Who Is Cara Whitney? All About Larry the Cable Guy’s Wife

Cara Whitney (born 1976) is the wife of Dan Whitney aka Larry the Cable Guy. She is an American author and former radio DJ in her own right

For many Americans, Dan Whitney is an unsophisticated redneck, thanks to his comedy alter ego, Larry the Cable Guy. However, to his wife, Cara Whitney, he is a sweet and caring family man in every sense of the word.

Cara and Dan Whitney got together just before the latter hit the limelight and since then, they have gone on to build a wonderful family life for themselves. Individually, they are also thriving.

Cara’s husband has gone on to record several successful comedy specials. He has also earned millions of dollars from his comedy tours. Larry the Cable Guy has become a household name in America and this has also catapulted Cara to the spotlight.

There is however so much more to this lady than just being the Cable Guy’s wife. She is a former radio DJ and now an author of inspirational books.

Profile Summary - Cara Whitney

  • Full name: Cara Whitney
  • Date of birth: 1976
  • Age: 48
  • Birth Place: Wisconsin
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Father: N/A
  • Mother: N/A
  • Spouse: Dan Whitney
  • Children: Two (Wyatt and Reagan)
  • Occupation: Author

Cara Whitney Hails From Wisconsin and is the Daughter of a Cattle Farmer

Not that many details exist about Cara Whitney’s life prior to her marriage to Larry the Cable Guy but what does exist is fascinating. Whitney hails from the American Midwest and was born around the year 1976 which makes her 13 years younger than her famous husband.

She is a native of Wisconsin and her father is a farmer. Cara Whitney grew up on her father’s cattle farm in Wisconsin. This brought her in close contact with different species of animals and she fell in love with all of them, especially horses.

Whitney would carry this love for horses all throughout her formative years and it remained with her even when she left home in search of her own path. That search for her own path took Cara Whitney to several cities, including Las Vegas and she spent roughly a decade working as a Deejay, as well as an on-air personality for several radio stations. That work made her a known figure but this was nothing compared to the fame that she would garner when she started dating her famous husband, Larry the Cable Guy.

She is a Former Radio DJ and Has Authored Inspirational Books

As at the time Cara Whitney met her husband in the early 2000s, she earned her living as a radio personality. She however left the industry after she met and married him. Whitney has majorly focused on her family to date but she has made time from her busy schedule to pen several books.

These books combine Whitney’s passion for horses and her strong Christian faith in order to pass across valuable messages to her audience. Some of Cara Whitney’s books include daily devotionals such as Unbridled Faith: 100 Devotions from the Horse Farm, and Unbridled Faith Devotions for Young Readers.

Others are Fields of Grace: Sharing Faith from the Horse Farm, and Country Soul: Inspiring stories of heartache turned into Hope. Country Soul is filled with inspiring stories and scriptures that are geared towards helping people deal with the anxiety of present life. Fields of Grace: Sharing Faith from the Horse Farm on the other hand features several humorous and touching stories, about the animals that Whitney cares for each day, which can teach human beings valuable lessons.

Cara Whitney and Larry the Cable Guy Began Dating in the Early 2000s and Weded on a Nebraska Farm in 2005

Cara Whitney first met Larry in the early 2000s in the city of Las Vegas. At that time, she was still working as a radio personality while he was trying to build his career with the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. They hit it off from the get-go and commenced a romance without further ado.

The couple dated for the next few years before they got engaged. They later tied the knot in Larry’s home state of Nebraska in July 2005. The wedding was quite a simple affair and showed two individuals who were more concerned with what makes them happy rather than what society thinks is best.

For one, the ceremony took place on a Nebraska field rather than some fancy club or hotel. Larry wore a cut-off sweatshirt while Cara shunned beautiful and gorgeous wedding gowns in favor of a camo tank top and shorts.

Following the exchange of vows, the couple reheated lasagna for their guests and also set off fireworks. It was unconventional by every stretch of the imagination but it was exactly what Cara and Larry wanted. It also didn’t hurt that it cost only $180 to pull it off, meaning that the couple didn’t have to break the bank to have their dream wedding.

The Couple Now Have Two Kids and Make Their Home on a Nebraska Farm

Cara Whitney and Larry the Cable Guy have been married for 19 years now and their union keeps on growing from strength to strength. The couple has welcomed two kids in the course of their union namely son, Wyatt, who was born in August 2006, and a daughter, Reagan, born in November 2008.

Reagan is named after her parents’ favorite president and her dad has revealed that he was so happy to welcome her as he had always wanted a girl. Cara Whitney and her husband and kids make their home on a 180-acre farm located in the town of Lincoln, Nebraska. The farm features over a dozen horses, lots of dogs, and cats and Cara loves the whole setup.

It helps her to indulge in her love for horses. It is also a perfect environment for her and her husband to raise their kids the right way. Even though her husband is often busy with his comedy tours and movies, his schedule is still flexible enough that he spends a lot of time at home. Such have clearly helped their marriage over the years.

Another fact that has come in handy is that Larry the Cable Guy for all his tough persona is actually a big softie and quite caring in real life. He regularly leaves love notes for his wife and bought her a huge diamond and platinum ring to celebrate the birth of their second child. He is also very hands-on with the kids which Cara appreciates a lot.

Cara Whitney and Her Husband Support Charitable Causes Through Their Git-R-Done Foundation

Cara Whitney and her husband have dedicated a significant amount of time to helping the less privileged and this stems from their personal experience with their son, Wyatt. Wyatt was diagnosed with hip dysplasia (instability or looseness of the hip joint that affects newborn babies) as a baby but he was eventually treated by the doctors at Arnold Palmer Hospital, Florida.

This inspired Cara and her husband to support the development of an International Hip Dysplasia Institute at the hospital. The couple pulled together their private funds, as well as money won from appearances on TV shows such as Family Feud.

They also instituted an annual golf tournament fundraiser and raised a total of $5 million which they handed over to the institute. Since then, Cara and her husband have given significant sums of money to support other charity initiatives and have set up their own foundation known as The Git-R-Done Foundation.

The foundation supports a myriad of causes but its primary focus is on children’s issues. To this end, they have donated $1 million to the Child Advocacy Centre of Lincoln, Nebraska. They have also donated $1.2 million for a children’s center at the Madonna Rehabilitation Center.

Quick Facts

Q1: Who is Cara Whitney?

A1: Cara Whitney is an American Radio DJ, author, and philanthropist who is famously known as the wife of comedian Daniel Lawrence Whitney, who goes by the stage name Larry the Cable Guy. She was born in 1976 in Melbourne, Wisconsin.

Q2: What was Cara’s career before marrying Daniel Lawrence Whitney?

A2: Prior to her marriage, Cara worked as a radio DJ in Los Angeles, California. After her marriage, she left her career and along with her husband, established a nonprofit organization named The Git-R-Done Foundation for helping children and veterans.

Q3: When and where did Cara Whitney marry Daniel Lawrence Whitney?

A3: Cara Whitney married Daniel Lawrence Whitney, better known as Larry the Cable Guy, on July 3, 2005, in a unique ceremony held on a Nebraska field. The wedding ceremony cost about 180 dollars.

Q4: How many children do Cara and Daniel have?

A4: Cara Whitney and Daniel Lawrence have two children. Their son, Wyatt Whitney, was born on August 2, 2006, and their daughter, Reagan Whitney, was born on October 29, 2007. Reagan was named after former US President Ronald Reagan, who is Daniel’s all-time favorite president.

Q5: What is the Git-R-Done Foundation?

A5: The Git-R-Done Foundation is a nonprofit organization established by Cara and Daniel Whitney in 2009. The foundation is known for aiding veterans and children and has successfully raised over $5 million in donations.

Q6: What notable philanthropic work has Cara Whitney been involved in?

A6: Along with her husband, Cara Whitney donated five million dollars to establish the International Hip Dysplasia Institute at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, where her son Wyatt was treated for hip dysplasia. Additionally, their Git-R-Done Foundation aids children and veterans.

Q7: What is the estimated net worth of Cara Whitney?

A7: Cara Whitney has an estimated net worth of around $2 million. Her family resides in a luxurious home in Arizona, valued at approximately $3.6 million. Her husband, Daniel Lawrence Whitney, is thought to be worth around $100 million.

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