Who is Alexander Dobrev? All About Nina Dobrev’s Brother

Alexander Dobrev (born March 1984; Aged: 40) is a Bulgarian engineer best known as the big brother of Nina Dobrev, “The Vampire Diaries” and “Degrassi: The Next Generation” actress.

Alex was born in Bulgaria, but his parents took him to Canada when he was very young. He accomplished his basic academic qualifications in Toronto and has remained in the country to date. Alexander grew up alongside Nina, and the siblings share a very strong bond.

Alexander Dobrev’s Bio

  • Age: 40 Years Old
  • Birthday: March 1984
  • Birthplace: Sofia Bulgaria
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Father: Kamen Dobrev
  • Mother: Michaela Dobreva (née Radeva)
  • Siblings: Nina Dobrev

How Old is Alexander Dobrev?

Being born in March 1984 pegs Alexander Dobrev’s current age at 40. He was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, which makes him a Bulgarian by nationality. Though Alex was born in Bulgaria, he relocated with his parents to Toronto, Canada, following the political instability in his home country and has lived there to date.

His dad has been identified as Kamen Dobrev, who served in the Bulgarian Army but went to study computer engineering on his arrival in Canada. Alex’s mum, on the other hand, is a Bulgarian woman who goes by the name Michaela Dobreva (née Radeva); she earns a living as an artist. In Bulgarian, she was listed as an art restoration professional, but after moving over to Canada, the mother of three worked odd jobs to make ends meet.

Alex built childhood memories with his sister, Nina Dobrev, who grew to become an actress. He often referred to his sis as a guinea pig. Nina was still very young when started auditioning for roles in Toronto, and in 2006, she scored her big break on the set of Degrassi: The Next Generation – a Canadian teen melodrama where she appeared in 52 episodes.

Nina has starred in other productions, including The Vampire Diaries as Elena Gilbert, Chloe, XXX: Return Of Xander Cage, and The Perks Of Being A Wallflower. Nina is an award-winning actress with three People’s Choice Awards and eight Teen Choice Awards.

Alex studied civil engineering at the university level, but the name of his academic institution is not known.

Alexander has a Great Relationship with Nina

Alexander Dobrevs
Alex and Nina image source

Talking about the kind of relationship she shares with her big brother, Nina said they have a five years age gap that did not allow them to have much in common as kids. However, they started bonding as they grew older and have remained very close.

Nina has described her big brother as being dearest to her heart, and she never misses an opportunity to celebrate him during his birthdays and anniversaries. The actress’ Instagram is suffused with pictures and videos of Alexander Dobrev.

The Dobrev siblings have been severally spotted attending weddings, functions, or just hanging out together. On Alex’s 2015 birthday, his sister had to fly him from Canada, so they could celebrate it alongside her movie premiere.

Nina was in an interview session with Cosmopolitan in March 2015 when the movie star revealed how protective her brother could get. According to her, Alex would not want to hear of his friends wanting to date Nina and easily gets mad at the slightest insinuation.

After his friends began crushing on her and constantly sought to take her out, Alex saw it as a good reason to stop hanging out with Nina to protect his baby sister from the big bad wolves.

What Does Nina Dobrev’s Brother Do for a Living?

Alexander Dobrev is a civil engineer by profession but works in the entertainment industry as a cinematographer. Alex also works in other units, including the electrical department. He also does stunts. Some of the productions he has worked in include American Dream, Father, Life and Pavel Kolev & Icaka: There’s No Lie.

Working on movie sets, Alex has been called upon several times to feature in several cameos in productions like American Dream.

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