Who Is Bekah Liechty from the Girl Named Tom?

Bekah Liechty is a 23 year-old blossoming American musician born in August 2000 and gained fame as a member of the all-siblings band Girl Named Tom.

Liechty had to give up her initial plans of pursuing a medical degree after her dad was diagnosed with a terminal disease. Since she chose to forge a career in the music industry, the youngster has been flourishing alongside her siblings Caleb and Joshua Liechty.

Summary of Bekah Liechty’s Biography

  • Full Name: Bekah Liechty
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: August 2000
  • Bekah Liechty’s Age: 23 years old
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Bekah Liechty’s Parents: Christopher and Holly Liechty
  • Siblings: Caleb and Josh Liechty
  • Bekah Liechty’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 5 inches
  • Bekah Liechty’s Height in Centimetres: 165 cm
  • Bekah Liechty’s Weight: 58 KG
  • Body measurements in Inches: 34-28-40 inches
  • Body measurements in Centimetres: 86-71-101
  • Famous For: Being a member of Girl Named Tom music band
  • Bekah Liechty’s Instagram: @ bekahliechty
  • Twitter: @bekah.liechty.5
  • Facebook: Bekah Liechty

How Old Is Bekah Liechty?

Bekah Liechty is currently 23 years old. This conclusion was drawn from her date of birth, August 2000. The records captured her place of birth as Perrysville, Ohio, which makes her an American by nationality. However, Bekah’s ethnicity is mixed.

She is the daughter of Christopher Liechty, who is listed as a partner in Liechty Farm equipment. INC. The business was formed by Chris’ dad, Joseph C. Liechty, in 1934 and has been a huge source of income for /their generations. Chris became a co-owner of the company in 1999.

On the other hand, Bekah’s mom has been identified as Holly Liechty. Holly and Chris are alums of Goshen College, where all their children graduated. The Perrysville native is not her parent’s only child; in fact, she is the last child of the family with two older brothers, Caleb and Joshua Liechty.

According to reports, Josh and Caleb wanted their mother to give them a third boy when she was pregnant with Bekah as they weren’t interested in having a sister. When Bekah eventually arrived, they decided to give her the masculine name, Thomas – this has been dismissed as the boys’ toddler manner of making it known that they were denied what they wanted.

Liechty family is a member of Archbold, Ohio’s Zion Mennonite Church, where the three siblings sang in the choir before forming their music band.

She is A Biochemistry Graduate

Bekah Liechty’s early academic history was never captured, but the only daughter of the Liechty family was homeschooled from scratch, taking lessons in piano and theatre before transiting to public school. The name of her primary school is not stated. However, she was a student of Pettisvillle High School, where she excelled in sports.

Between 2018 and 2019, the budding musician played varsity basketball for her team. Besides that, she was also very active in her high school’s track and field team. Josh and Caleb were alums of Goshen College, where they majored in Biochemistry, and when the time came for Bekah to go to college, she chose the same institution and studied the same course with a minor in music.

The reason for choosing to study biochemistry is that the trio plans to study medicine in the future. According to what Bekah told “Parade,” their grandfather, Joseph C. Liechty, worked in Indiana as a family practitioner, and they wanted to follow in his footsteps.

The trio’s dreams of becoming doctors were dashed after their father, Christopher Liechty, was diagnosed with a rare kind of spinal cancer called chordoma in 2017. They started looking for a career path that would give them a chance to spend quality time with family, and music was like an answer to their prayers.

Bekah Liechty is a Talented Musician

Bekah Liechty’s biggest dream has always been to appear in a high-profile singing context where her performance will wow the audience. Thus, when she was a little girl, the blossoming singer would spend hours alone practicing how to sing in front of a large crowd.

Bekah had an ample helping hand in the piano and vocal lessons she underwent as a growing child. She was practicing and singing as a solo amateur artist until the CORONA Virus Pandemic of 2019 hit the world, enforcing a lockdown that went on for months.

This was when their mom brought the idea to form a music band along with her brothers, and the Liechty siblings bought the idea. This gave rise to the band Girl Named Tom in 2019. Internet searches have not revealed any solo career for Bekah Liechty, but that is not ruled out in the future.

She is a Member of the Girl Named Tom Band

Bekah Liechty
The band members (image source)

Girl Named Tom is a US folk trio band from Pettisville, Ohio, made up of three siblings – Bekah, Caleb, and Joshua Liechty. Coached by Kelly Clarkson, the band gave Kelly her fourth victory when they emerged winners of the 21st season of The Voice – an American Talent completion that has gained so much popularity around the globe. The band’s audition for The Voice was the first for them, and they made the season’s first four-chair turn.

As earlier mentioned, the band’s name was inspired by the two brothers’ desire to have a baby brother, which resulted in their calling Bekah Liechty “Thomas” as a baby. When the time came for them to choose a name for their band, they naturally went with “The Girl Named Tom.”

The band’s specialty is acoustic music, but they strongly emphasize harmonies. While Josh plays the drums, Caleb takes care of the guitar, and their sister Beckah is an expert on the keyboard. Girl Named Tom is doing admirably well in the music industry. In November 2019, the trio dropped their debut single, Barrier Island, and in February 2020, they released “Another World” – a five-song debut EP.

On New Year’s Day of 2021, the music band’s second single, Backup Plan, hit the music stand. Their first album, Hits from the Road, drooped the following February featuring covers. A few days after the grand finale of The Voice, Girl Named Tom released a holiday song under the imprint of Republic Records.

She is on Social Media

Bekah Liechty is on social media, especially Twitter and Instagram. On the picture-sharing platform, she can be found @bekahliechty, with over 2.6k followers. Her Twitter handle is @bekah.liechty.5. She normally shares stuff about her music career and Girl Named Tom information.

The American Singer’s Personal Life

Liechty just hit her early 20s, and going by what is obvious, she seems to be concentrating on building a successful career for herself. Consequently, nothing has been heard about her dating life. The up-and-coming music star has never been associated with any man to date.

Bekah Liechty’s Height and Body Measurements

A girl of average height, Bekah Liechty, stands at 5 feet 5 inches and weighs 58 kg. Her general body statistics are summarized as 34-28-40 inches. The blossoming female musician has dark brown eyes, blonde hair, and a shoe size of 5.5 US.

FAQs About Bekah Liechty from the Girl Named Tom

Who is Bekah Liechty? Bekah Liechty is an American singer and musician best known as a member of the band Girl Named Tom. She was born on August 29, 2000, in Pettisville, Ohio.

What is Bekah Liechty’s ethnicity? Bekah is of mixed ethnicity and holds American nationality.

Who are Bekah’s parents? Bekah’s parents are Chris and Holly Liechty.

What is Bekah’s zodiac sign? Bekah is an Aquarius, according to her birthdate.

What is Bekah’s role in the band Girl Named Tom? Bekah is an accomplished keyboardist in the band. The band also comprises her brothers, Joshua and Caleb, who respectively play the guitar and drums.

When and where was the band Girl Named Tom formed? The band Girl Named Tom was formed in 2019 in Pettisville, Ohio. Later, they relocated to South Bend, Indiana in 2020.

What type of music does Girl Named Tom specialize in? Girl Named Tom specializes in acoustic music with a strong emphasis on harmonies.

What is the origin of the band’s name, Girl Named Tom? The band’s name, Girl Named Tom, was derived from a family recollection. As a baby, Bekah was nicknamed Thomas by her brother Joshua.

What significant achievement does the band have? The band is known for winning season 21 of the American talent competition The Voice in 2021.

What is Bekah’s educational background? Bekah was homeschooled before she joined her elder brothers in public school. After high school, she proceeded to college. After graduation, she focused on the music band.

What is Bekah Liechty’s net worth? Bekah has an estimated net worth of $1 million, primarily earned from her successful music career.

What are Bekah Liechty’s height and physical measurements? Bekah stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches and weighs approximately 58 kg. She has dark brown eyes and blonde hair. Her body measurements are 34-28-40.


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