Who Is Elina Gollert? Inside the Life of Simon Kjaer’s Wife

Elina Gollert (born September 23, 1988; Age: 34 years old) is a mother of two and the wife of Simon Thorup Kjaer, the Danish football player.

Elina Gollert does not seem to be following any career path at the moment, but she could have done well as a model, considering her astonishing body statistics to die for. With a height of 5 feet 9 inches and a general body statistics of 36-28-36 inches, the hazel-eyed blonde can be mistaken for a top-notch model, but that is far from the case. With that said, Elina has hinted that she is hatching something for the future, and fans can’t wait to find out.

Summary of Elina Gollert’s Biography

  • Full Name: Elina Gollert
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: September 23, 1988
  • Elina Gollert s Age: 34 years old
  • Ethnicity: Scandinavian
  • Nationality: Swedish
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Elina Gollert’s Husband: Simon Kjaer
  • Elina Gollert’s Children: Milas and Viggo Kjaer
  • Elina Gollert’s Parents: Jason and Johanna Gollert
  • Elina Gollert’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 9 inches
  • Elina Gollert’s Height in Centimetres: 175 cm
  • Elina Gollert’s Weight: 57 kg
  • Body measurements in Inches: 36-28-36
  • Body measurements in Centimetres:
  • Famous For: Being the wife of Simon Kjaer
  • Elina Gollert’s Instagram: @gollert.kjaer

How Old Is Elina Gollert and Where Was She Born?

Elina Gollert is 34 years old and was born on September 23, 1988. Her place of birth is captured by the records as Stockholm, Sweden, which made her a Swedish citizen. However, Gollert represents pure Scandinavian roots.

She is the daughter of Jason Gollert, who works and earns a living as a professional architect. Her mum has been identified as Johana Gollert. Johana is a classroom teacher; she teaches history at the high school level. Far from being her parent’s only child, Elina shared her childhood with a younger brother, though his identity has never been revealed.

Growing up in her place of birth, Stockholm, Sweden, Elina Gollert passed through Stockholm International School, where she achieved her high school graduation; the Stockholm native was an A-lister as a high school student. The quest for higher academic qualifications took Elina to Stockholm University, where she went to study for a degree in fashion design.

How Elina Gollert and Simon Kjaer Met

How Elina Gollert and Simon Thorup Kjaer met has never been mentioned, but according to reports, Elina was just 15 when she first fell in love with the Danish pro football player, Kjaer. However, they only became an item in 2013 after Simon’s divorce from his first wife, Camilla.

From then on, their relationship went through some turbulent times, and they even considered going their separate ways earlier in 2017 before they came back stronger than before and ended up exchanging wedding vows.

Simon, who currently plays for AC Milan and also functions as the captain of his country’s national team, said he was first attracted to Elina because of her charming energy and lively nature, and the faithful relationship that exists between them has been credited as the secret of their success as a couple.

They Tied the Knot in 2017

After four years of dating, Elina Gollert and Simon Kjaer tied the nuptial knot in 2017 during the summer. The wedding ceremony was a luxury affair at an Istanbul–based fabulous holiday destination hotel.

The couple, who were already parents to two children, had their first son, Milas, act as the best man. Elina looked fabulous in her John Paul Ataker- custom-made white gown, while her groom came in a blue tuxedo.

The couple has been living happily in Europe since their nuptials, and from what is obvious, they are a close-knit family. Elina always attends Simon’s games with their boys to root for the Ac Milan side; she is totally devoted to her spouse and is always on hand to offer her support.

Does Elina Gollert have kids?

Eljna Gollert
Elina, her husband, Simon, and their sons (image source)

Elina Gollert does have kids; the Swedish native’s union with her celebrity footballer husband has been blessed with two children – all boys. It is important to note that she gave birth to her two sons before exchanging wedding vows with her husband.

The same year they became an item in 2013, the couple welcomed their first son, Milas Kjaer. The exact date of birth for Milas has never earned a mention. Still, our calculations suggest that the boy is around 11 and is in the process of acquiring his basic academic qualifications, though the name of his school is unknown.

Two years later, Elina Gollert’s first son soon became a big brother to Viggo Kjaer, the couple’s second son, who announced his entrance in 2015. The couple only decided to tie the knot two years after their second son was born and has been enjoying a happy family life since then.

What Does Simon Kjaer’s Wife do For A Living?

Since Elina Gollert came into the limelight as the spouse of the famous football player Simon Thorup Kjaer, she has only ever worn the hat of a homemaker who stays at home to take care of the home front while her husband goes to work. For many years, her life revolved around her husband and children as she showers them with loads of care and affection.

Things appear to be about to change for the celebrity wife because, according to recent reports, the creative mind is set to strike out on her own and start a business. The nature of the business she is about to start has not been communicated but considering her fashion degree, and it may not be far from the fashion industry.

Elina Gollert is on Social Media

Elina Gollert has made her presence felt on social media platforms, especially Instagram. On the picture-sharing platform, her handle is @gollert.kjaer, where she shares her family pictures and videos. Most of what you will find on her feeds are images of her beautiful sons, indicating that she is enjoying the perks of motherhood.

So far, Gollert has a total of 32k followers on her IG handle despite not being a mainstream celebrity. It is expected that when the time is right, the mother of two will break the news of her upcoming business project through her Insta Stories.

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