Who is Chinese Actress Wenwen Han and Where is She Now?

Wenwen Han is a Chinese actress, dancer, and violinist. Born on August 24th, 1995, Han, who is 28 years old, is currently residing in her hometown, Xi’an, and still working in the entertainment industry.

Han Kick-started her acting career in 2007 on the set of Zhong guo xiong di lian but before then, she was already forging a career path as a singer and violinist. She recorded her big break on the set of The Karate Kid and has since appeared in other productions.

Summary of Wenwen Han’s Biography

  • Full Name: Wenwen Han
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 24th August 1995
  • Wenwen Han’s Age: 28 years old
  • Ethnicity: Chinese
  • Nationality: Asian
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Wenwen Han’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 5 inches
  • Wenwen Han’s Height in Centimetres:165 cm
  • Wenwen Han’s Weight: 45 kg
  • Body measurements in Inches: 29-21-31
  • Body measurements in Centimetres: 74-53-79
  • Famous For: Being an actress
  • Wenwen Han’s Instagram: @wenwenhan750
  • Twitter: @ImWenwen Han

Wenwen Han Was Born in 1995

Wenwen Han was born on August 24th, 1995, which pegs her current age at 28. The records captured the youngster’s place of birth as Xi’an, China. With that said, it is evident that her nationality is Chinese, and she comes from an Asian ethnic background.

Han has never deemed it necessary to mention her parents’ names in the public space, but according to some tidbits on the internet space, the Xi’an native’s mother is a qualified nurse working at one of their local hospitals, while her dad owns and runs his own shop, but the type of merchandise he sells is not known.

There is no info about Han’s siblings, but since she was born during the Chinese era of the one-child policy, people have concluded that she may likely be an only child.

We are yet to see any clear-cut information about Han’s academic journey, but it was said that she attended local private schools in Xi’an, matriculating in 2013. Han also went to a Xi’an-based college to study theatre, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in 2017.

Han is multi-lingual with fluency in both English and Mandarin. She is still a resident of Xian, an animal lover, Han often volunteers at an animal shelter in her locality

She Started Her Acting Career at the Age of 12 in 2007

Wenwen Han is listed as an actress, dancer, and instrumentalist. Her acting career started in 2007 when she graced the screen on the set of the Chinese drama entitled, Zhong Guo Xion Di Lian in a cameo.

She was the Meiying we saw in Karate Kid in 2010, following which she took a hiatus of eight years from the acting scene. Han resurfaced in 2018 when she was featured in the Dallas King-directed action-drama fantasy film called Ink & Rain as VIP Female.

The Chinese actress was last seen in the TV series Hai mei ai gou in 2020, playing a cameo. Wenwen Han has revealed that she models from time to time but does it for fun.

She Got Her Big Break in 2010 On The Set of Karate Kid 

While Wenwen Han was performing for her school play in 2010, she was scouted by a casting agent who invited her to audition for the Meiying role in  “The Karate Kid”. The movie was a remake of the original film released in 1984.

After the then 15-year-old teenager won the audition, Wenwen was privileged to share the screen with movie greats like the renowned Jackie Chan, the juvenile actor – Jaden Smith, and Taraji P. Hanson.

The movie revolved around a young boy learning kung-fu under the tutelage of his master (a role that was filed by the great Jackie Chan).

Han’s role in The Karate Kid was well received by viewers and soon became her big break, garnering local and international attention. The film did wonderfully well at the box office, grossing above 350 million dollars against the initial budget of $40 million. It went on to win five prestigious awards after being nominated for 12.

Wenwen Han is Also a Dancer and Instrumentalist

Apart from her acting gigs, Wenwen Han can also hold her own as a dancer and instrumentalist. She started her dancing career and learned to play the violin before venturing into acting. Han commenced her dancing classes at the age of four and was already in high school before she started experimenting with the violin.

The youngster’s dancing career has taken her to many parts of the world, including Slovenia, Serbia, and Croatia. Han’s violin mastery has seen her perform at several music festivals in her home country, China.

TV Series

  • Zhong guo xiong di lian – 2007
  • Hai mei ai gou – 2020


  • The Karate Kid as Meiying – 2010
  • Ink & Rain as VIP Female – 2018

She Embarked On a Hiatus After Karate Kid

After Wenwen Han took her long hiatus from the acting scene following her big break on the set of Karate Kids, fans were curious to know what has become of her. However, the Chinese actress returned in 2018 and has been in the scheme of things ever since.

She is still a resident of Xi’an and has continued with her dancing career. She also plays the violin at Chinese festivals.

Wenwen Han’s Relationship Status is Single

Wenwen Han has never exchanged wedding vows with any man, but there were rumors making the rounds that the Chinese actress is the wife of Taiwanese singer Ken Chu.

However, it came to the fore that Ken has been married for years, and the name of his spouse is Han Wen Wen, who also works in the entertainment industry as an actress.

Considering the similarities between Han’s name and the name of Chu’s wife, it came as no surprise that fans confused them with each other. Again both women belong to the same profession and have the same Chinese background. To minimize the confusion, Ken’s wife now goes by the moniker Vivien Han, and besides being in her forties, she is way older than Wenwen Han, and they don’t look anything like each other.

There was also another rumor that Wenwen Han is going steady with Chinese actor and singer Han Geng. They reportedly crossed paths for the first time on the set of the 2019 movie, “Hai Mei Ai Gou”.

To date, Han has refused to address the claims that she has anything to do with Han Geng, and neither has he.

On the issue of children, the Chinese actress has no kids. There were also rumors that she may be a lesbian. Many claims that she has a female lover, which is subject to verification.

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