Who Is Alysha Del Valle and What Happened to Her?

As a 20 years+ veteran of the Broadcast Industry, Alysha Del Valle has witnessed her shares of highs and lows. On the plus side, she has anchored programs for some major TV stations out of Los Angeles. She has also worked together with legendary radio personalities such as Rick Dees and Ryan Secrest and is now a shining ambassador of the Latina community, a community that is quite dear to her heart. On the negative side, Alysha Del Valle has also encountered some challenges in her places of work which has seen her get the boot unexpectedly. This beautiful amazon refuses to give up but and bounces back after each setback.

Profile Summary of Alysha Del Valle

  • Full name: Alysha Del Valle
  • Date of birth: 27th July 1972
  • Age: 49 years old
  • Birthplace: Pico Rivera
  • Mother: Linda
  • Father: Leo Perez Valle
  • Sibling: Julie Del Valle
  • Education institution attended: University of Southern California
  • Spouse: N/A
  • Children: one namely Rainee Castillo
  • Occupation: Radio and TV broadcast personality

Alysha Del Valle Hails from Pico Rivera, Los Angeles

Alysha Del Valle’s journey to becoming a media personality did not happen overnight but is something that she prepared for from childhood. Del Valle was born on the 27th July 1972 in East Los Angeles, specifically Pico Rivera. She has Mexican ethnicity and grew up in a tight-knit family of four. This includes her parents, Linda and Leo Perez Valle, and a beloved sister named Julie Del Valle. Alysha’s parents provided a good life for her and her sister while they were growing up. They also made sure she embraced her Mexican roots, something that stays with her to date.

A look through Alysha’s Instagram page will reveal that she proudly captions her posts with Latina and Mexican hashtags. She also celebrates prominent Mexican holidays, including the annual day of the dead. Another favorite pastime of Alysha’s is showering love on her family. She regularly hangs out with her sister and celebrates her on important days such as birthdays. Alysha also sends shout-outs to her parents on mother’s and father’s day celebrations.

She worked for several LA-based Radio Stations in the 90s and early 2000s

One can dabble into a journalism career by accident, but that is not the case with Alysha Del Valle. She wanted to be a journalist from an early age and tailored her studies in that direction. Del Valle started by completing her high school diploma in her local town. Afterward, she attended the University of Southern California, where she studied communication. Upon obtaining her degree in 1994, Alysha Del Valle joined the job market and landed a role at the assignment desk of a Los Angeles-based TV station known as UPN/Fox 11 News.

This was a beginner’s position, and Del Valle did a lot of grunt tasks. She also got valuable experience as she had the opportunity to head out into the field and report on local stories. The versatile Alysha Del Valle switched tracks from TV and joined a local radio station known as Hot 92 Jamz. She spent some time with them, during which she reported traffic for their show known as The George Lopez Morning Show. This time at Hot 92 Jamz greatly impacted Alysha Del Valle, and she dedicated the remainder of the 90s and the early to mid-2000s to working at radio stations. Upon leaving Hot 92 Jamz, Del Valle was hired by 102.7 KIIS FM as a reporter on several of their morning shows.

One of them was titled Rick Dees in the Morning, while the other was On-Air with Ryan Secrest. These shows brought Del Valle close to two iconic American radio personalities, and she contributed her own segments. One of them was Filmgirl, where she covered everything that was happening on the entertainment scene. Another was On The Streets with Alysha Del Valle, which focused on lifestyle and culture. After her time with 102.7 KIIS FM, Alyshah Del Valle joined Latino 96.3 FM in June 2007. She co-hosted their morning show known as The Morning Invasion, and her co-hosts were the likes of Joey Medina and Nico Jones.

Alysha Del Valle Anchored Morning Traffic at ABC 7 from 2009 to 2018

Despite the several years she spent working in radio, Alysha Del Valle did not abandon Television. She used her evenings to produce and host shows, such as LATV Live, on the nationally-viewed LATV Network. It couldn’t have been easy juggling multiple jobs, but Del Valle persevered, and her hard work paid off in August 2009 when she was hired by KABC Channel 7 as their morning traffic anchor. The station is popularly known as ABC7, and Del Valle covered the traffic for their flagship news program known as Eyewitness News.

She conveyed top-of-the-morning traffic information to southern Californians to help them start their day. She also impressed many with her warm and versatile reporting style. Alysha Del Valle stayed with ABC7 for about a decade, during which she became well-known in Los Angeles. Her talent for broadcasting and a passion for charity made her a mini-celebrity, and she got a place of honor at several local events and even her alma mater.

Alysha Del Valle was a prominent part of the ABC7 family, and it came as a rude shock when she basically disappeared from their screens in August 2018. There was no official announcement or farewell remarks from the network, which led to speculations about what happened. Many people assumed something negative, but the lady at the center of the whole thing later cleared the saga. Alysha Del Valle tweeted that the reason she left ABC7 was that her contract was up and nothing more.

She Joined KNBC TV as their Traffic Anchor in August 2018 and Left in 2020

It did not take Alysha Del Valle long to bounce back from the disappointment at ABC 7 as she was immediately snapped up by another Los Angeles-based TV station known as KNBC TV (NBC channel 4) in August 2018. They gave her the role of morning traffic reporter and anchor on their major newscast, Today in LA, and she spent the next few years doing what she knew best. She also co-hosted their sports show known as The Challenge. Alysha Del Valle also continued her community engagement and supported the 73rd annual Mexican independence parade in East Los Angeles in September 2019.

She indeed had a fulfilling time at NBC 4, but that also came to an end abruptly in August 2020. As was the case with her departure from ABC 7, there was no official announcement or on-screen farewell. She disappeared from the screens and removed all references to KNBC from her social media handles. She also posted a social media message alluding that KNBC fired the only LA local on their morning show.

Alysha Del Valle has a daughter named Rainee Castillo

It has been a year since Alysha Del Valle left NBC 4, and it is difficult to tell where she works presently. A look at her Instagram and LinkedIn profile will show that she has not updated any new employer. It is possible that she is holding out for a satisfactory role in the job market. It is also possible that she is planning to launch something by herself. Whichever it is, Alysha Dell Valle lives a very active and enviable life. Even though she doesn’t appear to be in any romantic relationship now, she previously dated a guy known as Ray Castillo Jr. That relationship produced her beautiful daughter Rainee Castillo.

Rainee is all grown up now, but Alysha still has a close relationship with her. The media personality regularly hangs out with her daughter, mom, and sister. She never fails to shower praises on her daughter or send her birthday wishes. She has also described her as a miracle, heartland, woman in full bloom, and everything beyond magic. Rainee has not followed her mom into broadcasting, but she is doing well for herself. She once had her own boots brand known as Raineeboots, and as you can probably guess, her mother supported her all the way.

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