Who is Dora’s Boyfriend? All About Your Favorite Cartoon Character

The idea of Dora’s boyfriend came from the overactive imagination of the viewers of Dora The Explorer cartoon. The producers of the series have confirmed that Dora has no boyfriend and Diego Marquez is her cousin.

There were also speculations that Pablo, the boy with the magic flute may be the boyfriend of Dora but this has not been confirmed

Who Is Dora’s Boyfriend?

From what is obvious, Dora the Explorer has no known boyfriend. However, when dating rumors for the cartoon character started making the rounds on the internet space, the audience needed to satisfy their curiosity by googling.

To date, we are yet to see any official word claiming that Dora is dating someone. Besides, we must not forget her close relationship with other characters in Dora the Explorer cartoon series like Diego Marquez which has raised a lot of concern about the real identity of Diego.

At a point, the creators of the children’s television series weighed in on the issue of Dora’s boyfriend. According to them, almost all the characters that share the screen with Dora are her male cousins

Is Dora’s Boyfriend Diego?

According to what the creators of Dora The Explorer cartoon series said, Dora’s co-stars are mostly her cousins and so is Diego Marquez. Diego happens to be the last child of his parents with two older siblings – Alicia and Daisy Marquez.

The first time Diego debuted on the show was in the second episode of the third season. The episode which aired in October 2003 was titled, “Meet Diego” where Dora introduced him to Boots and the viewing audience as her cousin. The eight-year-old Latino boy took his mission of saving and protecting animals seriously. He also helped them in safeguarding their environment.

A couple of years later (in 2005), Diego became the focus of the cartoon series entitled Go, Diego, Go! This aired for the ensuing six years and was wrapped up in 2011.

However, the producers of the show never really confirmed how Diego and Dora were related whether from the maternal or paternal side, though there were speculations that both their fathers were first cousins. Besides, the fact that their last names are the same is a confirmation that Dora and Diego do have blood ties.

Pablo May be Dora’s Boyfriend

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After it had been clarified that Diego was not Dora’s boyfriend, fans shifted their attention to the next likely candidate for the role, Pablo. Pablo debuted on the show in the episode entitled, “Pablo’s Flute” where he played the role of a boy that has the power to use his magic flute to make things grow.

Pablo’s character has brown hair, tan skin, and hazel eyes, and donned an outfit of a blue short-sleeved shirt, a light yellow long-sleeved undershirt, and tan capris, and there were also light yellow shoes sporting light and dark blue patterns.

Immediately Pablo came into the series, he started treating Dora kindly and the affection led many to believe that he must be her boyfriend. However, the storyline didn’t give much information about Pablo’s background for us to know whether he is related to Dora or not. We were only told that Pablo’s grandfather raised him on a rocky farm.

Does Swiper have a crush on Dora?

Many believe Swiper to be crushing on Dora and that is exactly why he is forever stealing her things. Besides, he only needs to hear “Swiper No Swiping” from Dora three times before he will come running to return whatever items he stole.

Swiper was introduced in the series as a cunning fox whose role was to prevent Dora from accomplishing her quest by stealing items from her. In fact, he swipes everything ranging from Boots’ boots to tasty cookies. He then goes to hide them.

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