Who Is Inty Miller – Master P’s Daughter?

Inty Miller (born 27th of February 1993; Age: 31) is an Afro-American rapper, singer, and the daughter of Master P, a music superstar.

Inty has dropped four tracks so far and away from the music scene, Master P and Sonya C’s fifth child is also part of the movie world. She has surfaced in a handful of productions in the movies and is also a lover of basketball like her dad.

Summary of Inty Miller’s Biography

  • Full Name: Inty Miller
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 27th of February 1993
  • Inty Miller’s Age: 31 Years Old
  • Ethnicity: Afro-American
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Inty Miller’s Parents: Master P and Sonya C
  • Siblings: Romeo, Vercy, Veno, Hercy, Mercy, Tytyana, Itali, Cymphonique Miller
  • Famous For: Being the daughter of Master P
  • Inty Miller’s Instagram: @theonlyprincessinty
  • Twitter: @ThePrincessInty

How Old is Inty Miller

Searches have revealed Inty Miller’s current age to be 31 as the singer cum rapper was born on the 27th of February 1993. Inty is a Louisiana native; she was born in New Orleans. Obviously of American nationality, the youngster’s ethnic background is listed as Afro-American.

Inty’s dad has been identified as Percy Miller a multi-talented artist who performs under the stage name, Master P and her mum is Sonya C.

The youngster is an alum of Calabasas High School where she completed her high school education. However, there are no indications that she went for higher academic qualifications, though many think she must be a college graduate since her dad is always emphasizing the importance of education.

Inty Miller’s Father Michael P. Miller is Among the Greatest Rappers in The Music Industry

Michael P. Miller, or Master P as his stage name says, is listed among the A-list rappers of African-American origin. The father of nine is the man behind the success of the hip hop group popularly known as TRU. It was through the music group that Master P tasted fame for the first time in the mid-1990s. To date, Master P has dropped a total of 15 studio albums and is popular for his Platinum single entitled, Make ‘Em Say Uhh!

Away from singing and rapping, Master P is also into the wheeling-dealing world of business. A record label boss, he owns and runs the music imprint, No Limit Records. The P. Miller Enterprises has him listed as its Chief Executive Officer.

Mister P is obviously a man of many hats with fingers in the real estate industry, he has massive investments in a football outlet and owns a phone sex company. All the rapper’s endeavors culminated in a fortune of $250 million and still counting.

Who is Inty Miller’s Mother

As earlier mentioned, the mother of Inty Miller goes by the name Sonya C. Sonya is equally part and parcel of the entertainment industry as a female rapper. During her active days in the music industry, the Afro-American rap artist from Richmond, California, first gained popularity as one of the original members of the TRU rap group.

She later went solo to release singles and albums. Most notable among her work is her 1993 album Married To The Mob. After she got married to Master P, Inty Miller’s mom went on to collaborate with the legendary rapper cum singer on some of his 1990 albums.

When she is not busy writing and releasing songs, Sonya goes behind the scene to function as a producer and director. Some of her directorial and production credits include Catalog This! (2004), Kitchen Accomplished (2004), and Material Girls (2005).

Inty Miller’s Comes From A Large Family

Inty Miller
Inty’s siblings and dad image source

As the fifth child of Master P and Sonya C, Inty Miller shared childhood memories with eight siblings- five brothers, and three sisters.

The oldest among the miller brood is Romeo Miller who is involved in the modeling, movie, and music industry. Romeo is listed as a singer, rapper, songwriter, actor, model, and entrepreneur. Though he is yet to get married, he is already a father.

Inty’s other two older brothers, Vercy Miller, aka Young V, and Veno Miller are equally part of the entertainment industry. The female rapper’s younger brothers include Hercy Miller and Mercy Miller, and both of them are basketball enthusiasts just like their music superstar dad, Master P.

Inty Miller had just one older sister, Tytyana Miller but unfortunately, Tytyana, who was also an upcoming artist, died at the age of 29 from substance overdose and mental illness.
Her two younger sisters include Itali Miller and Cymphonique Miller who is her half-sibling from Master P’s other relationship. The Miller brood spent their growing-up years in Calabasas, California.

Were Her Parent Married at the Time Of her Birth?

It is common knowledge that Master P married Sonya C in 1989, thus, the couple already spent four years together as husband and wife by the time Inty joined the family in 1993.

The power couple’s union went on to last more than two decades but crashed in 2013. Sonya C was the one who approached the courts to file for divorce in 2013 and needless to say, this move made the couple’s names hit the newsstand in no time. Their divorce proceedings were a protracted one, accompanied by a bitter dispute over properties and other financial assets.

Though there are media sources that have reported that Master P and Sonya C are yet to finalize their divorce, alleging that they are still man and wife, we were made to understand that their divorce became official in 2021.

Though Inty Miller’s parents have long gone their separate ways, the female rapper is still very close to both of them. Master P for one is not the kind of man to joke about the well-being of his children. In a 2014 interview after his separation from Sonya C, the multi-talented artist said he makes sure to take care of the needs of all his children, whatever they need in life must be met in abundance, the American music superstar said.

What Does Master P’s Daughter Do For A Living?

It is true that Inty Miller gained popularity for being the daughter of Master P, but the youngster is doing a great job of creating a niche for herself in the music industry. Known by the stage name, Princess Inty, The Louisiana native is listed as an up-and-coming Afro-American rapper cum singer.

Inty started with the TRU music group before going under her father’s imprint as a solo artist. So far, she can boast of four singles, including For Better or Worse (2017), Whatever It takes (2019), You Know I see You (2017), and That Real Love (2017).

Following her 2019 single, the female rapper went on a long hiatus and is yet to surface again. Despite her absence from the music scene, her tracks are still accessible on all the popular streaming platforms.

Away From The Music Scene, Inty Miller can also hold her own as an actress, appearing in TV series and documentaries. Her acting debut was recorded on the set of the family/drama movie, A Mother’s Choice. Her most recent acting gig was recorded in I Got the Hook Up 2. Alongside James Woods in 2013, she appeared in the Docu-series, Futurescape.

In the same way as her younger brothers, Hercy and Mercy, Inty is also a basketball enthusiast and has been spotted playing with the duo.

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