Who Is Brandi Padilla, Kevin Garnett’s Ex-wife?

Brandi Padilla is a Belize native and an entrepreneur who runs a beauty salon. She is best known for being the ex-wife of Kevin Garnett, the NBA power forward.

Brandi and Kevin tied the knot in 2004, and after almost one and half decades as husband and wife, their union hit the rocks. The duo has two daughters to show for their time together.

Summary of Brandi Padilla’s Biography

  • Full Name: Brandi Alyssa Padilla
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: January 25, 1976
  • Brandi Padilla’s Age: 46 years old
  • Ethnicity: Afro American
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Brandi Padilla’s Ex-Husband: Kevin Garnett
  • Brandi Padilla’s Children: Kapri and Kavalli Garnett
  • Brandi Padilla’s Parents: Bernadette Padilla
  • Siblings: Lisa Padilla
  • Brandi Padilla’s Height in Inches: 5’3″
  • Brandi Padilla’s Height in Centimeters: 161 cm
  • Brandi Padilla’s Weight: 56 kg
  • Body measurements in Inches: 33-26-35 inches
  • Body measurements in Centimetres: 83-66-88 cm
  • Famous For: Being the ex-wife of Kevin Garnett
  • Brandi Padillia’s Instagram: @branrenee2

Brandi Padilla was born in San Pedro, Belize

Brandi Padilla was born as Brandi Alyssa Padilla on January 25, 1976. Her place of birth is captured as San Pedro, a popular island in Belize. An American by nationality, Brandi is of mixed ethnicity of African and American. There is no info about her dad, but she was raised by her mum, Bernadette Padilla.

Brandi enjoyed her growing up years alongside a big sister who goes by the name of Lisa Padilla. Lisa is the wife of Jimmy Jam Harris – a high-profile record producer cum songwriter and five-time Grammy award winner. Nothing has been said about Brandi’s academic history, but she is a well-educated and exposed lady.

What Does Brandi Padilla do for a Living?

Even with all the popularity of marrying a basketball player of Kevin Garnett’s ilk, Brandi Padilla’s career life was never mentioned. Many have concluded that the power forward’s fame shadowed the details of her career, while others believe that she did not need to break a sweat to earn money as Kevin was earning more than enough cheese for the home.

However, we must not forget that Brandi actively participated in the WAG. She is also an entrepreneur who runs a beauty salon. Apart from this nothing more is known about her.

How Did Brandi Padilla and Kevin Garnett Meet?

The story about how Kevin Garnett first crossed paths with Brandi Padilla is not clear cut, but according to some sources, the duo met at a basketball match. It happened in a 1996 game between the Knicks and the Timberwolves when Brandi attended the match in the company of her big sister, Lisa, and her music mogul husband, Jimmy Jam Harris.

Brandi’s rare beauty struck Garnett, who was then part of the Minnesota-based team, and reports said he started plotting to get her and succeeded in no time. The duo started dating, which lasted for a long time before they decided to take things a notch higher.

She Became Kevin Garnett’s Wife in 2004

After dating for almost eight years, the couple finally exchanged their forever commitment in 2004. Their wedding was a private affair conducted away from the prying eyes of the media and the general public but with family and close friends in attendance.

Then, it was time for the Athens Olympic Games, but the power forward had to give it a miss to enjoy a honeymoon with his wife. During their marriage, the duo lived in their $4.6 million worth Concord, MA home. The 8,000-square-foot abode was the last word in luxury, but it was sold after their divorce.

Brandi Padilla Shares Two Daughters With Kevin Garnett

The couple and their second daughter, Kavalli (image source)

Their union birthed two daughters. Four years into married life, Brandi Padilla became a first-time mother when they welcomed their daughter, Kapri Garnett, on April 18, 2008. Five years later, Kapri became a sister to Kavalli Garnett, who joined the family in 2013. Post-divorce, the girls are growing up under their mother’s watch, but their dad visits from time to time.

Why Brandi Padilla and Kevin Garnett Divorced

Infidelity on Kevin’s part was the cause of their divorce. Despite having a beautiful woman like Brandi Padilla at home, the NBA star still had eyes for other women. According to the tabloids, he got involved with a nurse and later started having a clandestine affair with Cheerleader – Kris Freiberg.

It was when Brandi found out that she filed for divorce on July 12, 2018; the mother of two cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for their divorce.

The Couple’s Divorce Settlements Saga

The divorce documents revealed that Brandi Padilla requested custody (physical custody) of their two daughters, with Kevin Garnett getting visitation rights. In addition, reports said she demanded $146,000 monthly in spousal support and an additional $46,000 per month in child support.

Other demands by Padilla include $300,000 to cover her attorney fees, cost of divorce, and future expenses. There is also another demand for $25,000 (to retain counsel) from the federal malpractice lawsuit Garnett filed against Michael Wertheim (his former accountant) to the tune of $77 million.

On the other hand, the former NBA power forward asked for joint physical and legal custody of the girls, urging the court to consider striking out Brandi’s spousal support as they signed a prenuptial agreement before their wedding. In her defense, Brandi Padilla urged the court not to honor that premarital contract as she signed it under pressure.

She further claimed that she was demanding a fair amount of money given that the responsibility of looking after their daughters rests on her shoulders 99 percent of the time. Padilla buttressed her claims with the fact that her ex accumulated a fortune of over $300 million as a professional player with the NBA and still rakes in $5 million yearly on the minimum.

When the court finally ruled in 2019, the NBA power forward was ordered to pay Brandi Padilla $100,000 monthly as both child and spousal support, and as for the request of $300,000 in legal fees, it was granted to the mother of two with an extra $225,000. Kevin is still aggrieved by the court’s decision which puts a strain on his post-divorce relationship with Brandi.

Did Brandi Padilla Remarry?

Brandi has never remarried to date. From what is perceivable, Brandi Padilla wants to take things slowly after her bad experience with the NBA star. She has been rather quiet on the dating front, and people have since concluded that she is not dating anyone. The mother of two is a current resident of Los Angeles, CA.

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