Who is Caziah Franklin? All About Kirk Franklin’s Son

Caziah Franklin (born 5th September 2000; Age: 23 years old) is the son of Kirk Franklin, a famous gospel singer, dancer, songwriter, choirmaster, and actor.

The young American is fast following in the footsteps of his gospel musician father; he started experimenting with musical instruments at the age of three and today, he is a multi-instrumentalist with competence in playing both the guitar and the drums. Caziah is also making headway as a vocalist; he started by releasing covers of songs by great artists and is currently dropping tracks and albums independently.

Summary of Caziah Franklin’s Biography

  • Full Name: Caziah Rashad Franklin
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 5th September 2000
  • Caziah Franklin’s Age: 23 years old
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Caziah Franklin’s Parents: Kirk Franklin and Tammy Collins
  • Siblings: Kerrion, Carrington, and Kennedy Franklin
  • Caziah Franklin’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 6 inches
  • Caziah Franklin’s Height in Centimetres: 167 cm
  • Famous For: Being the son of Kirk Franklin
  • Caziah Franklin’s’s Instagram: @ caziahfranklin
  • Twitter: @craftby_caz

How Old Is Cazaih Franklin?

Cazaih Franklin is a 23-year-old celebrity kid born on the 5th of September 2000. His full name at birth is Caziah Rashad Franklin and his birthplace is captured as Fortworth, Texas, United States. With that said, it is glaring that Cazaih is a citizen of America but his ethnicity is listed as mixed.

Cazaih is privileged to be born to renowned American choirmaster, musician, songwriter, author, dancer, and actor, Kirk Franklin. In 1993, Kirk dropped his first album, Kirk Franklin & the Family followed by several other tracks and albums. He has also acted in quite a good number of movies and is a sixteen-time Grammy Award winner.

Kirk had the youngster with his wife, Tammy Collins whom he wedded on January 20th, 1996 and Cazaih arrived four years after they got married. Tammy used to work as a make-up artist, but is now a full–time mum. Kirk and Tammy are still together after being married for over 26 years.

Caziah has Three Siblings

Caziah Franklin spent his growing-up years alongside three siblings – one biological sister and two step-siblings. When Tammy Collins became the American choirmaster’s wife in 1996, he was already a first-time father to his first son, Kerrion Franklin.

Born in 1988, Kerrion is the fruit of the teenage relationship between Kirk Franklin and his ex-girlfriend, Shawn Ewing, but they split after he was born.

Kerrion inherited the Franklin artistic gene and prides himself as a cinematographer, producer, musician, and author. He does not have the best relationship with Kirk. In fact, Kerrion shared a video in March 2021 where he was seen having a heated argument with the music superstar.

Caziah Franklin’s second half-sibling is Carrington Franklin. Tammy already had Carrington from a previous relationship before she got married to Kirk, though the singer legally adopted her.

Her date of birth reads 1989 and Carrington is an alum of the Dallas Baptist Church University. She currently works in branding and marketing as a Creative Director. Carrington has been married to Maxx Nakwaasah since 2016 and they share a son named Shiloh.

Kennedy Franklin is Caziah’s only biological sibling. Kennedy is the daughter of Tammy and Kirk who joined the family on the 4th of May 1977. An alum of Baylor University, she works at KS Lewis Media as an executive assistant.

What Does Kirk Franklin’s Son Do For a Living

Caziah is another musician in the Franklin household. The up-and-coming artist started experimenting with musical instruments when he clocked three; he was usually caught fiddling with both guitar and drum.

Now, it is glaring that he is a chip off the old block as Caziah Franklin is already writing and dropping songs and albums. His first cover of Reckless Love was uploaded via YouTube in 2018. He created the channel in the same year.

Caziah has since released numerous solo albums. His 2021 extended play, the Cedars was positively received by fans and the general public. He also performs concerts, music shows, and tours whenever the opportunity presents itself.

We have seen several Instagram videos of the blossoming musician singing, playing music instrumental, and dancing, and from what is obvious, he is doing great. Caziah receives a lot of support from his parents, Kirk and Tammy who have always lauded his efforts.

He recently went to Haiti on missionary work to render help to the less privileged in the Caribbean Islands and when he shared some of his pictures online, Kirk Franklin was so proud of his son that he had to give voice to his pride on IG.

He is on Social Media

Apart from his music, Caziah Franklin is fast becoming a sensation on social media. He joined Twitter in September 2014 and can be located @craftby_caz where h boasts 1,611 followers and has twitted 576 times

The young American launched his YouTube channel on July 2nd, 2017 @caziahrashadfranklin. So far, he has accumulated over 853 subscribers and over 20,1720,721 views.

Caziah’s Instagram handles @caziahfranklin have recorded 112k followers and 161 posts.

Is Caziah Franklin Dating?

At age 23, Caziah Franklin is expected to have an active love life and he did not disappoint. Kirk’s son is currently dating an American lady called Alena Pitts.

Alena is also a part of the entertainment industry and works as a singer, writer, and actress. The Kendrick Brothers’ film entitled War Room marked her debut on the acting scene. She has also recorded appearances in other productions like Parent Compass and Marcus & Joni.

As an author, Alena co-wrote some great fictional books, The Daniel Sister Series and Lena In The Spotlight.

Caziah Franklin
Caziah and Alena image source

It was during Caziah’s voyage to Haiti that he met and fell in love with Alena and they started dating. However, the romantic duo only let the world in on their relationship in June 2021 after dating for several months.

Now that their dalliance is all out in the open, Caziah and Alena are no longer making any attempts to keep it wrapped up. Their respective socials are suffused with pictures and videos of each other.

Alena once shared a shot she took with Caziah Franklin with the caption “No one I’d rather spend this year with”. Caziah reciprocated the gesture with an IG post that said “from the best weekend with the best girl”

Both love embarking on travels and share pictures and videos of their journeys on IG. If the online speculations are anything to go by, it is safe to say that Caziah and his love interest have been going steady for almost two years. It has also been speculated that wedding bells may soon ring for the duo but time as they say will tell.


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