Who Is Angelo Adkins – Adele’s Son With Ex-husband Simon Konecki?

The breakup of any couple can have negative consequences on their offspring. It is therefore up to the people involved to work together for the good of their kids and one child who has lucked out in this regard is Angelo James Adkins. Son of superstar British singer, Adele, and charity boss, Simon Konecki, Angelo joined the family in the year 2012 and from the get-go, his parents lavished all attention on him. They also took steps to protect him from anything that could be harmful. The boy thus grew up in a loving family of three until his parents split in 2019. However, mom and dad remain committed to putting Angelo’s interest first and have even resorted to some impressive living arrangements to make that a reality.

Profile Summary Of Angelo Konecki

  • Full name: Angelo James Konecki
  • Date of birth: 31st of October 2012
  • Age: 8 years
  • Place of birth: N/A
  • Nationality: British
  • Father: Simon Konecki
  • Mother: Adele Adkins

Angelo’s Life As the Son of Superstar Singer, Adele, and Charity Boss – Simon Konecki

Some people achieve fame by their efforts while others are born into it and Angelo Adkins falls into the latter category. Born on the 31st of October 2012, the young boy has some pretty impressive parentage. His mom, Adele, is one of the bestselling and most acclaimed musical artists in the world. Thanks to smash albums such as 21 and 25, she has won numerous Grammys and other awards. She has also sold over 120 million records and is now one of the richest musicians out of the U.K. with a net worth of $190 million. Angelo’s dad is also not doing shabbily.

Simon Konecki comes from a well-to-do background which saw him attend the most prestigious secondary school in the U.K. He later completed his university degree and went on to work for an investment banker, Lehman Brothers. Simon’s time at Lehman Brothers helped him build up millions of pounds in net worth but he walked away as he couldn’t stand the greed. He now runs an ethical water company known as Life Water Company. The company sustainably sources its water production. It also contributes to charities that provide drinking water projects for developing countries.

Angelo Adkins
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Adele and Konecki Made their Romance Public in 2012 and Welcomed Their Son, Angelo, Nine Months Later

Adele’s relationship with Simon Konecki only became public knowledge in 2012 but the couple actually started dating in 2011. According to sources in the know, Adele and Konecki were first introduced to each other by their mutual friend, superstar singer – Ed Sheeran, in 2011. They started hanging out and things turned romantic without further ado. Konecki was there for Adele when she suffered from vocal cord issues in 2011. He took very good care of her and helped her get through the surgery. Their relationship grew from strength to strength and during the award season of 2012, he accompanied her to several award ceremonies.

Of course, this clued the whole world into the fact that they were dating, and just as people were still trying to get used to that, the couple announced that they were expecting a child together. By the month of October that same year, they welcomed Angelo. His given name at birth is Angelo James Konecki but most sources wrongly quote his surname to be that of his mom’s Adkins. Whichever it is, the boy never lacked love from either of his parents from day one.

Angelo Adkins
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The Couple Stayed Together For Nine Years and Took Measures to Protect Angelo’s Privacy

Adele and Konecki shared homes in places such as London, Brighton, and L.A. and Angelo got to be with both parents in whichever city they stayed. He brought joy to their lives and his famous mom would later gush that he gave a purpose to her life. According to her, she only truly started living when she became a parent and she loved him more than anything in this world. These were indeed beautiful feelings but things weren’t all rosy after Angelo was born. His mom, Adele, struggled with a bad and frightening postpartum depression which was frightening, and on occasion, the singer just wanted to be able to do whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted it.

Another issue that Adele and Konecki had with regard to their son was the intrusiveness of the media. They wanted to protect their son’s identity at all cost but the paparazzi hounded them during intimate family outings. Unauthorized photos were taken and these pictures found their way into the public domain in 2014. The couple did not take this lightly and waged a legal battle against a UK-based picture agency, named Corbis Images UK limited, for releasing unauthorized pictures of Angelo. Adele and Konecki were successful in the suit but the whole episode, coupled with the singer’s postpartum depression, had some adverse impact on their relationship. For instance, in 2014, the couple had issues and Konecki moved out of their London home and back into his Brighton bachelor pad.

Many speculated that they would break up but the couple managed to patch things up. By June 2015 however, they were photographed arguing outside a popular celebrity hotspot in London and this stoked the rumors again. The couple managed to get over their issues once more and moved more onto solid ground. In a series of interviews later that year and the next, Adele described Konecki as confident and perfect and stated that he was not threatened by her success. According to her, she had never been happier as she was in such an amazing relationship with someone that was so loyal and part of her core.

Angelo Adkins
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Adele and Konecki Split in 2019 But Remain Committed To Co-parenting Angelo in the Best Possible Way

At first, the relationship between Angelo’s parents was rock solid and they further confirmed this by tying the knot in a private ceremony held in 2017. By that time, Angelo was a little over four years old and many thought that the happy family would go on to last forever. This was not to be as Adele and Simon Konecki separated in April 2019 with the singer filing for divorce in September. Speculations were rife as to what may have caused the divorce but the couple maintained that nothing bad had happened. It also had nothing to do with their son. The relationship between the couple simply evolved to the extent that they became more like friends and less like lovers. This was disappointing, as they had hoped to stay together for the long run, but they had no choice but to go their separate ways.

The details of the divorce took several months to work out but it was eventually finalized in March 2020. Adele and Simon opted to determine how to share community debts and property. They also agreed to joint legal and physical custody of their son. To make the transition easy on their most cherished son, Konecki rented a house that is across the street from where his ex-wife lives. It, therefore, makes it easier for him to maintain an active presence in his son’s life. Angelo can also get to see his dad whenever he wants.

Adele has moved on with her life and is totally dedicated to her son. According to inside sources, the singer loves the mom life and also loves being at home. Her favorite pastimes include cooking and helping her son with his homework. The singer has also shed a lot of weight and while the consensus is that she is doing it for purely cosmetic reasons, the real reason is that she wants to be a healthier mom and artist.

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