Who Is Birgen Anika Hartman and Where is She Now?

Birgen Anika Hartman (born 1992) is Phil Hartman’s daughter. She is an American fashion designer and specialist famously known for her amazing collection of wedding gowns. 

Birgen Anika Hartman is one of the Hollywood children who were thrust into the limelight right from birth. Her life has been open to the public because she was born to celebrity parents. After making a name as a celebrity’s child, she has also become quite a successful woman in her area of work.

The year Anika got into the climax of popularity was in May 1998. Americans were shaken after learning that her parents, Philip and Brynn were found dead. Anika and her brother were present on the night their parents died. That incident drew the attention of the public, as people yearned to know about the whereabouts of the children.

Birgen Anika Hartman’s Profile Summary

  • Name: Birgen Anika Hartman
  • Year of birth: 1992
  • Age: 31 years old
  • Horoscope:
  • Place of birth: Minnesota
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: White native
  • Father: Philip Hartman
  • Mother: Brynn Hartman
  • Occupation: Fashion designer
  • Marital status: Married
  • Children: None

Birgen Hartman Was Born in 1992

Birgen Anika Hartman was born in February 1992. However, the exact date has not been revealed to the public. She was born in the United States of America. Birgen is presently 31 years old, and she belongs to the American nationality. However, her ethnicity is a mixture of Canadian and American. Birgen was born into the Hartman family.

Birgen’s Mother Had Minor Roles in a Few Movies

Birgen Hartman
Brynn Hartman with her husband, Phil, and their baby image source

Her mother, Brynn Hartman was born on the 11th of April, 1958. Brynn was an American actress and swimsuit model from Thief River Falls, Minnesota. She began her modeling career as a Catalina Magazine swimsuit model while her movie debut came in 1994, in the film, North. She took a minor role as a waitress in that particular film. Brynn further starred in other blockbuster movies like the hit TV series, 3rd Rock from the Sun in 1998.

However, most of the fame she got while she was; alive was as a result of her marriage with big-time celebrity, Phil Hartman.

Her Father Won A Primetime Award For His Tremendous Efforts

Birgie Hartman
image source

Philip Edward Hartman was born on the 24th of September, 1948. He is a Canadian-American actor, screenwriter, comedian, and graphic designer. Philip was born in Brantford, Ontario, Canada, but his family moved over to the USA when he was 10 years old. Hartman designed album covers for brands after graduating from California State University with a degree in Graphic Arts. in 1975, Hartman joined the comedy group, The Groundlings. There, he helped Paul Reubens develop his character, Pee-wee Harman. He even co-wrote the film, Pee-wee’s Big Adventure.

In 1986, Hartman joined the NBC sketch comedy show, Saturday Night Live (SNL) as a cast member. He stayed for eight seasons until 1994. Nicknamed “Glue” for his ability to hold the show together and help other cast members, he won a Primetime Award. The award he got was in 1989. Later, he starred as Bill McNeal in the sitcom, NewsRadio after declining to return to SNL. He has also taken voice-over roles in several animations, including The Simpsons, and many more. Phillip had also taken minor roles in the films Houseguest, Sgt. Bilko, Jingle All the Way, and Small Soldiers. His other television roles include appearances on episodes of The John Larroquette Show, THE Dana Carvey Show, The Second Civil War, and several others.

Birgen Hartman Lost Her Parents On The Same Day

On the 27th of May, 1998, Brynn Hartman visited an Italian restaurant Buca di Beppo in Encino, California. It was a friendly meeting between her and Christine Zander, a producer and writer. The women both had drinks. After she got home, a heated argument transpired between her and her husband, Philip before they went to bed.

At around 3:00 a.m that night, she fatally shot him thrice; one bullet between his eyes, one in the throat, and one in his upper chest. She was under the influence of Zoloft, alcohol, and cocaine. After the act, she drove to the house of her friend, Ron, and confessed what she did. Ron called the cops after confirming her statement. At the time of the incident, Birgen and her brother were asleep in the very house it happened.

The police came to escort the children away and before they could get access to Brynn, she locked herself in a room. Shortly afterward, she committed suicide by a self-inflicted gunshot. Speculations began arising and people started contributing to the issue. A friend of Brynn’s said she had trouble controlling her anger. Birgen Hartman was only six years old at the time of the incident, thus, her childhood was not a cakewalk.

Six-Year-Old Birgen Had to Live With Her Maternal Aunt After the Incident

Birgen’s maternal aunt took her and her brother in to raise them together after the unfortunate demise of her parents. Katherine and her husband Mike Wright raised the kids as their own and cherished their presence, as they didn’t have theirs. They even changed their family name to protect the children from unwanted media attention. They lived together in Winston, before moving to Minnesota.

Her Older Brother is Currently a Vocal Artist

image source

Birgen Anika’s brother, Sean Hartman is 34, therefore three years older than her. He was born on the 17th of June, 1989. Sean attended Edina High School before graduating from Minneapolis College of Art and Design. He turned his passion for music into a career as he began to perform at recreational joints such as restaurants and bars. Mr. Sean is a talented stand-up comedian and actor. He hosted Funny Mother Buckers, a weekly comedy show in 2018.

Birgen Hartman Used to Work as a Barista in a Coffee Shop

Birgen attended Edina Secondary School for about 17 years before moving on to college. She studied Communication and Journalism and got her degree from St. Thomas University. Bergen began her career as a coffee house barista and salesgirl at a shoe store. Later on, she worked in a bank where she managed information passagework. She has also volunteered to work in an organization that helps cats, which explains her fondness for animals. In the past, Birgen also performed for a band called Glitter Bomb.

She had quite a rough time moving on from the tragedy she faced as a child, going through whirlwinds of emotions and she even went as far as becoming a drug addict. However, as time passed, she slowly began to come out of it and she recently posted on her status on social media, claiming that she has gone years without drugs. This means she is gradually coping with it and coming to terms with reality.

She Owns a Popular Bridal Store in Minnesota

Birgen Anika set up her wedding store in the year 2016. She has promoted several popular brands like BRETA, ZARA, Zenga, Persol, and Beauty Counter. From what we can see on her social media profile, she lives a pretty good life filled with luxury.

Birgen is Currently Married

The 31-year old found her soulmate in Brandon. The pair started dating back in 2015 and maintained the relationship for three years. They tied the knot on October 13, 2018, at their luxurious villa located in Italy. Over 200 guests were present at the wedding, including family members and friends. The wedding was quite a glamorous ceremony.

Birgen was dressed in a white backless gown, looking breathtaking. Of course! She owns a bridal store. Recently, they celebrated their 2nd anniversary, and they are both enjoying their married life. The couple is yet to be blessed with kids, but they are visibly enjoying each other’s company.

FAQs about Birgen Hartman

1. Who are Birgen Hartman’s parents? Birgen Hartman is the daughter of beloved comedian Phil Hartman and Brynn Hartman. Her father was known for his work on Saturday Night Live, NewsRadio, and The Simpsons. Her mother, Brynn Hartman, was an actress who struggled with substance abuse.

2. What happened to Birgen Hartman’s parents? On May 28, 1998, Birgen Hartman’s mother, Brynn Hartman, shot and killed her father, Phil Hartman, as he slept in their Encino home in California. Brynn then took her own life. Birgen was 6 years old and her brother Sean was 9 at the time of their parents’ death.

3. Who raised Birgen Hartman after her parents’ death? After the tragic death of her parents, Birgen and her brother Sean were taken in by Brynn Hartman’s sister, Katharine Wright, and her husband, Mike. They were raised in the Midwest, initially in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and later in Edina, Minnesota.

4. What is known about Birgen Hartman’s education and career? Birgen Hartman graduated from the University of St. Thomas with degrees in Journalism and Communication. She has worked as a coffee shop barista, in sales at an athletic shoe store, and doing data entry for a bank. Currently, she is a real estate agent and runs a bridal wear business called Annika Bridal.

5. Is Birgen Hartman married? Yes, Birgen Hartman married a man named Brandon in 2018. The couple had a private wedding ceremony in Italy.

6. Does Birgen Hartman have children? As of now, there is no public information suggesting that Birgen Hartman has any children.

7. What is Birgen Hartman’s involvement with social causes? Birgen Hartman is a Certified Consent-Culture Educator and an Erin’s Law Advocate. She is committed to educating others about the importance of consent and supporting initiatives for the prevention of child sexual abuse.

8. How did Birgen Hartman inherit her parents’ estate? Phil Hartman’s will specified that his children would receive a third of their inheritance at 25 or when they received a bachelor’s degree from a four-year accredited university, half of the remaining balance at 30, and the rest at 35. The guardians of the children also received $50,000 from the estate for their care.

9. How has Birgen Hartman paid tribute to her parents? Birgen Hartman has honored her father’s memory by participating in a Saturday Night Live tribute to him. She occasionally posts about her parents on social media, expressing her love for them despite the tragic circumstances of their deaths.

10. What is Birgen Hartman’s connection to music? For a time, Birgen Hartman was in a band called Glitter Bomb. However, details about her involvement with the band and her current musical pursuits are limited.


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