Who is Dan Katz’s Wife or Does He Have a Girlfriend?

Dan Katz aka the “Big Cat” has refused to reveal his true relationship status to fans but it is common knowledge that he is in a long-term relationship with a lady (name withheld) who has given him two children

Daniel Katz, which is his real name, is a blogger and podcaster who has a penchant for keeping his personal information under wraps and from what is perceivable, he may never allow any tidbits to filter into the public arena.

Is Dan Katz Married?

Dan Katz “The Big Cat” can be quite loud when talking about his professional life, however, the same cannot be said of his personal life. He has vowed to keep his career life and personal affairs separated and it goes without saying that he is succeeding beyond his wildest imagination.

Besides, Podcasts are viewed as an arrangement where hosts and guests engage in debates about their lives but Dan obviously doesn’t subscribe to the concept. His reasons are that it intrudes into his family’s privacy and thus, it is a no for him.

“The Big Cat prides himself as a regular dude who found fame on the internet space on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. His Twitter handle alone is slowly inching toward the one million follower milestone at 737 while his account on Instagram has way surpassed that and boast over 821k followers. However, these accounts are mainly used for work and work-related stuff as he is averse to sharing personal information on them.

With the lid extremely tightened on his personal life, the possibility of finding out if Mrs. Katz exists is non-existent. However, this has not stopped fans from speculating. Many have rumored that he actually has a wife, especially after he broke the news of becoming a first-time father.

Again, Dan Katz showed up in a recent picture with an empty ring finger, which made fans conclude he is still single, but you never can tell with men; most of them are averse to wearing rings.

Who Is Dan Katz’s Wife?

Dan Katz once made reference to his girlfriend in a reply tweet to Chris Devine but omitted to mention her name. In fact, we are no longer in doubt that he has a woman in his life, but the question of whether they have tied the knot has remained unanswered.

However, Katz’s fans on Reddit are of the opinion that they are already man and wife. According to them, “Big Cat’s” one-week holiday to Paris in 2020, which he commenced on the 4th of July, involved a honeymoon.

Even though Dan Katz has never revealed his girlfriend’s/wife’s real name, he is always referring to her as “Lady Cat” and fans see this as an apt moniker for Barstool “Big Cat’s” spouse.

He Is a Father Of Two

Dan Katz's Wife
Dan’s son image source

Though he vowed to separate his personal life from his professional life, the joy of becoming a first-time father obviously nullified this decision. Fans were overjoyed on the 26th of March 2019, which was a Friday, when the Barstool Sports podcaster took to his Twitter handle to announce his imminent fatherhood. The proud then-papa-to-be also put the good news on Barstool through an article titled, “I’m Going To Be A Dad This Summer (On Purpose)”

In his own words, Dan Katz said he was expecting a baby with his partner in June of that year. This bit of info confirmed the rumors that he had been in a long time relationship but again, he consciously withheld his partner’s name. Social media detectives who couldn’t take the secrecy anymore went ahead to dig and came up with Nichole as the name of his baby mama, though has never been confirmed.

Katz revealed in his article that the baby was going to be a boy and on the 19th of June 2019 the couple had their first child. Dan Katz was obviously overjoyed as he abandoned his vow of secrecy once more and took to Twitter to share the good news alongside his baby’s image and birth certificate.

Even though Dan has refused to clear the air on whether he is married to his partner or not, he and his spouse are sure behaving like they are legally bound. Their first child was barely two when they increased their small family circle. The “Big Cat” himself took to Twitter on the 21st of May 2021 to share yet another good news about the arrival of his second child, who turned out to be a girl.

In his write-up, the blogger told fans that his daughter arrived a bit early but is doing great alongside her mum. He also talked about the hard part of the situation, which, according to him, was explaining to his son that he is no more an only child. Describing the birth, Dan Katz said he still cried his eyes out as it was just as crazy as when his son was born.

Big Cat Appears To Be a Family Man To the Core

From the tidbits we gathered, Dan Katz is a caring husband and doting father. Alongside his partner, “Lady Cat”, he has managed to maintain the secrecy of his private life, which he spoke about in a 2019 podcast.

In his words, Dan said he will never expose his son’s life on the internet space for all to see, rather he is striving to ensure that the little boy enjoys a normal upbringing. Describing this as his personal choice, “Big Cat urged fans to understand. He also paid tribute to his partner “lady Cat” whom he dubbed his “backbone and his ride or die, through thick and thin”

Elaborating on the kind of relationship he shares with “Lady Cat”, “Big Cat” said she always gives him her unflinching support in everything – the long nights spent at work, the trips, relocating to New York City from Chicago, and the 24/7 sports. According to Katz, his woman has had his back through all the ups and downs and he is sure to reciprocate the gesture by giving her maximum protection from the prying eyes of the public.

Who Has Katz Dated In the Past?

Finding out about the identity of the current woman in Dan Katz’s life has proved to be a herculean task and a mystery that has remained unsolved to date. With that said, getting info about his hookups and breakup has become even more difficult. It is not in doubt that the podcaster must have engaged in flings before he emerged into the limelight, but that part of his life seems to be under lock and key, thus, we cannot say exactly who he has dated.

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