Who is ImDontai’s Wife and When Did He Get Married?

ImDontai is a married man. The American social media star and gamer got married to a woman simply known as Danielle in 2020. The duo have been married for a couple of years now, and are about to increase their family circle as they are expecting a baby.

ImDontai and Danielle got married at a time when the Corona Virus pandemic was ravaging the United States. This made it impossible for them to have an elaborate ceremony. However, they still managed to have a successful wedding and are currently living very happily.

Is ImDontai Married?

Yes, ImDontai, whose given name is Dante Anthony Etheridge, has long shade the cloak of bachelorhood and has gone ahead to embrace matrimony. Before 2020, the social media content creator was listed among the most eligible bachelors among male social media stars, and his marital status was highly discussed among his fans.

According to the social media sensation, he would have tied the nuptials a long time ago but had to deal with some hitches as his plans were delayed to a great extent by the woman he wished to make his wife.

Who Is Imdontai’s Wife?

Danielle has never been a mainstream celebrity. Thus, facts about her life and family background have never made it to the public space. However, Imdontai’s spouse gained public attention as the wife of one of America’s popular content creators. She has made it clear that she prefers to live her life away from the penetrating eyes of the media and the general public.

With that said, it recently came to the fore that the celebrity wife is also an influencer on social media, albeit an unwilling one. Her Instagram page is booming with over 100k followers, and she has shared quite a reasonable number of posts on her handle.

How Did ImDontai Meet His Wife?

Going by the tidbits we could gather from online sources, ImDontai has been dating a lady simply called Danielle since his childhood. Thus, it is a bit difficult to state exactly when the duo first crossed paths. However, we were told that Danielle had just clocked 10 when they met.

Talking about his dating period with Danielle in a Twitch question and answer session, the American content creator and gamer revealed how they became friends on Facebook, and it was via his Facebook account that he first asked her for a date. It goes without mentioning that he got an answer in the affirmative.

We must not forget to mention that Dante Anthony Etheridge and his love interest are schoolmates. The YouTuber and content creator told a tale about their student days when they attended the same school. Accompanying each other to school played a major role in bringing the duo together, and before long, they became inseparable.

ImDontai and Danielle Dated For a Long Time

According to past reports, after ImDontai and his love interest started going steady, they dated for nine long years before taking their relationship to its ultimate conclusion.

Talking about what caused the delay in their wedding, the American internet personality laid the blame on the doorstep of his wife, Danielle. In his own words, Dante Anthony Etheridge narrated how he was ready and willing to take the proverbial walk down the aisle with his love interest but was made to wait.

ImDontai said Danielle was very nervous to get married as she has always been uncomfortable whenever she takes center stage in any event. Thus, when she considered the fact that a bride is always the center of attention in any wedding, she would just put it off, but he kept asking.

When Danielle eventually said yes to Dante’s repeated marriage proposal, the nervousness automatically transferred to him. According to the YouTube star, seeing Danielle in her wedding dress for the first time made his heart race with the speed of lightning. His reasons were that she kept him waiting for a very long time. Thus, it was somewhat difficult to believe that it was finally happening.

When Did Imdontai Get Married?

The exact date that ImDontai and Danielle’s wedding became a reality has always eluded the media and the general public, but according to some online sources, the couple exchanged wedding vows in August 2020.

Recall that the year 2020 was the peak of the Corona Virus pandemic in the United States. Thus, it goes without saying that the couple passed through so much stress in planning their nuptials.

The couple on their wedding day image source

As the pandemic was ravaging America, Dante had to change their wedding date a few times, which he was unwilling to do, considering how long he waited.

Again, they also had to factor in the COVID-19 rules concerning the gathering of large crowds; this necessitated them to shrink their guest list in confirmation. ImDontai and Danielle eventually cut back a good number of family members and close friends.

At the end of the day, they still managed to have a successful wedding, and according to the lovebirds, the day was as thrilling as it was joyous. Danielle, for one, described it as a day filled with love and good vibes.

The Couple’s Union Has Endured for a Number of Years

From August 2020 to date, the duo has lived as man and wife for a couple of years. Though Danielle appears to be the type that loves to shun the limelight, she still makes occasional appearances on ImDontai’s YouTube channel.

Needless to say, whenever she decides to put in an appearance, all their conversation would naturally turn to their lives as a married couple. Dante, for one, has extensively talked about married life, and from all indications, the American content creator is living in marital bliss.

In fact, he wasted no time in uploading video clips from their wedding ceremony, which he tagged “The Best Day Of My Life.” So far, the video has amassed over 1.3 million views and still counting. Dante is obviously besotted with his wife, he even included her name on his bio page on Instagram.

Talking about children, the couple doesn’t have any yet, but according to reports, Danielle lost her first pregnancy through a miscarriage, but Dante’s IG handle indicates that another baby is on the way.


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