Who Are Kayla DiCello’s Parents? What is their Ethnicity and Nationality?

Matt and Kecia DiCello are the parents of Kayla DiCello, the aspiring American gymnast who has achieved several career milestones in sports. Kecia DiCello’s parents are said to be of American nationality, but their ethnicities are not specified.

Matt and his wife Kecia are also parents to three other children who are all younger than Kayla DiCello. Kayla’s younger siblings are still students at various levels of their academic journey, though none of them have shown any interest in sports. Matt and Kecia are proud of Kayla’s achievements and have been supportive of her endeavors all through.

Who are Kayla DiCello’s Parents?

Matt DiCello and his wife, Kecia DiCello, have been identified as the parents of the American gymnast Kayla DiCello. Matt and Kecia are not limelight seekers; thus, personal details like their ethnicities are unknown, but they are both citizens of America. There was a period when Kayla was said to be of White ethnicity, but the claims were not verified.

Her ethnicity has also been listed as Asian and Caucasian in the past, making it even more difficult to decipher her parents’ origin. Matt and Kecia’s career paths are equally unknown, but they were said to be part of the music industry at a point, but the capacity in which they perform was never listed.

Kayla DiCello happens to be the only sports personality in the DiCello family, but that didn’t stop her parents from giving her their full support.

How Many Other Children Do Kayla DiCello’s Parents Have?

Kayla DiCello isn’t Matt and Kecia DiCello’s only child, as she grew up in the company of three siblings. There is a dearth of information on the couple’s other children, but it is common knowledge that Kayla is the oldest among them.

Matt and Kecia DiCello’s other children are listed as Karleigh, Kyra, and Hunter. While Karleigh and Kyra are girls, Hunter is the only son of the DiCello DiCello family. Karleigh, Kyra, and Hunter’s birth details are unknown, and neither is their academic history.

However, since Kayla, who is the oldest, is still a teenager, the other three are believed to still be in the process of acquiring their basic academic qualifications.

How Did Kayla’s Parents Facilitate her success as a Gymnast?

Kayla DiCello’s Parents, Matt and Kecia, backed their daughter’s profession in gymnastics from the word go. According to reports, Kayla started flying, tumbling, and flipping from the tender age of two. Though they never had previous experience in gymnastics, Matt and Kecia took their daughter for enrolment in a parent-tot class. Both parents took the training sessions seriously and were on hand to guide their little toddler through it all.

Reports said the two parents never complained and were happy that their little girl was having fun and enjoying her newfound hobby. Little did Kayla DiCello’s Parents know that they had just laid a solid foundation for a career that would take their daughter to the height of fame.

As the little Kayla grew older, she started displaying stellar gymnastic skills that gave her coach the confidence to approach Matt and Kecia to discuss the possibility of the youngster pursuing a higher level of competition. At the end of the day, the decision to become a gymnast at a professional level was all Kayla’s, but she could go far with her parents’ unflinching support.

Today, her name is on the list of The US Women’s National Gymnastics Team. In 2019, she won Junior National Champion; Kayla DiCello emerged as the winner of U.S. Junior World Champion on vault in 2019. And she was named to the Tokyo Olympics as an alternate for the US women’s gymnastics team.


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