Who Is Chloe Pacey and Is She Married to Brenton Thwaites or Just His Girlfriend?

Brenton Thwaites is frequently touted as a Hollywood heartthrob, thanks to his unbeatable good looks and charm, but he is definitely off the market. The Australian-born movie star has been going steady with a fellow Aussie named Chloe Pacey since 2015. Thwaites and Pacey are not yet married, but they have gone on to welcome three kids already. The couple prefers keeping their personal life private, but they often grace the red carpet together for any Thwaites’ big movie premiers. Pacey meanwhile runs the home front impeccably. She also commands a decent social media following with her posts which often dwells on her loved ones and other interests.

Profile Summary of Chloe Pacey 

  • Full name: Chloe Pacey
  • Date of birth: 1990
  • Age: 31 years old
  • Nationality: Australia
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Partner: Brenton Thwaites
  • Children: three, including Birdie and Peppa
  • Educational institutions attended: University of Queensland.
  • Occupation: naturopath, artist, and yoga teacher

Like Brenton Thwaites, Chloe Pacey Hails From Australia

Chloe Pacey is Australian, like her partner, Brenton Thwaites. She was born around 1990, meaning that she is presently 31 Years old. Her nationality is Australian, while her ethnicity is Caucasian. Not many details exist about Chloe Pacey’s life before her relationship with Thwaites, and as such, her family background and childhood experiences are not readily available. However, it is known that she grew up with love for nature which she continues to indulge in to this very day.

It is also known that Chloe Pacey is a college graduate. After completing her high school studies, she enrolled at the University of Queensland, where she studied for a degree in naturopathy. She had to juggle her studies with motherhood and traveling, but she saw it through. Meanwhile, naturopathy is defined as alternative medicine that relies on natural remedies and not surgery/drugs to cure illnesses. These natural remedies can be diet, exercise, massage, etc.

Chloe Pacey and Brenton Thwaites Have Been Together Since 2015

Chloe Pacey owes her fame to her romance with actor Brenton Thwaites, and it is a relationship that dates back to 2015. As at that time, Pacey was studying naturopathy in college while Thwaites was an upcoming actor. He had initially kick-started his career in a handful of Aussie TV shows and indie films in 2010 before relocating to Hollywood in 2012. In Hollywood, he starred in movies such as Gods of Egypt, Maleficent, and The Giver, with his co-stars being the likes of Meryl Streep and Angelina Jolie.

Such a fast-rising profile saw Brenton Thwaites living the enviable life of the rich and famous. He was also romantically linked with a bevy of beauties, including singer – Taylor Swift, but it was back at home that he would find the true love of his life. In 2015, Thwaites landed a role on the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and returned to Australia for filming. In Australia, he sought an apartment that he could share with others and landed one on the country’s version of craigslist. He moved in, and Pacey turned out to be one of his roommates.

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The two hit it off immediately and started dating. They later made their red carpet debut that same year, appearing together at the Sydney premiere of the Chris Hemsworth movie, In The Heart of the Sea. Pacey and Thwaites continued their romance throughout the time that the actor spent filming Pirates of the Caribbean. Even after filming wrapped up and Thwaites returned to Hollywood, they remained deeply in love, and by the time the movie premiered in May 2017, they walked the red carpet together once more. It couldn’t have been easy conducting a long-distance relationship, but the couple preserved until the time that they could be together and travel together.

The Couple Have Welcomed Three Children So Far 

Chloe Pacey and Brenton Thwaites have been together since 2015, but they have not gotten married to the best of public knowledge. Although Pacey once shared bride and bridegroom emojis on her Instagram page, there is no confirmation that she and Thwaites have gotten hitched. They are seemingly happy to carry on their romance as it is now and have even gone ahead to welcome a total of three kids. Their first, a daughter named Birdie, was born in 2016, while their second, Peppa, was born in 2018.

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Chloe Pacey and Brenton Thwaites welcomed their third child in 2020. They are yet to reveal the name or the gender. The whole family split their time between Australia and Los Angeles, and Pacey and her partner take great care to protect their children from unnecessary publicity. However, she does share some insights on her Instagram page. For instance, she documented the various stages of her pregnancy online and has described having children as an incredible experience. She has also vowed to raise and nurture her children with much love and teach them what matters.

Chloe Pacey is an Advocate of Normalizing Breast Feeding

Chloe Pacey uses her Instagram page to promote issues close to her heart, and one of such issues is protecting the environment. The Australian lady believes that the earth is “our grandmother” and that we should treat her right. Pacey has also used her Instagram page to caution those that are critical of breastfeeding. When she welcomed her first daughter in 2016, she had no issues breastfeeding her baby, no matter where she was. However, she suffered through two instances when people approached her and told her to cover up.

She didn’t take it lightly and took to her Instagram page to post a picture of her breastfeeding her baby. She declared that it was high time breastfeeding was normalized. She slammed the sexualization of breastfeeding and stated that women should be allowed to feed their babies anytime they want. According to her, breastfeeding is for the good of the baby and is even hard for the moms. The post attracted thousands of likes, but they were still a few who disagreed with Pacey’s stance.

She is an Artist and a Certified Yoga Teacher

Asides from the fact that she is a naturopath, Chloe Pacey is also a budding artist. She frequently shares her artworks, which comprises mostly colorful abstracts, with her Instagram followers that run into thousands. Pacey has described art as the only way in which she can make sense of the world. Her captions also often feature the word growth suggesting that she doesn’t consider herself perfect but is continually improving.

Such a mentality means that she will only get better with time. Therefore, there is every possibility that Chloe Pacey will earn a living as an artist someday. She also has the option of making an income as a yoga teacher. Back in November 2014, she shared an Instagram post in which she proudly displayed her official yoga certification. Chloe Pacey has a range of career options available to her. For now, the Aussie seems to be concentrating on raising her three kids, which is no small feat.

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