-born lady is said to be of Caucasian roots

Despite being the ex-wife of one of the greatest wrestling champions to ever come out of the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), Jodi managed to keep the details of her early life and family background under lock and key. Thus, her parents and siblings are not known.

Lynn’s academic journey is another grey area in her personal information. However, though she didn’t disclose the level she reached in school and the institutions of learning attended, she is said to be educated to some extent before getting hitched at 24.

What Does The Undertaker’s Ex-wife Do For A Living?

In the same way that Jodi kept a tight cap on the details of her early life and family background, the lady never deemed it necessary to mention the career path she followed. However, after she married and had a child, the mother of one was listed as a homemaker who stays back to take care of the home front while her spouse goes to work.

It is understood that her homemaker role ended with divorce in 1999, and Jodi Lynn went on to make a living for herself, but to date, she has kept it all under wraps.

Who Was Jodi Lynn’s Husband?

Jodi is listed as the first wife of Mark William Calaway, the WWE wrestling champion who gained popularity under the ring name The Undertaker.

According to what we could sieve from old reports, the duo first crossed paths around the 1980s and commenced a relationship that culminated in marriage. However, the details of their dating period are not available for public scrutiny. Jodi and Mark kept their dalliance a top secret until they were ready to tie the knot.

Jodi Lynn
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The duo finally exchanged the forever commitment in 1989; they were both 24 at that point, and it was during that period that Mark was still finding his feat in the world of wrestling.

While their union lasted, Jodi Lynn and her husband attracted public attention. In the WWE circle, the lovebirds were deemed qualified to grace the list of World Wrestling Entertainment’s best couples.

Jodi was the only wife of “The Dead Man,” who was privileged to watch his career grow. From WCCW in the 80s to WWF, she was a pillar behind her husband as he doggedly emerged into the limelight Under WWE.

She stood by his side from the beginning until their separation. Important to note that it was Jodi’s association with the wrestling champion that brought her fame, as she has never been a mainstream celebrity in her entire life.

Jody Lynn’s Ex-Husband was a Wrestling Champion

Born on the 24th of March 1965, Mark William Calaway earned fame and fortune in the wrestling ring. Mark ran the gamut of all the top wrestling outfits from the World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) to the World Championship Wrestling, and now World Wrestling Federation (WWF which later became the WWE.

During his three-decades-long career with the world wrestling Entertainment=, Mark left an indelible mark, bagging four WWF/E championships, three World Heavyweight Championships, six WWF world Tag-Team Championships, and one WWF Hardcore Championship, including one WCW Tag-Team Championship.

The son of Frank Calaway and Betty Catherine Truby only ever lost two fights and he left the audience in tears during his final appearance, which occurred at Survivor Series. He took a bow from active wrestling at the age of 55.

The Couple Share One Child

Four years after they became man and wife, Jodi and Mark welcome the only child of their union. Gunter Vincent Calaway announced his entrance in 1993. Gunter’s middle name is a tribute to Vince McMahon – the chairman of WWE and Undertaker’s boss.

According to the wrestling champion, McMahon occupies a special spot in his heart. After his father, Frank Calaway, Vince is the second most influential individual in his life.

An alum of Full Sail University, Gunter graduated with a degree in Video Game Art. He is currently an employee of a video game company where he functions as an artist. Undertaker’s first son has unequivocally declared that he has never been interested in becoming a wrestler like his father. His plan for the future is to launch his own video game company. Gunter is on Instagram @theshogungun, where he showcases his work of art.

Though Gunter is the only child born to Jodi Lynn and Mark Calaway, he has four step-siblings – Chasey Calaway (b. 2002) and Gracie Calaway (b. 2005) from his father’s second marriage to Sara Chirie Frank – his WWE colleague.

His last two step-siblings are the product of Mark’s third marriage to ex-female wrestler Michelle McCool. Michelle had Kaia Faith Calaway in 2012, and she later welcomed a son called Kolt Calaway.

Why Did Jodi Lynn Divorce the Undertaker?

After a decade of living together as man and wife, Jodi Lynn and Mark Calaway decided to go their separate ways. The news about the couple’s impending divorce came as a huge shock to fans and the general public as the duo’s union appeared to be moving on oiled wheels.

Jody and Mark eventually finalized their divorce in 1999, but the reasons for their split have remained hidden. The Undertaker, for one, refused point blank to grant any interview to discuss his divorce and has never uttered a word about Jodi in the public space.

Jodi, being someone that has always shunned the limelight, wasted no time in retreating back into obscurity, and getting her to break the silence on what transpired in their marriage proved to be a herculean task. Besides, from the day they separated to date, the ex-spouses were never spotted together again.

After their divorce was declared finalized, some media outlets reported that The Undertaker and his first wife have been battling with personal differences for a long time, and it contributed to the end of their union.

Where is Jodi Lynn Now?

The whereabouts of Jody Lynn post-divorce have remained a mystery to date. However, it is common knowledge that the mother of one never dared matrimony the second time as she has remained single to date. According to some reports, she is still a resident of the United States, and that is where she brought up her son, Gunter.

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